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How to take pills: how to drink, what to combine

How to take pills: how to drink, what to combine

Treatment of diseases with drugs has long become commonplace. Usually throwing a pill for headaches, heaviness in the stomach or cough in our mouths, we do not always think about how to take the pills properly, drink them, combine them to get the desired effect quickly and without side effects.

What you need to pay attention to?

how to take pills

A leaflet is attached to each medicinal product, which clearly states how to take the medicine. If the pills are prescribed by a doctor, then a specialist gives similar recommendations. However, in all honesty, it can be said that in the case of self-treatment, instructions are not always read and followed.

What should I look for?

  • The number of medications per day - frequency;
  • Dependence of treatment on meals;
  • Compatibility with other drugs;
  • The need to take a pill with what and in what quantities;
  • Method of taking medication

Number of receptions

how to take pills

This rule refers to drugs that are taken not one-time to get rid of a symptom, but a course, for example, antibiotics, antifungal drugs, vitamins, immunomodulators, and so on.

The main task of the treatment is to maintain the concentration of the drug necessary to achieve the effect. Therefore, you need to drink tablets at regular intervals, including at night, if required. Through which instructions will tell:

  • Twice reception - every twelve hours;
  • A triple dose - every eight hours, regardless of the time of day;
  • Four times - between the receptions a break of six hours, and so on.

No matter how many times a day you need to drink pills, it should be done at the same time.

The time of drug intake can be chosen as conveniently as possible, having pushed off the first pill.

A common mistake is the refusal of the drug after relief.

You should know that if the course is designed for 7 days, then you need to take a pill for a week, even if the disease does not bother you at all. The pathogenic flora, against which the action is directed, will not be completely destroyed in 3-4 days, however, it will not only survive, but also develop its own immunity against a specific drug. And the next time it will not be effective, there will be a need to use stronger drugs.

How to take pills depending on food

Modern pharmacology offers tablets that act:

  1. Regardless of meals
  2. Fasting before meals
  3. On a full stomach, after or during meals

These moments seem to be unimportant at first glance, however, the effectiveness of treatment depends on them.

  • pills that can be taken without contact with food, do not cause questions, they are drunk at the appointed time;
  • tablets before meals are taken on an empty stomach. In some cases, it is enough to not eat anything from the products (including sweets, fruits, vegetables, sweets) for half an hour to two hours, in others it is important that the patient does not eat anything at all on the eve of the medication. We are talking about tablets, which are destroyed in an acidic environment under the influence of gastric juice. Therefore, it is important that the stomach is empty.
  • while eating, they take enzymes, drugs that improve digestion;

After eating, on the contrary, it is recommended to drink medicines that affect the gastric mucosa; sorbents.

Compatibility with other drugs

This item is always indicated in the instructions, but it does not always pay attention. Recommendations did not arise from scratch, some of the drugs are capable of enhancing or reducing (neutralizing) each other’s actions, entering into chemical interaction, forming, among other things, toxic substances.

  • Acetylsalicylic acid together with wafarin can cause heavy bleeding, as both have the effect of thinning the blood;
  • Taking diuretic and antihypertensive drugs can provoke a sharp drop in blood pressure;
  • The use of phenobarbital as a sedative negates the effect of drugs that affect blood clotting;
  • Caffeine neutralizes the effect of certain substances and reduces the damage caused by paracetamol;
  • Caution should be combined with other antibiotic drugs (for example, with long-term use of antihypertensive drugs)

How to drink medicine?

What is better to drink pills? Some people believe that water or other liquid is needed only to facilitate the penetration of the drug into the stomach, and therefore you can use what is on hand.

Food products, beverages are able to enter into chemical interaction with drugs, changing the effects on the body:

  • Acid in dairy products, fruit destroys tetracycline;
  • Acetylsalicylic acid cannot be combined with orange and grapefruit juice;
  • Grapefruit juice do not wash down drugs for the heart (verapamil, nifedepine);
  • Nootropics and psychotropic substances require abandonment of heavy cream, beer, wine, cheese;
  • Reception of antidepressants is not combined with raisins, yoghurts, cheese, eggplants;
  • Alcohol in combination with antibiotics can cause skin flushing, nausea, tachycardia, reduce or enhance the effect of the drug;

  • Coffee and cola are not advised to drink medicine for the stomach and antibiotics, the result will be a disorder of stool, pain, diarrhea;
  • Analgin and ibuprofen increase the effect of alcoholic beverages and slow down their elimination from the body;
  • Alcohol and antidepressants, sleeping pills, antihistamines are not compatible! Simultaneous reception is fraught with death;
  • Tea is not recommended to drink the means for oral contraception (the likelihood of unwanted pregnancy increases), heart and stomach drugs, antidepressants and sedatives;
  • Separate preparations are strongly recommended to drink milk.

What pills wash down with milk?

  1. Calcium gluconate
  2. Vitamins
  3. Heart drugs
  4. Indomethacin
  5. Iodine preparations
  6. Fat soluble vitamins (A, E, K, D)

In other cases, it is better not to experiment. Water-soluble vitamins - 6 , C, K and others drink water.

  • Sweet carbonated water is generally not recommended to get involved; when taking medications, it should not be taken with antibiotics, diuretic drugs, drugs to improve digestion;
  • Milk and kefir do not wash down with antibiotics, since the rate of absorption and the effectiveness of exposure decrease;
  • Erythromycin, aspirin, biseptol, analgin, tetracycline are washed down with alkaline mineral water;

Can I take pills with holy water?

This is a matter of personal relationship and the Faith of man, the holy water will not do harm, just like ordinary boiled water.

The amount of fluid in some cases is crucial. For example, a pill of valerian can be taken with two sips of water, and mukaltin requires at least a glass. The instruction “drink plenty of water” should be taken literally.

Competent medication will benefit, while violation of the instructions of the instructions leads to unpleasant dangerous consequences.

Now you know why the tablets are washed down with water, if there are no special recommendations, how to relate to meals and combine with each other.

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