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Pharyngitis in children: symptoms and treatment depending on the type

Pharyngitis in children: symptoms and treatment depending on the type

Our children are treasures that need to be protected around the clock. After all, a variety of diseases, bacteria, objects, and strive to penetrate into the children's body. Especially, it concerns diseases of the throat, nose, ears, and the stomach. In this article, we will talk about how to treat pharyngitis in children.

Symptoms and signs of pharyngitis

Pharyngitis in children

Initially, you need to know what pharyngitis is. Pharyngitis is an inflammatory process in the mucous membrane of the throat, which is caused mainly by viruses, but there are rare cases of bacterial pharyngitis.

Does your throat ache? When swallowing, is there a feeling of pain, as well as a low temperature? Then the child has all the signs of pharyngitis. This disease may occur due to hypothermia, and appear along with acute respiratory infections and snot.

How to determine that a child has pharyngitis? You just need to identify the symptoms of this disease. We note immediately that, to the best of a weak organism, the first symptoms appear the very next day.

In this case, the baby has a frequent cough and snot begin to flow, and hoarseness appears in the voice. Also the exact symptom of pharyngitis is irritated and watery eyes. It is important to note that it is difficult to determine pharyngitis on your own. Therefore, be sure to consult a doctor.

Types of pharyngitis

Unfortunately, pharyngitis has varieties. Not only the course of treatment depends on this, but also how many days the illness will last. It also depends on viruses and pathogens, and possibly complex disease. That is why we will tell briefly about all types of throat mucous membrane disease.

1. Acute pharyngitis

This type of disease is rarely isolated, and often affects the neighboring parts of the respiratory system. By itself, acute pharyngitis is accompanied by a sore throat, a dry cough, a feeling of a foreign object in the throat. The duration of the disease is about 14 days.

2. Chronic appearance

This is one of the most difficult types of illness. After all, in fact, it is a complex of diseases that affects the pharyngeal mucosa, lymphoid granules located nearby, and the mucous glands. An important factor is that this type of independent disease, but only an indicator of disease of the internal organs of the child. This type of pharyngitis is established exclusively by a specialist.

3. Granular type of pharyngitis

The action of this type applies to inflammatory processes in the mucous membrane of the pharynx, lymph nodes of the pharynx, as well as the sky. This type refers to chronic diseases that cause discomfort in everyday life.

4. Herpetic type of disease

A rare but dangerous type of pharyngitis, such an inflammatory process is caused by the herpes viruses of the first and second types. The danger of this type is the formation of erosion in the posterior pharyngeal wall. Requires immediate treatment.

5. Herpes pharyngitis

Often met LOR-disease. The cause of this type of viruses are herpes simplex . If you do not treat this disease, then over time it will become chronic with frequent relapses.

Now that we have finally understood what pharyngitis is, how its symptoms are, and what types there are, now we will tell you how to cure a disease of the pharyngeal mucosa.

How to treat pharyngitis in a child

After you have learned what pharyngitis is, it is best to immediately contact your pediatrician or therapist. After all, self-medication will not be effective and may aggravate the situation.

Treatment of this disease is best to entrust experts. After all, only they can quickly and accurately determine the nature of the inflammation, its type and prescribe the correct course of treatment.

Especially for you for informational purposes, we will conduct a short course on how to treat pharyngitis in a child. Remember, in this article all information is provided solely for information, only a doctor can prescribe a real and correct course of therapy.

In the case when you have a pronounced acute or chronic pharyngitis, but is not accompanied by disorders of the general condition of the body, it will suffice to conduct just symptomatic treatment: diet, compresses, foot baths, steam inhalations, gargling.

As for children under 2 years old, their inflammatory process is more complicated and often goes together with the inflammatory process of the nasopharyngeal mucosa. In this case, dry warming in the neck, the use of large amounts of warm fluid will be effective. In addition to warming and drinking plenty of warm fluids, you need to take strengthening preparations of general effect.

Since in most cases pharyngitis is caused by viruses, it is highly undesirable to use self-medication and drink antibiotics. Be sure to get expert advice.

How to cure pharyngitis in infants

Pharyngitis in children

What to do and how to cure cough in infants? After all, it is practically forbidden to any drugs and drugs, and the disease can not leave! For this reason, the best option for treatment will be massage and compresses.

Remember , the use of compresses at a temperature is absolutely FORBIDDEN!

Doctor Komarovsky about pharyngitis

Dr. Komarovsky expresses his opinion about pharyngitis as follows:

When pharyngitis is very important, correct diagnosis of the cause of the disease: viruses or bacteria.

It is important to conduct a clinical analysis of blood and taking a pharyngeal smear on the microflora.

Only based on the data obtained, it is possible to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.

Prevention is also very important : walking in the fresh air, keeping the humidity not only at home, but also in kindergarten groups. Pharyngitis, like any other disease, should be treated promptly and thoroughly, without abandoning the prescribed procedures at the first improvement. This is the only way to avoid complications and new outbreaks of this disease!

Self-treatment is not recommended, in any case, visit a doctor, and if it is late, call an ambulance.

And in this video, Dr. Komarovsky will tell you when the child’s rinsing will help.

Summing up: pharyngitis in children

As you can see, pharyngitis is a rather dangerous disease that should be treated at the first symptoms. At the same time, it is highly undesirable to engage in self-treatment or popular recommendations, because for proper treatment, you need to pass tests and get a course of treatment from a specialist.

We will be happy if you leave your feedback on how you treated pharyngitis, and what medications you took.

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