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How to get rid of cellulite: folk methods

How to get rid of cellulite: folk methods

Modern women and girls often wonder how to get rid of cellulite. Before embarking on any measures, it is worth finding out the cause of the skin lesion with cellulite.

Causes of cellulite

There is a perception that cellulite (it is called "orange peel") affects only women with excess of everything. However, it is not. Characteristic irregularities on the surface of the skin can appear at any age and with any weight. There are cases when cellulite "affects" even teenage girls.

With cellulite, the pores of the cells clog up, and because of this, the excess that should be removed remains in the cells and accumulates. Subcutaneous fat accumulates in the form of characteristic clots that are not removed, even with strong weight loss.

Orange peel

What makes the "orange peel":

  1. Low fluid intake, which slows down the process of excretion of salts. The skin becomes dry and flabby.
  2. Hereditary predisposition
  3. Violations of hormones, which slows down the process of metabolism.
  4. Improper nutrition.
  5. Abuse of bad habits (alcohol, nicotine, a large amount of caffeine).
  6. Lack of exercise.
  7. The habit of wearing high heels, because of which blood circulation is disturbed.
  8. Wearing tight, tight clothing.
  9. Stress and irritability lead to impaired metabolic processes.
  10. Some diseases (liver, kidney, stomach) can lead to excess body fat.

Excessive cellulite can be dangerous to health, as it is a stagnant process in the body. To date, there are many ways to quickly and effectively get rid of the "orange peel" on the body.

How to get rid of cellulite

Depending on the place where cellulite “settled”, there can be different methods of getting rid of it. In severe cases, an integrated approach is needed. All procedures can be performed independently at home.

In most cases, cellulite in women appears on the buttocks and thighs. Sometimes the "orange peel" may appear on the stomach. About 20% of cases occur in the hands. Sometimes it is possible damage to several areas of the body.

When the formation of cellulite is first necessary:

  • Go for a healthy diet. Reduce the consumption of fatty, salty and fried foods, eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Give up bad habits, normalize the day and rest.
  • Perform cosmetic procedures aimed at eliminating skin defects of certain localization.
  • Exercise, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes, restore muscle tone.

Local cosmetic procedures are performed using special creams, ointments. Wraps, masks, anti-cellulite massages, scrubs are also effective.

Sometimes in severe cases, surgery may be involved. To combat cellulite, a liposuction procedure is performed, in which needles are inserted under the skin. Then the fat is diluted with electric current and sucked. Any surgery requires a long recovery.

Cellulite wraps

  1. Apple bite wrap . Suitable for crust formation on buttocks, abdomen or legs. It is necessary to mix apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons) with the same amount of warm water. To the resulting solution add 3 drops of rosemary essential oil. This composition needs to lubricate the damaged area of ​​skin, wrap cling film and cover with a blanket. After 30 minutes, rinse off the product and moisturize the skin with any cream.

With apple cider vinegar you can also prepare an anti-cellulite drink. For this you need to dissolve in a glass of water 2st.l. apple cider vinegar and 1st.l. honey Drink a drink during the day.

  1. Cosmetic clay is also good in the fight against cellulite. For wrapping, white or blue clay must be diluted in boiled water to a “mushy” state. Add 3 drops of orange essential oil. After applying the mixture on the skin, wrap a film and cover with a blanket. The process of wrapping takes 30 minutes. After rinsing, the skin should be moistened with a cream.
  2. "Honey" wraps. 2 cups of fresh honey need to warm up in a water bath and apply a thick layer on damaged skin. Keep under the film for one hour. After that, wash off and apply a moisturizer.

Massage and jars against cellulite

Anti-cellulite massage improves blood circulation, opens vessels and normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands.

To start a massage against cellulite should be with light strokes, gradually moving to rubbing damaged skin. You can perform kneading, rolling skin, light tingling and patting.

For massage, you can use special massage brushes. To enhance the effect of pre-skin is better to lubricate any oil or honey.

Banks against cellulite - the so-called canned massage. The bottom line is that medical jars stick to the skin and move. Within 15 minutes massage is performed in circular movements, slow and energetic.

