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Japanese gymnastics Makko ho works wonders

Japanese gymnastics Makko ho works wonders

The Japanese national gymnastics Makko Ho appeared at the beginning of the last century, today the complex of exercises is officially recognized by traditional medicine and is promoted as a way to beat age and forget about ailments.

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Stop aging!

Japanese National Gymnastics Makko ho

Hypodynamia is the trouble of modern society: along with overweight a person acquires concomitant diseases, the spine, joints, muscles are affected. Together with the musculoskeletal system, the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and endocrine systems undergo changes.

Gymnastics Makko-Ho - the secret weapon of the Japanese, a nation that is famous for its health and longevity.

The basis of the gymnastic complex are 4 basic exercises, with the help of which it is possible:

  • straighten the spine;
  • regain joint mobility;
  • normalize the work of organs and systems;
  • clean the body of toxins;
  • speed up the metabolism;
  • lose weight;
  • regain health and youth.

The founder of gymnastics is considered the Japanese Wataru Nagai, who developed his own method of recovery after a stroke. Gymnastics brought the expected result and was patented by an enterprising merchant as a unique tool for the rehabilitation and prevention of disorders.

Secret geisha weapon

Makko Japanese National Gymnastics

There are a lot of rumors and legends about geishas, ​​they are not for nothing considered to be the standard of beauty, femininity and grace.

Gymnastics Makko Ho is in many respects similar to a set of exercises that have been taught from childhood to future geishas. Gymnastics enhances blood circulation, nutrition of internal organs, the formation of collagen and growth hormone - somatotropin. These processes stimulate the renewal of skin cells and the preservation of youth.

In addition, stimulating exercises reduce body fat, nourish muscles and improve cerebral blood supply. At the same time, the immune system is strengthened.

General recommendations

  1. The back should always be flat. Whatever exercises are performed, the hip joint works, but not the back!
  2. In no case should excessive loads and overvoltages of the ligamentous apparatus be allowed. The key to success is methodicalness and regularity of classes, and not work to exhaustion.
  3. As in yoga, breath plays a huge role in Makko-Ho. It should be clear and level: tilt - exhale, the original position - inhale.
  4. After each exercise you need to return to the starting position, haste and vanity are not related to McCo-Ho.
  5. The basis of the slopes - the work of the muscular system of the abdomen, no need to shift the load on the hands. They serve exclusively for insurance.
  6. Warm-up warm-up must necessarily precede the implementation of the complex.

How to do gymnastics Makko Ho

Makko Japanese National Gymnastics

  1. Starting position - sitting, back straight. The legs are bent at the knees, the heels are pressed together, the knees are as close to the floor as possible. Chin down. On the exhale, lower the torso to the floor - the abdomen, chest, chin. The back does not bend! Inhale to return to its original position. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Starting position - sitting, back - at right angles to the floor, legs extended forward, feet - over. On the exhale, bend the body towards the legs, the back is even, the legs do not bend. In the process, the lower legs are pulled. Inhale to return to its original position. Run 10 tilts.
  3. Starting position as in the previous exercise, only the legs are widely separated, ideally it is necessary to achieve a right angle. Feet - on yourself. On the exhale, tilt the straight body to the floor between the legs, on the inhale - sit straight. 10 repetitions.
  4. The starting position is to kneel, spread the legs and lower the buttocks to the floor between the thighs. Ankles should lie on the floor. On the exhale, lean back, if possible - lay your back on the floor, stretch your arms. Inhale to return to its original position.

Since initially the muscles are not accustomed to loads, it is important to perform the exercises smoothly, without jerks, in order to avoid injuries.

Detailed study of the technique of gymnastics can be on the training video.

Feedback from users of different ages testifies to the effectiveness of the gymnastics McCo-Ho, however, it is necessary to approach it responsibly, always warming up the muscles the day before and carefully following the breathing.

Similar exercises are used by Pilates and yoga, they are useful for the prevention of diseases, during the rehabilitation period and for maintaining health and fitness.

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