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Pain in the elbow joint: causes, symptoms, treatment

Pain in the elbow joint: causes, symptoms, treatment

Pain in the elbow joint can occur spontaneously, with no apparent reason. Such pains prevent the exercise of familiar physical activity, in some cases signaling the development of the pathological process.

Why there is pain in the elbow joint

Pain in elbow joint

The elbow joint is a joint of three bones covered with an articular bag. Inside the cavity is filled with synovial fluid, the ligamentous apparatus of the articulation of the radial, ulnar and humerus bones provides the ability to make movements of large amplitude.

In addition to the ligament, the muscular system works, the joint is innervated by nerve fibers and is powered by blood supply through the blood vessels.

Possible causes of pain in the elbow joint:

  • injuries (contusion, crack, bone fracture, damage to the articular sac, dislocation of the joint);
  • inflammation in the joint, resulting from injury, infection, deformity, metabolic disorders;
  • ligament rupture;
  • excessive exercise.

Pain as a symptom of the disease

  1. Epicondylitis is a deformity of the ligamentous apparatus of the humerus associated with the development of the inflammatory process. Allocate external and internal form of the disease. Epicondylitis is the result of regular microscopic damage, usually associated with high physical exertion.
  2. As a result of damage or infection, inflammation of the articular sac may develop - bursitis, one of the symptoms of which is severe pain at the junction of the three bones of the joint.
  3. Tumors, neoplasms, osteoarthrosis are accompanied by severe pain when the joint is flexed and flexed.
  4. Diseases in which the synovial membrane of the joint undergoes changes, and bone inclusions or cartilage tissue are formed in the cavity, exfoliating from the bony areas, freely located in the cavity.
  5. Hemophilia - pathologically low blood clotting.
  6. Diffuse fasciitis affects the skin, subcutaneous layers, muscle tissue, causing severe pain even at rest.
  7. When diagnosing intervertebral hernia or osteochondrosis, nerve roots are strangulated, which causes pain and discomfort.
  8. Dislocations, rupture of ligaments, as a result of damage to the joint.

Pathology diagnosis

Pain in elbow joint

Pain in the elbow joint, which appears regularly or does not pass a long time, while not associated with physical exertion, should alert. A specialist will be able to diagnose and prescribe treatment after examining and conducting the necessary research.

Initially, the examination is conducted by a therapist, in addition, you may need to consult a rheumatologist, surgeon, traumatologist, neurologist.

To establish the cause of pain in the elbow joint will help hardware methods:

  • Ultrasound of the joint;
  • x-ray examination;
  • CT scan;
  • MRI;
  • arthroscopy and others.

Studies are conducted in parallel with the collection of anamnesis, the delivery of a general and biochemical analysis of blood.

Puncture of the synovial fluid allows to evaluate its composition and possible degenerative disorders.

How to cure pain in the elbow joint

Pain in elbow joint

  1. Drug treatment is designed to relieve pain and inflammation. For this purpose, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, sedative and hypnotic drugs are prescribed. Means are available in the form of tablets, ointments, gels for external use. Drugs have a number of limitations and side effects, therefore, are appointed by a specialist, self-medication is unacceptable.

Pain relief is a temporary measure that allows to alleviate the patient's condition, but the diagnosed disease, if any, needs competent complex treatment. The treatment includes chondroprotectors, anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulatory drugs, vitamin complexes, hormones.

  1. A noticeable positive effect is provided by the competent application of physiotherapeutic methods: magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, paraffin compresses, mud wraps, massage, a combination of thermal and cold procedures. The course includes, on average, 10 sessions. As a result of physiotherapeutic effects, inflammation dissolves, blood circulation stabilizes, and swelling and pain are relieved.
  2. Exercise therapy and dosed physical loads contribute to relieving fatigue and restoring the functionality of the elbow joint.

Folk recipes

Traditional medicine offers its recipes for the treatment of pain in the elbow joint.

  • Laurel oil has a warming and anti-inflammatory effect. It is rubbed with light massage movements and wrapped around the elbow with a warm scarf;
  • tincture of elecampane (alcohol and water form is sold in a pharmacy; you can prepare the broth yourself, 1 tablespoon. Pour 0.2 liters of boiling water on the fire for 15 minutes, then insist 40 minutes, filter and apply for compresses);
  • Green tea is brewed, poured into ice molds and frozen. Ice rubbed sore joint. Cold reduces pain and stimulates blood circulation;
  • For baths use sea salt, pine needles, pine cones;
  • It is recommended to use horse sorrel, celandine, kalanchoe, birch buds and leaves as herbs for cooking broth.

Treatment should be competent and consistent with a specialist, as self-medication can be harmful and aggravate the situation.

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