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How to calm the nerves and make them steel

How to calm the nerves and make them steel

Each of us is faced with the following problems: stress, everyday life, discomfort and everyday life, which so pushes our mind into stress, anxiety, because of which we start to get nervous and worried. In order for this to happen with minimal consequences, today we will talk about how to calm the nerves.

We say stress - stop!

Often in the modern world, people are under stressful situations. These can be problems in the family, at work, some social situations and even financial issues. And often, instead of just relieving stress, many start simply to ignore the problem, and after a while the heightened influence of stress leads a person not only to depression, but sometimes to suicide.

We say stress stop

In order for this not to happen, and you can control the situation, you need to learn not only to control fear, anxiety, but also to know how to relieve stress properly and in time.

Before you begin to consider methods of relaxation and getting rid of stress, you need to understand what stress is.

Stress is, first of all, the strongest load of adverse factors on the body. It is worth noting that this type of load can be both physical and emotional.

Knowing the physiology of the origin of such a modern, but already deeply rooted malady called stress, we can now talk about the methods of opposition.

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Relieve stress in 1 minute

calm your nerves quickly

Each person sooner or later, there is an urgent need to relieve stress quickly. And this situation can be caused by anything: a quarrel with the boss, waiting for an interview, the fear of a presentation that has arisen, and much more.

All these factors should be taken into account and prepared for them in advance. But what to do if you need to be in shape and eliminate anxiety or fear in 60 seconds?

For quick and effective stress relief, first of all, you should pay attention to breathing! After all, breathing is not only the body's natural need for oxygen, but also an excellent sedative. In this connection, before any stressful situation, or after its completion, first of all, concentrate on breathing. We offer you a universal and good breathing system, codenamed "478".

The technique itself is simple, you only need to perform the following three points:

  1. With a slow nose inhale, count to four.
  2. After inhaling, hold your breath, counting to yourself until seven.
  3. Exhale slowly, counting to eight.

This system needs to be repeated four times. And after completion you will be able to completely relieve stress, anxiety and fear.

The advantage of this technique is that it can be used anywhere, anytime. And due to the complex physiological and psychological effects, through such manipulations, you saturate the lungs with air to the maximum (which is not the case with shallow breathing), while holding the breath, more oxygen enters the blood.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the slow exhalation process stimulates the muscles to maximize relaxation and output the maximum amount of carbon dioxide.

The psychological trick is that when performing physical exertion (breathing) the mind is occupied with counting, so it simply has no time to focus on adverse factors.

Due to its versatility, this method can be used to relieve stress, both for men and women, and for children.

How to calm the nerves at home

how to calm the nerves

Of course, a modern person often does not have time at work to focus on factors such as fatigue, fear, anxiety for an incomplete project, quarrels, etc. ... And now, when a person comes home, he is like a squeezed lemon, he has a feeling of anxiety, irritability and other stress symptoms. And in these moments, everyone thinks about how to overcome the blues and how to relieve stress at home?

To combat such an unpleasant "neighbor" as stress, you can use the following techniques:

1. Dance

One of the most effective action. After listening to your favorite music, and releasing your emotions, desires and feelings to freedom, you, thereby, throw off the negative ballast. You are immersed in an atmosphere of pleasure, satisfaction. And your body is just resting. Allow yourself to take a break and just enjoy your favorite music. You can even invite your soul mate to dance.

2. Sports exercises

Any type of exercise is an affordable method to relax, to divert attention from problems and aggressive factors. Want to run - run! Sign up for yoga, go to the pool, start doing fitness or bodybuilding ....

Switch and focus your attention on something newer, more interesting and, most importantly, useful. And after 10-15 minutes after the first lesson or exercise, you can relieve stress, while you can do without pills.

3. “Beat the enemy”

The strength of this exercise is that you can use a pillow, blanket, punching bag, or other object. Taking, for example, a pillow, imagine that this is your problem, your worst enemy, such an arrogant boss, no matter who, visualize your fear. And start pounding him with all your might, let the anger come out.

Beat until you become fun, shout at him, humiliate, do whatever you want. "Let off steam"? Nice, relax and gain strength, and do not forget to restore your breath. You are happy and satisfied, and stress ran away, seeing you from a strong point.

De-stress: the advice of a psychologist

advice of a psychologist

Every person needs to relieve stress and this is necessary for everyone: man, woman, child. School, work, life, relationships - all this sometimes poisons our gray matter. And how to deal with stress, you can listen to the advice of a psychologist.

In any stressful situation where you need to quickly and effectively relieve stress, psychologists recommend:

  • Pay attention to breathing. Provide oxygen to the brain.
  • Reconsider the whole situation from the outside.
  • Do not give in to emotions.
  • Switch your attention to something pleasant. Music, paintings, film, cooking, sports, walk.
  • Meditation.
  • Anti-stress pills. Please note that it is the doctor who, as a last resort, prescribes the necessary medicines, self-treatment is strictly prohibited!
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs under any circumstances. They can only aggravate the situation, but not solve it.

Always in good spirits or how to relieve stress

After reading this article, you know what stress is, how to overcome it. And what methods and systems can be applied to relieve stress in one minute. Performing regular simple exercises, you can always stay in a good mood.

But It is worth noting that any stressful situations can lead to serious consequences, and how to relieve stress with maximum effect, you can only tell a specialist in this field. After all, the cases are different.

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