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How to get rid of a hangover at home

How to get rid of a hangover at home

To give up alcohol in principle is the best remedy for a hangover. However, far from all are prepared for such extreme measures, all the more so that moderation acts no worse than “dry” law. How to get rid of a hangover, if the extreme glass was superfluous, and there is a long and tough day ahead?

How to hang on

How to get rid of a hangover

Not always on the eve of the holiday can take care of the funds necessary for sobering in the morning. Therefore, it is necessary to be treated with what is at home.

What is worth hangover: myths and reality

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is alcoholic beverages. Someone prefers what he drank in the evening, someone chooses "light artillery" - beer, kvass, but the essence is the same. Literature offers a cocktail, for the preparation of which the egg yolk is whipped, a little hot sauce, black and red pepper, lemon juice and salt are added to the tip of the knife. The mixture is poured into a glass of brandy and drink in one gulp. Not recommended for people with a sick stomach, hypertension and a sick pancreas. However, with such diseases you need to drink a little and carefully, but it is better to quit it altogether. The danger of the method lies in the possible breakdown and the "continuation of the banquet."
  2. Will invigorate and give strength for some time strong tea or coffee with sugar. Glucose is needed by the brain, it is a source of energy, caffeine will speed up the work of the heart, increase blood circulation, help the kidneys to quickly remove the decay products of alcohol. It would be nice to add lemon to tea or coffee. The method is not suitable for hypertensive patients and people with cardiovascular diseases.
  3. The body is dehydrated, but the trick is that there is fluid in it, even with excess. It accumulated in the intercellular spaces, and the cells and vessels suffer from its deficiency. To restore the electrolytic balance, you need to drink plenty of fluids. Clean water is one option. Folk remedies - cucumber and cabbage pickle. They contain the salt ions needed by the cells. Important! Marinade based on vinegar is no good, after a drunk the body is strongly acidified, it must be alkalized, and the vinegar will only aggravate the situation. Suitable seaweed soda solution in water. It is the pathological distribution of fluid that causes the main hangover symptoms: headache, dry mouth, high thirst.
  4. Alcoholic beverages, especially beer, have a pronounced diuretic effect, with the urine the potassium and magnesium required by the cells are released. Asparkam administration will help to quickly fill their deficit and ease the condition. The medicine is sold in the pharmacy, it is better to keep it in the home medicine cabinet just in case.
  5. Vitamins, especially ascorbic acid, will restore strength. In the morning it is recommended to lean on sour fruit drinks - cranberry, currant, drink juices - tomato, pomegranate, orange, apple.
  6. Lightens the condition of alka-seltzer and its analogues. At the base of effervescent instant tablets is aspirin, it will relieve both headache and general malaise. Medicines should be taken with caution to people with a sick stomach, pancreas, and liver. Aspirin thins the blood, so it is not recommended for people with low blood clotting. Complaints that hangover cures do not bring the desired relief, most often due to the fact that pharmacies offer low-quality medicines, counterfeits, which at best will not have any effect, at worst can also hurt.

How to get rid of a hangover

How to get rid of nausea with a hangover

Nausea is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. It indicates the body's desire to get rid of metabolic products, undigested food, alcohol, remaining in the stomach. The best way to eliminate it is to induce vomiting and clear the stomach. After trying to drink herbal or black tea, in sips, without forcing the event. Pharmacies sell antiemetic drugs, but they should not be used to cure a hangover. A good remedy for nausea and dull head will be a douche.

The walls of the stomach and intestines are irritated by the effects of alcohol, so chicken or fish broth without meat will give a good effect. Fat warm drink envelops the intestinal wall, soothes and warms. The broth contains proteins and nutrients, and such food is light enough for the body to take it. If there is no meat in the house or there is no strength to boil the broth, it stirs up the smell of food, then a bouillon cube can be quickly dissolved in boiling water. There is no protein in it, of course, vitamins, too, but the body will warm up and blood circulation will increase.

How to get rid of a tremor hangover hands

Tremor, trembling in the hands, rarely occurs in the morning after the libation. Such a symptom bothers after a binge and requires quality medical care. The drug team goes to the house on a call and brings to life in a few hours. Chocolate, cocoa, vitamins C and B will help to slightly shake hands (and not only hands).

