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Arthrosis of the shoulder joint: the main causes and methods of treatment

Arthrosis of the shoulder joint: the main causes and methods of treatment

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint refers to chronic pathologies. With this disease, the destruction of articular cartilage and bone tissue occurs. Early treatment helps to avoid loss of motor activity.

What is arthritis and arthrosis of the shoulder joint?

Arthritis is a process of inflammation in the joint. Arthrosis is the destruction of articular tissues. Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint is a dystrophic change in the cartilage and bone tissue of the shoulder joint.

Due to daily stress, injuries cartilage tissue loses its elasticity, becomes more weakened. Cracks are created in cartilage, where salts accumulate, thereby accelerating the destruction of cartilage tissue. These salt accumulations lead to the fact that bone tissue becomes dense and begins to deform, arthrosis develops.

Arthrosis progresses gradually, but its treatment is also not fast, even at the beginning of development. Doctors and patients come across this disease quite often.

Deforming arthrosis of the shoulder joint is characterized by destruction of the articular cartilage, which causes changes in the articular surfaces of the bones. When the disease appears pain whining character, radiating to the shoulder. The disease becomes chronic.

Post-traumatic arthrosis is often detected in people at a young age, with various injuries, fractures, sprains.

At risk include athletes, older men and women drivers.

Causes of osteoarthritis

The source of the development of arthrosis is inflammation in the joint.

The main causes of inflammation and arthrosis:

  1. Bruise, injury, dislocation of the shoulder or permanent multiple microtrauma (often faced by athletes).
  2. Problems with the vessels.
  3. Excessive load (especially when, due to the work, the shoulder joint is constantly in tension).
  4. Hormonal disbalance.
  5. Heredity.
  6. Disturbed material metabolism, problems with the endocrine system (salts accumulate in the joint, calcium and phosphorus come in insufficient quantities).
  7. Diseases of the joints (bone necrosis, synovitis, arthritis).
  8. Age. Over the years, especially after fifty years, the risk of arthrosis increases, because articular tissues wear out.
  9. Weak immunity.
  10. Excess weight
  11. Diabetes

Signs of disease

Immediately the disease is asymptomatic and difficult to recognize. Later, the patient feels pain in the joints after sleep. Often it hurts not only the inflamed part, but also the nearest arm, elbow (especially when trying to bend the arm in the elbow), back.

The affected joint begins to hurt, even when stationary, the pain worsens when the weather changes, lifting heavy things.

Other symptoms of arthrosis of the shoulder joint:

  • Lower mobility
  • Crunch, "creak" of the joint
  • The inflamed area may redden and swell slightly.
  • Temperature rises
  • Bone tissue growths are formed on the joint.

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint is diagnosed by means of a X-ray image, a set of analyzes, ultrasound, MRI, arthroscopy.

Stages of development of the disease

There are four stages (degrees) of progression of arthrosis. Each stage has its own signs, symptoms, and a measure of joint destruction.

First degree The patient at the first stage of the development of the disease almost does not feel pain. Only after sleep and in the evening can there be painful sensations. Making a sharp movement heard a slight crunch. At the very beginning of the disease, an X-ray image does not show any particular changes in the joint.

Second degree The patient feels the pain more and more and the crunch of the joint is heard clearly. Mobility remains, but the joint gradually deforms. The orthosis helps reduce pain.

Third degree This is a difficult stage in the development of the disease, in which the patient’s state of health deteriorates markedly, the mobility of the shoulder joint is practically absent. The joint is very inflamed and atrophy of the muscle tissue of the shoulder begins. Surgery can help the patient.

Fourth degree At this stage, the joint is finally destroyed and the healing of bone tissue begins. Unbearable pain is felt, and even strong medicines do not help.

Treatment of arthrosis of the shoulder joint

How to treat arthrosis of the shoulder joint? To overcome this ailment, the patient will have to undergo long-term comprehensive treatment. All methods of formal and informal medicine are aimed at preventing the five main manifestations of arthrosis:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Reduction of the inflammatory process.
  3. "Renewal" of cartilage tissue.
  4. Restoration of motor abilities.
  5. Normalization of a material exchange.

They always try to cure the disease by conservative means, not leading to surgery. Operations are done only in cases where other therapeutic actions are ineffective.

Conservative treatment involves:

  • Medication Treatment
  • Help popular recipes
  • Physiotherapy
  • Spa therapy
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Special gymnastic exercises
  • Diet

It is important that during the treatment and after it the patient does not burden the shoulder. Timely treatment of the patient for help increases the chances of a speedy recovery.

