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How to float feet with mustard: indications and contraindications

How to float feet with mustard: indications and contraindications

Steam baths - an effective tool in the fight against colds. On the feet are the active points, the impact on which stimulates the protective functions of the body. In addition, it improves blood circulation, facilitates the discharge of sputum with a dry cough. If in the hot water add substances that have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, the effect will increase significantly. But, following the procedure, you need to follow the rules. How to soar legs with mustard, in order not to cause harm and to achieve a quick recovery?

Indications for steam bath with mustard

Mustard has been used in folk medicine for a long time. Infusions and medicines with its content have an antiseptic and antiviral effect, increase blood circulation and increase blood pressure. With a cold with a dry cough, mustard helps to soften and release sputum, making the cough productive.

Mustard and mustard trays warm, strengthen and heal the body.

Indications for foot bath with mustard:

  • sore throat, soreness, soreness, dryness;
  • unproductive cough;
  • increase in body temperature to 37.5 ° C;
  • nasal congestion, rhinitis;
  • general deterioration of health, weakness, loss of efficiency, pain and aches in the bones.

Mustard trays should be started at the first signs of the disease in order to stop the disease at the very beginning.

How to make mustard baths

To steam your feet in a mustard bath, you need a deep basin or other convenient container. The temperature of the water, which fills the basin about half (3-5 liters), is 38-41 0 C.

In the hot water pour 2-3 tbsp. l dry mustard. Mustard powder is sold in grocery stores, for this purpose you can use the contents of mustard plaster.

The duration of the procedure is 25-30 minutes, periodically hot water should be poured into the basin (be careful not to scald!), Maintaining the temperature.

After graduation, they wipe the legs with a towel and put on their socks: cotton, and woolen ones on them. If possible, baths do several times a day, if it does not work out, then before bedtime. After the procedure you should drink hot tea, milk with honey or butter, herbal medicinal infusion and go to bed.

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Baths are recommended to do 4-5 days in a row. If other symptoms have been added to the listed symptoms of the disease, the condition has not improved, you should visit a therapist.

How to strengthen mustard baths

In the water, along with mustard, you can add:

  1. Broths and infusions of medicinal herbs - chamomile, calendula, sage, dogrose;
  2. Drinking soda;
  3. Essential oils, 2 drops per 1 liter of water - eucalyptus, lemon, fir, juniper, tea tree. For better dissolution, the oil is emulsified in a teaspoon of warm milk and then poured into the pelvis.

Hot steam, rising above the bath, gets into the respiratory tract, beneficially affecting the mucous membrane, expanding the bronchi and contributing to the release of sputum.

For the skin of the heels, such procedures are useful because the upper layer of the epidermis softens and can be easily removed.

How to treat a child

Soaring feet in water with mustard is recommended for children over 5 years old. For essential oils, you should consult a pediatrician, they can cause an allergic reaction.

The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes, the temperature of the water should be comfortable, not burn (baby skin is thin and more sensitive!). The child during the procedure should be supervised by an adult.

It is best to soar legs before bedtime. After finishing, dry the skin with a towel, put warm socks on the baby and put it to bed.


In the list of contraindications:

  • high body temperature;
  • hypertension or pressure rise;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • pregnancy! On any date, mustard baths can cause miscarriage;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • Varicose veins;
  • trophic ulcers

Given the contraindications, mustard baths are an effective and safe remedy for colds and flu, which will help to eliminate nasal congestion, alleviate the condition, soothe a sore throat and speed recovery.

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