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Nose drops: a great overview of the remedies for a cold

Nose drops: a great overview of the remedies for a cold

A runny nose makes breathing difficult and is a sign of not only colds, but also allergies, viral infections, and bacteria. Nose drops from the common cold well help to deal with the symptoms of these ailments.

nasal drops

Antiviral nasal drops

Nose drops can be divided into several categories, depending on the spectrum of their action and the desired effect.

Antiviral nasal drops are used as a preventive and therapeutic agent for colds and diseases such as SARS and influenza. They give the greatest effect in the early stages of the disease.

Drops with interferon are considered to be more effective:

  • Grippferon
  • Interferon
  • "Nazoferon"

These funds block the spread of viruses, but do not kill the causative agent of the virus. It is necessary to take drops until complete prevention of a threat.


Vasoconstrictor nasal drops cope with such illnesses as:

  1. Nasal congestion
  2. Presence of puffiness
  3. Large amounts of liquid mucus
  4. Breathing is difficult

Effective drops are drugs based on:

  • Xylometazoline. These include funds "Galazolin", "Tizin", "Xymelin", "Xylene", "Rinostop".
  • Naphazoline. For example, drops "Naphthyzinum".
  • Oxymetazoline. Popular drops from this group are Otrivin, Nazivin, Nazol.

However, vasoconstrictor nasal drops have a number of disadvantages, since they only alleviate the condition, and do not cure.

Disadvantages of these funds:

  1. The effect of the drops does not last long, nasal congestion will reappear after a while (from 4 to 12 hours).
  2. After a week of use, the patient begins to get used to the drug.
  3. The vasoconstrictor agents dry the nasal mucosa and deplete the vascular walls, which can lead to bleeding with increasing pressure.
  4. Drops do not save the patient from itching, sneezing and headaches.
  5. Drops can not be completely cured disease.
  6. Overdose can lead to arrhythmias, dizziness, loss of sleep, nausea, depression.
  7. Drops should not be taken if there is hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system and hyperthyroidism.
  8. During lactation, vasoconstrictor drugs should be used only after approval by a physician.

Homeopathic remedies

If you suffer from a runny nose, then homeopathic drops will help get rid of puffiness, strengthen the body and destroy the source of the disease. Drops are effective for ARVI and show a good result at all stages of the disease.

Among the popular tools are noted:

  • "Edas - 131"
  • Euformbium Compositum
  • Delufen

Some differences of homeopathic nasal drops:

  1. A small dosage gives a significant effect, and large doses can harm the body.
  2. The dosage of the drug depends on the age of the patient.
  3. These are safe products for adults and children during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  4. Effective at all stages of the disease.
  5. In severe cases, drops should be used quite often (8 administrations in the first two hours, every quarter of an hour).

Moisturizing drops

These are drops based on seawater or water containing various minerals. They are optional and do not apply to medications.

The best cheap moisturizing drops:

  • "Physiomer"
  • "Salin"
  • "Marimer"
  • Aqua Maris
  • "Aqualore"
  • "Morenazal"

Moisturizing drops have the following effects:

  1. Clean and moisturize the nasal mucosa
  2. Diluted purulent education
  3. Remove swelling
  4. Have antibacterial symptoms

Antibacterial drops

Antibacterial drops are usually used when the onset of complications of colds (with sinusitis, sinusitis), with a prolonged rhinitis. The action of these drops is aimed at removing the inflammatory process and eliminating bacteria.

Bacterial rhinitis can be cured with the help of such drugs as:

  • "Bioparox"
  • "Framycetinn"
  • "Polydex"
  • "Phenylephrine"
  • "Mupirocin"
  • "Isofra"

During breastfeeding, antibacterial drops are not prohibited and are not capable of causing harm.

Antibiotic nasal drops do not cure viral infections. They are intended only to combat diseases caused by bacteria. The main indicators of which is the selection of thick mucus with a yellow-green tint.

In case of purulent bacterial rhinitis, eye drops with an antiseptic or antibiotic can also be prescribed. But you should be aware of some limitations when you can’t drip eye drops into your nose:

  1. If there is no green and purulent discharge
  2. You must first pass a bacterial culture test.
  3. Pregnancy and lactation period

Allergy and swelling drops

Drops that help get rid of allergy symptoms and edema include antihistamine and vasoconstrictor properties (Vibrocil, Rinofluimucil, Sanorin-Anlergin).

The action of these drops is aimed at combating nasal congestion, they restore breathing and liquefy nasal congestion. Drops can be applied from allergic rhinitis and colds.

The disadvantages of drops from allergies and edema include a state of lethargy and slowness. It is not advisable to use the funds for more than one week.