Drug treatment

Drug treatment involves the use of several drug groups:

  • Group of non-steroid drugs. Medicines help reduce inflammation and reduce pain.
  • Corticosteroids. Used as an articular block and are prescribed for severe pain.
  • Chondroprotectors. Preparations of this class restore damaged cartilage.

The most popular nonsteroidal drugs with anti-inflammatory effects are Diclofenac and Nimesulide. You can use them as usual tablets or through injections.

The doctor prescribes corticosteroids in addition to other medicines. The method of injection drugs - injections into the joint. Capable of stopping the development of arthrosis of the shoulder joint.

Chondroprotectors contain natural and herbal ingredients. Perfectly cope with arthrosis in the initial stages of development. To take drugs will have a long time (about a year), the effect is visible after a 3-month course.

For external treatment prescribed ointments, gels, creams that eliminate pain and inflammation. The most famous are “Voltaren”, “Fast-gel”, cream “Dolgit”.

Physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, massage

Therapeutic exercise is appointed by the surgeon to develop the shoulder joint at the end or at the same time as a medical cure. You can perform easy exercises at home yourself.

Simple exercise every day:

  • Swing hands. You need to sit on a stool and lower completely relaxed hands down. Alternately wave your arms back and forth without bending at the elbow. Do mahi 10 times on each hand.
  • Shoulders. Sitting exactly lift and lower shoulders. First one shoulder, then both at the same time. Repeat - 10 times.
  • Rotation shoulders. 10 times rotate shoulders back and forth. To do the task alternately and synchronously with two shoulders.
  • Massage is very useful for arthrosis. Massages can be performed only after pain and acute inflammation have decreased. With massage attention is paid not only to the affected area, but also to the area around.
  • Physical therapy (ultraviolet, infrared laser therapy, centimeter physiotherapy) is also prescribed to the patient in the complex of drug treatment.
  • Therapeutic gymnastics, developed by Dr. Bubnovsky, is suitable for people of all ages and has a large number of positive reviews. His methods are practiced in many specialized centers. In addition to the exercises, Bubnovsky recommends taking a contrast shower and doing ice compresses to fight arthrosis.


The main principle of the diet - a balanced diet. Diet should be without prejudice to other organs. The body needs more beneficial components for cartilage.

Diet for arthritis:

  1. Reduce weight. Minimize eating sweet, floury, fatty, salty foods. You should eat often (5-6 times a day), but in smaller portions.
  2. Instead of animal fats, consume vegetable and dairy.
  3. It is necessary to eat more often foods containing collagen (jelly, jellied meat, bone broth).
  4. Use more dairy products as a source of calcium.
  5. Include in the diet more vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and useful trace elements.

Folk remedies

Arthrosis of the shoulder joint

Folk treatment is effective to relieve symptoms of arthrosis. Grandma's medicine recipes can complement the basic treatment well.

  1. Compress at home . It is necessary to boil 30g of oatmeal for 10 minutes in 500ml of water. In the resulting solution, moisten gauze and apply it to the sore shoulder joint for half an hour.

A faster compress is applying a cabbage leaf smeared with honey.

  1. Trituration. Seven for rubbing is prepared from root devyasila (50g) and vodka (125ml). The mixture should be drawn for two weeks in a dark place. Rubbing do every day at night.
  2. Warm baths in the "opposition" with arthrosis. Bath need to be prepared with the addition of medicinal herbs - mustard, mint, burdock, hay dust.
  3. Homemade ointment. For the preparation of ointments you need to add 15g of medicinal plants to petroleum jelly - hops, sweet clover, and St. John's wort.
  4. Infusion using burdock root . 1st.l. dried roots need to pour ¼ liter of boiled hot water and leave for a couple of hours in a dark place. Drink tincture of 1st.l. five times throughout the day.

Timely and well-chosen treatment will help get rid of pain in case of arthrosis of the shoulder joint and save the limb from immobilization. Treatment is better to carry out a comprehensive and without load on the joint.

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    It is possible to cure the shoulder joint and restore mobility without surgery or other physical intervention. Modern medicine unfortunately very often fights only with the consequences of the disease, and in fact you need to look for the cause. Healers can completely heal and restore the shoulders without consequences and operations. In this method of treatment, the impact is at the energy level precisely on the very cause of the illness. Such healing is the most correct. The treatment of physics alone is wrong.


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