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How to take duphalac correctly for children and adults with constipation

How to take duphalac correctly for children and adults with constipation

Constipation is a delicate subject to discuss with others. However, this does not cease to be topical and sore, in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Among the long list of laxative drugs, duphalac occupies a special place. How to take dufalak children and adults to achieve results and not harm the body?

What is duphalac?

The active ingredient of the drug Duphalac - lactulose, its content in the product is almost 67%. Lactulose is an artificially synthesized disaccharide, a white powder that dissolves well in water.

Unlike other disaccharide obtained during the processing of whey, lactose, lactulose, the human body is not used. In the human intestine there are no such digestive enzymes that would be able to break down and promote the absorption of lactulose, therefore, after a therapeutic effect, preparations based on it are excreted from the body unchanged.

The action of lactulose is to increase the osmotic pressure in the intestine, the flow of water into it and dilute the fecal masses. Peristalsis increases, intestinal release occurs.

In the large intestine, bacteria digest lactulose molecules, shifting the pH of the intestinal contents to the acidic side and preventing the growth of pathogenic flora. Fermentation processes prevail over putrefactive reactions, the formation of toxic metabolic products is reduced.

The use of drugs with lactulose is advisable as:

  • laxative
  • choleretic
  • normalizing intestinal microflora

In addition, nitrogenous compounds are neutralized and excreted from the body, absorption of magnesium and calcium salts is improved.

Before taking the drug, you should study the instructions.

Dosage Forms

The main dosage form of duphalac is syrup. Bottles contain 200 ml, 500 ml and 1 l. Packaging of a medicine in disposable bags on 15 ml is very convenient. One pack consists of 10 packs.

The syrup has a sweetish taste, a light yellow color and a viscous consistency.

Indications for use

Duphalac prescribed for violations of the bowels:

  • atony
  • constipation
  • intestinal dysbiosis
  • enteritis against salmonellosis
  • putrid dyspepsia

as well as the occurrence of hemorrhoids, for cleansing the intestine before surgery, before colonoscopy, in liver diseases (hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic coma), lack of bile, intoxication of the body with ammonia and products of metabolic reactions with its participation.

Duphalac for newborns

Breastfeeding babies often need help with bowel movements. Mom's choice is not great: either a laxative or an enema. Modern drugs, approved for use for children up to a year, gently relax, eliminate constipation and bloating without discomfort for the baby. Such drugs include duphalac.

As a rule, the daily dose for a child up to a year is 5 ml (a measuring cup is attached to the medicine bottle, which provides an accurate dosage). The medicine is given in one portion, more often in the morning, in order not to overload the children's body for the night, to clean the intestines and allow the child to sleep peacefully.

It is not recommended to start treatment with the maximum allowable amount of the drug. You can give the child 1 ml, after 2 days, increasing by 1 ml, then again and again. If the desired effect is achieved, you should not immediately stop taking the syrup, without the harm of dufalac, you can give a few more weeks, it is not addictive.

How to give : before meals or after, after about an hour, so that the stomach is empty.

After how much begins to act

The effect of the drug becomes noticeable after several hours, depending on the patient's condition and individual susceptibility. If after 5-6 hours the expected effect is not observed, do not exceed the dosage: excess lactulose causes spasms, discomfort, discomfort, even pain. You can help your baby with a warm diaper, ironed by an iron: it is folded in several layers and placed on the tummy, or circular stroking of the abdomen in a clockwise direction.

Normaze or Duphalac syrups - absolute analogs, the active ingredient of which is lactulose, are very convenient for eliminating constipation in young children, since tablets of other drugs, for the most part, have age limits, they need to be washed down with plenty of water and even a child can be treated with them -school age is very problematic.

Depending on how much duphalac works, parents should vary the duration of the course of taking the drug. After 3-4 days of use, some children self-empty their intestines without medication.

Remedies for constipation in breastfed babies are rarely required. But if there are problems, you should contact your pediatrician, perhaps your baby has questions about the health of the gastrointestinal tract or the enzymatic system.

What does Dr. Komarovsky recommend?

The famous pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky treats the topic of constipation in infants quite widely.

If in the first year of life a child suffers from severe constipation, then, first of all, it is necessary to exclude congenital pathologies of development, for example, damage and dysfunction of intestinal tissues, due to which the child’s body cannot get rid of fecal masses.

