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Diet for atherosclerosis: the basic rules of nutrition

Diet for atherosclerosis: the basic rules of nutrition

Diet for atherosclerosis is an integral part of therapy. Without compliance with the rules of nutrition, drug treatment may become ineffective.

Diet for atherosclerosis

For patients with atherosclerosis, a special diet is prescribed, which should help slow the course of the disease. The main purpose of the diet - the elimination of violations of material metabolism, weight loss, improved blood circulation.

An important rule of the diet is to reduce the consumption of animal fats and carbohydrates. The degree of reduction depends on the weight of the patient.

The diet is also characterized by a decrease in the amount of salt, cholesterol, liquids, and extractives. Preference is given to vitamins, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium.

Vegetables with coarse fiber should be stewed, and fish and meat boiled.

Meals should be fractional, 5 times a day.

The basic rules of nutrition for atherosclerosis sufferers:

  1. Regular split meals
  2. Exclude fried, smoked, fatty, salty, spicy dishes
  3. The menu should be the optimal amount of protein, vitamins and minerals.
  4. For obesity, do fasting days - they are prescribed by the attending physician
  5. Eat more vegetables and jelly

Diet number 10

Diet number 10 is considered universal non-cholesterol, and is prescribed for different types of atherosclerosis.

With such a diet you need to strictly control the amount of fluid consumed. The patient should drink no more than 1.2 liters of liquid, tea and coffee, inclusive. Eat six times a day.

Observing diet No. 10 a patient per day can consume a maximum of 2500kkal. With obesity, this figure is 1800kkal. Proteins-100g, fats - 70-80g.

Salts are not more than 3g per day. Consider the amount of salt should be even in the finished products (eg, bread). Food can be cooked and then baked. Cook soups in lean broth, it is better to give preference to milk soups.

Valid Products:

  • Low-fat meat of chicken, turkey, rabbit
  • Fish allowed salmon, tuna, trout, cod
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Vegetables fruits
  • Coarse Bread
  • Cereals, pasta
  • The nuts
  • Weak tea, coffee, non-carbonated water, nectars without sugar

Prohibited Products:

  • Butter
  • Fat Meat, Sausages, Pies
  • Fat broth soups
  • Fatty dairy products
  • Fatty cheeses (fat content more than 30%)
  • Roast potatoes
  • Pastry dough
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sweets (in a limited amount, you can marmalade, honey, marshmallow)

Diet for different types of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis of the lower extremities

Atherosclerosis of the lower extremities is dangerous due to the probability of the formation of trophic ulcers and gangrene. At risk are smokers, as well as people who have high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

At atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities, one should constantly follow a diet. It is necessary to enter more in the menu of white cabbage (100g per day), which removes excess cholesterol. It is important not to overeat.

Atherosclerosis of the brain

The danger of this disease is that it can lead to a stroke. In addition to drugs, for the treatment of cerebral atherosclerosis, a low carbohydrate diet is needed, which must be adhered to for a long time.

It should minimize the use of cholesterol, forget about smoking and eat more foods that help cleanse the body - cabbage, oatmeal, garlic. Increase the amount of fiber consumed.

People predisposed to atherosclerosis must constantly observe food restrictions. This is the prevention of the disease.

Atherosclerosis of heart vessels, aorta

Atherosclerosis of the heart vessels is also impossible to cure only with pills alone. Sticking to diet number 10 is an important and most significant step towards a cure. It is important to categorically reject prohibited products.

Also not allowed spinach, alcohol, chocolate, mustard, radish, radish.

When atherosclerosis of the aorta should eat more vegetables and fruits. So the body gets more potassium, fiber, vitamins A and E.

Atherosclerosis of the neck vessels

With atherosclerosis of the neck vessels, it is also important to eat vegetables and fruits in large quantities. Pay particular attention to tomatoes.

Taboo for bakery products, jam, sugar.

Diet menu

Approximate meals for one day can be:

Breakfast - buckwheat porridge, tea

The second breakfast - pear \ apple

Lunch - steamed vegetables, steamed bits, compote with dried fruits

Snack tea with chamomile, lean cookies

Dinner - baked fish, seaweed without oil, boiled potatoes, tea

Second dinner - low-fat kefir

It is important that the patient with atherosclerosis does not allow the onset of the disease. According to the recommendation and prescription of the attending physician, prophylactic and therapeutic purposes can be followed by dietary courses.

With atherosclerosis, a metabolic disorder, blood circulation, heart problems begin. Diet helps eliminate all these symptoms, normalize the body.

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