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How to comply with the post: the basic rules

How to comply with the post: the basic rules

There are 4 main posts in the church calendar — periods in which Christians limit themselves to food and worldly entertainment. Despite the fact that the posts vary in duration, some can "float" in time intervals, they are united by a goal: preparing for big holidays. How to comply with the post, so as not to harm the body?

What is lean food and what is its benefit?

How to comply with the post

For people who are not churched, fasting is the torture of the body, which consists in limiting oneself in all respects. But having understood the intricacies, it becomes clear that lean food is only the tip of the iceberg, the meaning of fasting lies much deeper: in refusing secular entertainment, paying attention to prayers, reflections on life, good deeds, and help from loved ones.

Fasting without a spiritual component is only one of the options for a diet, but even starting with it, you need to understand that the church does not require strict adherence to the rules if a person is not able to do so yet. You can start small by abandoning the flour, sweet, coffee - the fact that in the usual diet takes an important place. Humbling the flesh, it is possible to direct the spirit to the right path, to train willpower. But at the same time - to clean the body of toxins and toxins, excess fluid, remove those extra pounds. As a result, the skin will become radiant, the hated sides will melt, and the mood and performance will increase significantly.

In the strictest sense, fasting food is a complete rejection of animal products and dishes, which include:

  • Meat and meat products;
  • Milk, dairy and fermented milk products;
  • Eggs;
  • Fish and seafood, with the exception of caviar.

Accordingly, bans and pastries, mayonnaise, soups on meat and fish broth, pancakes, sweets, chocolate are banned. In the original, you need to abandon coffee, sugary carbonated beverages, alcohol, smoking - artificial stimulants of the nervous system.

It sounds threatening and creates the feeling that all possible food is banned. In practice, it turns out that you can make a varied and tasty menu with health benefits.

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that such strict rules are imposed only during Lent, the rest are allowed fish and there are other indulgences.

If the goal of the post - to lose weight, then you should not try to grasp the immensity and you need to start small.

Basics of healthy fast food

  1. Moderation and awareness. It is important to reconsider your diet, assess how much extra junk food is consumed, and understand what can be discarded so that restrictions can be beneficial. Even a decrease in portions compared with conventional meals will give their result: the stomach gets used to smaller portions, saturation occurs faster.
  2. Fiber and complex carbohydrates, the basis of fast food, give a long feeling of satiety, which reduces the amount of food eaten and contributes to weight loss.
  3. Fasting time is a chance to teach your body to work without artificial stimulants - coffee, strong tea, energy drinks, smoking, alcohol. A modern person, without even realizing it, is dependent, akin to drugs, on these seemingly harmless substances: morning begins with a cup of coffee and cigarettes, they also work and soothe nerves during the working day, which often ends with a beer or a glass . Giving up bad habits will give the body a chance to become healthier.
  4. Fast food and convenience foods do not supply cells with vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, essential proteins and complex carbohydrates. But the calories and fat - in excess. Sugar, sweeteners, artificial additives stimulate the appetite and lead to overeating, which means - overweight.
  5. Harmful food slags the body, depriving it of the ability to function properly, absorb vitamins and minerals. The stomach does not cope with its functions, the load on the kidneys and liver increases. If we add here an unfavorable ecological situation, drugs that are removed from the first-aid kit on the first sneeze, it becomes clear that the body needs help.

How does healthy food work?

The basis of fasting - cereals and vegetables / fruits. Dishes rich in fiber stimulate intestinal motility, removing all that is superfluous. The excess fluid goes away, the edemas fall down - the weight decreases.

The calendar of posts indicates the days during which you must abstain from food, taking only water. Such fasting days will be beneficial, but you should not rape your own body, you can drink herbal teas, infusions and decoctions, if it is hard to add a small amount of vegetables or fruits.

Why no meat?

Ancient people were hunters, meat occupies an important place in the diet of modern man, except for those who refused it voluntarily for one reason or another. Refusal of meat food during fasting is a test of the spirit, but it benefits the body: plant food is easier to digest, the body releases reserve energy, which is not cleansing.

Food of plant origin is alkaline, it helps in cleansing, while animal food acidifies the body and is difficult and digestible for a long time.

Concerns about a lack of protein are not justified and in vain: there is enough protein in vegetable food, you should include legumes (beans), nuts, seeds, cereals, greens in the diet. Vegetable protein is easier to digest and replenishes the deficit faster.

Who will not interfere with lean food?

  • People who want to lose weight. A balanced diet during fasting helps to get rid of extra pounds without harm to the body;
  • People with metabolic disorders, lack of weight - a chance to adjust the metabolic processes and gain weight, strange as it may sound;
  • People exposed to various diseases, proper nutrition with restrictions will provide an opportunity to strengthen the immune system;
  • Those who suffer from digestive problems will be able to normalize the work of the digestive tract;
  • Anyone who seeks to cleanse the body and temper the character, improve mood and well-being.

Plant food soothes the nervous system, reduces nervousness and anxiety. Due to the decrease in the amount of food eaten and the abandonment of certain products, the weight will decrease, the work of the internal organs will normalize. Beautiful appearance, healthy skin, slim figure will raise your spirits. In addition, the post - an excellent training of willpower, the test of their strength, and the time saved on cooking, you can spend on something useful.

How to comply with the post

What to be ready for?

At first glance, it seems that eating according to the rules of fasting is difficult. At second glance, it turns out that it is. But if you prepare for the post correctly and with concentration, then many difficulties and pitfalls can be avoided:

  • You should not immediately limit yourself to “all articles”, if the decision to fast has been made for the first time, it is worth weighing up your opportunities and making a personal plan of “prohibitions”. It is better to give yourself small indulgences initially, for example, to give up sweet, farinaceous, fatty, meat, but leave dairy products, or fish 1 time per week, than limit everything, and after a few days break loose;
  • Lean food - does not mean tasteless food. You can vary the diet, on the Internet there are so many recipes for lenten dishes. Although, strictly speaking, fasting involves the rejection of pleasures, including food, the diet should not be monotonous.

The main thing during fasting is a good attitude towards others, patience and understanding, spiritual work on oneself. A person who does not eat meat, but "eating" his neighbors will not benefit. Fasting, where a person, having limited himself in food, is angry at everyone around him because he is hungry, is not useful. Fasting, in which a person who observes him, pokes his holiness around everyone and indicates their sinfulness is wrong.

Fasting is a time to rethink our habits, give up excessive satiety and cleanse ourselves from spiritual and physical debris.

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