Before banks, the skin should be cleaned with a scrub and apply anti-cellulite cream or oil. The course of massage lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. The procedure must be performed every other day.

After canned massage, bruises will remain on the body, which will become less noticeable every day. This massage is not recommended for women with problems of the veins and lymphatic system.

Canned massage has positive reviews among women, as the result is visible after the first procedure.

Bath and peeling

A simple and effective way to combat cellulite may be the usual taking a warm bath.

Before falling into the bath, you need to add to the water you dial:

  • 10 drops of essential oils
  • infusion of favorite herbs
  • sliced ​​lemons (pre-fill with boiling water)
  • a glass of honey

Bath take 20 minutes.

Cleansing peeling with coffee scrub will give your skin not only elasticity and smoothness, but also a pleasant aroma. After the coffee scrub no creams are needed.

Need 3 tbsp. ground coffee mixed with the same amount of sea salt and add a little olive oil. Scrub to massage problem skin for 2-3 minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse under the shower.

Anti-cellulite diet

Remove cellulite on the priest will help the diet in combination with cosmetics and exercise.

Healthy food and the principle of fractional nutrition should become a habit. To remove excess weight and bring the figure in order, you should abandon canned food and convenience foods, alcohol and caffeine, salt and excessive amounts of sugar. Fast food, chips and fizzy drinks are also not beneficial.

Anti-cellulite diet involves the use of:

  • enough fruits and vegetables for the body
  • low fat boiled meat
  • fish and seafood
  • nuts and dried fruits
  • croup and greens

From drinks: water, juices, green tea.

Physical exercise

To remove cellulite on the thighs, simple daily exercises will help strengthen the buttocks. Jumping, swimming, walking on the stairs, using hula hoop, running, squats and lunges, “bicycle” and “scissors” exercises will be effective.

These exercises can also be performed to prevent the appearance of cellulite.

Yoga also helps to get rid of unwanted skin defects. One of the most effective sets of exercises is considered a technique developed by instructor Christine McGee. The complex includes 7 exercises in which special attention is paid to breathing.

To get rid of cellulite on the hands, it is necessary to perform push-ups, lifting dumbbells, straightening the arms with dumbbells.

How much time can you remove cellulite from the skin? If you combine all the methods of the fight against cellulite - massage, wrapping, diet, exercise - then within a month you can get a slim body with elastic and smooth skin.

Cellulite during pregnancy

Pregnant women are often susceptible to cellulite, as there is a lot of change in their bodies, appetite increases, there can be fluid retention in the body.

If you find "orange peel" in the first place should pay attention to nutrition. Despite the fact that the expectant mother eats "for two", you can not overeat and should follow a light diet. You need to eat more foods with calcium and potassium (seafood, fish, lettuce, greens).

Special aerobics and gymnastics, swimming and yoga will also be useful for pregnant women for the prevention and elimination of cellulite.

When pregnancy should be careful to choose anti-cellulite cosmetics and procedures. Since in this period, many things may be contraindicated. It should consult with a doctor, leading the pregnancy.

Getting rid of cellulite with varicose veins

How to get rid of cellulite

The combination of cellulite and varicose veins in women is quite common. Unfortunately, varicose veins contribute to the appearance of cellulite, and cellulite in turn worsens the condition of the blood vessels.

With varicose veins, cellulite treatment cannot include:

  • Massage
  • Use of thermoactive agents (caffeine, turpentine, cinnamon, red pepper essential oils)
  • Heating procedures (bath, sauna, hot bath)

How to really defeat cellulite with varicose disease:

  1. Isothermal or cold wraps.
  2. The use of moisturizing and nourishing anti-cellulite creams, and ointments, without the content of warming substances. It is better to choose products with menthol, horse chestnut, seaweed extract, lemon essential oils, mint.
  3. Very light self-massage, without touching the spider veins.
  4. Water treatments (shower, water aerobics, swimming).

Thus, it is possible to get rid of cellulite independently at home. An integrated approach will be faster and more efficient.

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