Such pathologies are quite rare, but they cannot be discounted. In most cases, problems are solved only operably.

In other cases, if the gastroenterologist does not see any "crime", let us assume the intake of laxative drugs, the same duphalac or suppositories (rectal suppositories), which cause irritation of the anal mucosa and involuntary defecation.

Older children are advised to review the diet and make adjustments:

  1. Increase the amount of water consumed, especially if the child sweats a lot, has a fever or is hot in the room;
  2. Increase the amount of foods rich in potassium - dried apricots, raisins, beets, prunes. Potassium increases peristalsis and favorably affects the bowels;
  3. Refuse protein products, such as chocolate, cottage cheese, nuts, replace them with one-day (fresh) kefir, yogurt, natural yogurt;
  4. If a child for any reason does not cope with the problem even with the help of duphalac, it is worth trying laxative candles with glycerin, sea buckthorn, and only after them to take an enema. Especially if the child has hemorrhoids and fissures in the rectum;
  5. The child should be comfortable in the toilet - the temperature of the air and faience, the height of the toilet, the presence / absence of adults. Often, psychological problems develop into physiological problems and cannot be handled with laxatives.

Komarovsky is not a supporter of pro and prebiotics, while other pediatricians recommend as a supplementary source of vitamins B and prebiotics to give the child balanced complexes of special action, for example, VitaMishki, which include inulin, B vitamins, fennel fruit extract and natural supplements.

Duphalac for adults

During pregnancy

Constipation for pregnant women is not uncommon: hormonal alterations, toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy, and strange taste preferences lead to disruption of the digestive system.

Meanwhile, constipation for pregnant women, especially in the first trimester, is not desirable, because, in addition to discomfort, they affect the general state of health, bowel tension can provoke the appearance of uterine tone and create a threat of miscarriage.

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Duphalac is a safe and effective remedy, as it does not relax the muscular muscles, but dilutes the feces and promotes their excretion. Since lactulose is not absorbed in the intestine, duphalac and its direct analogues have no effect on the fetus. Duphalac does not remove vitamins and minerals from a woman’s body, but releases it from toxins and relieves stress on the liver.

What is better - duphalac or any of its analogues, a woman can decide together with her doctor.

Nursing moms

Nursing mothers have their own problems. In most cases, their babies do not suffer from constipation, which cannot be said of women themselves.

Lactation requires a responsible approach to the preparation of the diet, deny yourself some products, which is not always a positive effect on the work of the intestine. Abuse of dairy products, teas to increase lactation can lead to constipation.

It is not necessary to immediately start drinking duphalac. But it should be remembered that folk remedies, decoctions and infusions can be dangerous for the child, while lactulose is absolutely harmless. Some direct analogues can be cheaper than direct duphalac, and the principle of operation and the result are the same.

To old people

With age, intestinal peristalsis slows down, many older people do not have the ability to actively move, drink a lot of water due to health problems, so constipation becomes commonplace.

Along with other drugs and as part of complex therapy, duphalac brings good results, including in the fight against constipation in bedridden patients. How many days and in what dosage to take the drug, the doctor must decide.


Numerous enthusiastic reviews on the Internet form a persistent idea that dufalac can and should be used to combat obesity. Women, without going into details on how to properly drink syrup, are beginning to actively "lose weight."

Suppose that the drug itself is harmless, but illiterate consumption will lead to flatulence, severe pain and diarrhea, but still it will not be possible to lose weight.

Taking Duphalac may have a temporary effect: cleansing the intestines from the feces will “blow off” the stomach, some amount of fluid (swelling) will go away, but lactulose will not be able to break down fat.

Duphalac can be used as an aid in activating intestinal motility.

Contraindications and side effects

How to take Duphalac

Among the contraindications are:

  • hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • intestinal bleeding;
  • appendicitis;
  • diabetes

As a result of the reception side effects may occur:

  • flatulence and bloating at the initial stage;
  • violation of water-salt metabolism (lethargy, weakness, fatigue, pain in the heart, convulsions);
  • diarrhea

Constipation is a nuisance, but not a tragedy. Parents of young children should contact a gastroenterologist and establish the cause of constipation (more precisely, exclude congenital pathology). The doctor will prescribe a treatment that will help solve the problem. Adults are also not recommended to get involved in self-treatment.

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