How to get rid of a hangover

What to do with alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is a life-threatening condition associated with an excess of alcohol in the blood or taking low-quality, counterfeit alcoholic beverages. First aid - washing the stomach with water, a light solution of potassium permanganate, receiving enterosorbents (activated carbon, polyphepanum), at the rate of 1 tablet per 5-10 kg of weight. Activated charcoal will work more effectively if the tablets are crushed to powder. Polyphepan is stirred in a glass with warm water. Vomiting - the best way out, the faster the stomach clears, the less toxic substances enter the blood. In case of poisoning with surrogate drinks, qualified assistance is needed as soon as possible. It is imperative to call the doctors, because alcohol poisoning can be life threatening.

Fresh breath

Burnout is relatively safe, but perhaps the most unpleasant symptom of a hangover. It is not so easy to get rid of him, but you do not want to shock others around.

  • chewing gum, especially mint, will only increase the smell, distort it, so before lunch it is better not to use it;
  • parsley, dill briefly freshen breath, greens must be chewed;
  • many sources say that fume removes milk, but in practice it turns out that this is not the case;
  • Pharmaceutical preparations, such as "antipolice" promise to return freshness to the breath.

To refresh your breath you need to have a hearty breakfast, if possible, to drink coffee or strong tea. It is noticed that fume from wine and beer is more resistant and strong than from strong alcoholic drinks. Some of the exchange products will go away with sweat and urine, so a shower in the morning is necessary, as well as fresh clothes.

How to avoid a hangover, or the most common mistakes

How to get rid of a hangover

  1. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Alcohol on an empty stomach will act faster and the consequences will not keep you waiting. Since alcoholic beverages are absorbed into the blood through the walls of the stomach, fatty foods will help reduce their permeability - porridge with butter, sandwiches, vegetable oil. It costs about an hour before the feast, and during it is also an active snack. Food adsorbs alcohol, not allowing it to quickly enter the blood. "Champions" in efficiency on the table - aspic and jellied meat, meat, fish, bread and butter, apples, lemons.
  2. Do not drink carbonated alcoholic beverages. Bubbles of carbon dioxide contribute to the transfer of alcohol and rapid absorption, which accelerates intoxication. And sweet drinks will make the hangover heavy. To drink vodka is water - so decreases the concentration of alcohol. An excellent way to reduce the risk of a morning hangover is ice in a glass of alcohol. Visually - a lot of drink, in reality, its fortress below.
  3. Do not mix different drinks, even "raising the degree." Drink products often aggravate each other’s effects, worsening the condition in the morning.
  4. Do not smoke during the feast. Nicotine and alcohol is an explosive mixture that guarantees a headache and hangover in all its glory. Moreover, drinking a person smokes a much larger number of cigarettes than usual.
  5. To move - to dance, just walk to disperse the blood, stimulate the digestive processes and skip a couple of toasts.
  6. Cold frosty air causes narrowing of the vessels, which in turn interferes with the normal processing of alcoholic beverages. To go out in the cold season, so you can not sober up a little.
  7. Before going to bed, even if the consequences of a great evening only loom on the horizon and there is hope to wake up awake and full of energy, you need to take a shower, open the window to breathe fresh air rather than your own fume, you can drink 5-10 tablets of activated charcoal.

Back to life

How to get rid of a hangover

Ways to sober come down to:

  1. Restoration of water balance;
  • Replenish cells with micro, macronutrients and vitamins. Regarding vitamins - you need to focus on:
  • ascorbic acid, vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, so it is good to drink tea with lemon and ginger, herbal teas - rosehip, chamomile;
  • B vitamins - nuts, milk and dairy products. Do not interfere with the intake of vitamin preparations.
  1. Brain nourishment. Amino acid glycine is needed, which is sufficient in jelly, aspic, jelly (it is best to eat them); protein in easily absorbable form (boiled meat, fatty fish, cheese, nuts, beef);
  2. Excretion of metabolic products with urine. Contributes to the enhancement of diuresis diuretic folk remedies - decoction of lingonberry leaves, birch buds, ready-to-drink diuretic, as well as products with the same effect - strawberries, watermelon, zucchini.
  3. Replenish cells with glucose.

In some cases, relief will bring a small glass of alcohol, but you need to be able to stop on time. Reasonable doses, heavy snacks and movement are a chance for a good morning.

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