Hormonal sprays

In case of severe allergic rhinitis, the doctor may prescribe hormonal nasal drops. The effect of the drops will be noticeable only after 12 hours from the moment of use. Drops well clean the swelling and can be administered to children from the age of six. The duration of therapy is from 2 to 14 days.

Hormonal drugs do not have a vasoconstrictor action. The main components of the drops are glucocorticosteroids, which normalize vascular tone.

By removing edema, drops with glucocorticoids improve nasal breathing, prevent the development of sinusitis, or, if it has already developed, reduce its manifestations.

Due to the fact that they inhibit local immunity, thin the nasal mucosa, can lead to an increase in intraocular pressure, this type of drugs is prescribed only by an ENT doctor.

Hormonal nasal drops:

  • "Nazonex"
  • "Beconaze"
  • "Fliksonaze"
  • "Nasobek"
  • Aquamis

Cons of hormone drops:

  1. Reduce the protective function of the nasal mucosa
  2. Dry nasal mucosa
  3. Risk of bleeding
  4. The appearance of migraines

All these deficiencies of the drug are especially aggravated by overdose and long-term use of the drug.

It is important to remember that before using hormonal steroid drops, you need to consult a doctor.

Herbal Nose Drops

Herbal nasal drops are safe to use and have a good healing effect. The phytocaples contain essential oils of eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint, fir, etc.

Drops of plant origin have refreshing and antiseptic properties. They help get rid of edema, dilute phlegm and improve the immune properties of the nasal mucosa.

List of effective and popular phytocappelles:

  • "Sinupret"
  • "Pinosol"
  • "Evkasept"
  • Pinovit

Natural drops on oils have a mild effect and eliminate dryness of the nose in a gentle time. Such drops are safe for children, have antibacterial and antiseptic effect. But you should carefully read the composition of the drug, and make sure there is no allergy to the individual components of the drops.

Drops on herbs or oils are usually non-addictive and require long-term therapy.

Thinning drops

Thinning drops reduce the viscosity of the liquid mucus in the nose, coping with purulent rhinitis. Examples of tools:

  • "Rinofluimucil"
  • "Flyuditek"
  • "Mukodin"
  • Fluimucil
  • "Sinuforte"

Complicated drops for adults and children

Difficult are called drops, which include two or more medicinal components. The attending physician writes a prescription indicating the dosage needed to treat the problem, and the pharmacists take up the manufacture of the medicine.

Complicated drops are prescribed for adults and children in cases when a runny nose does not pass more than 10 days, also with complications and when ordinary drops do not help. The feature of complex drops is that they eliminate not only the symptoms of the disease, but affect the very cause of the disease.

At home, it is not recommended to produce complex therapeutic drops, since the norms for sterility, dosage and formulation must be observed in the process of obtaining the medicine.

With prolonged rhinitis, complex drops with hydrocortisone are often prescribed. This is a hormone that in a short time can stop all the symptoms of a cold. However, children should be given it with caution, as long-term use of this drug can provoke adrenal dysfunction, which are “responsible” for the growth of the organism.

Nose drops for kids

A pediatrician or pediatric ENT doctor will write a list of nose drops for a cold for your child - based on the examination and personal experience in this regard. It usually includes:

  1. "Aqua Maris Baby" - drops based on pure sea water containing useful elements. The product is suitable for children of all ages. It is applied three times a day (1-2 drops in the nostril).

Drops treat allergic rhinitis, inflamed tonsils, rhinitis in a chronic condition. The drug is also used for prophylactic purposes and to moisturize the nasal mucosa.

  1. "Aqualore baby" with natural ingredients and useful elements in the composition. These drops clean the nasal cavity and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The lights also strengthen the immune system and are suitable for infants (no more than four times a day, one drop).

Drops are applied:

  • as treatment and prevention of inflammatory infectious processes in influenza and ARVI
  • during hygiene procedures
  • as preparation for nose to more serious means
  1. "Nazol baby . " Vasoconstrictor drops for children who relieve swelling and "return" normal breathing. Effective with allergic reactions and catarrhal diseases. Drops can be dripped to children at any age:
  • for children under one year to dig in one drop four times a day
  • children after 1 year are given 1-2 drops every six hours.

There are contraindications.

  1. "Otrivin Baby" Treats a runny nose for colds and well cleans the nasal cavity in children of any age.
  2. "Vibrocil baby." The drops remove the swelling of the nose and make breathing easier. Help with acute rhinitis, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, runny nose of any etymology.

During instillation of drops, a burning sensation and the appearance of allergic reactions are possible.

  1. Means "Pinovit" for children from 2 years. Suitable for the treatment of rhinitis of various forms. It is characterized by a diluting effect. The course of treatment is 6 days, one drop 4 times a day.

Dr. Komarovsky about the common cold in children

Dr. Komarovsky has written many articles about the common cold in children. Some tips Komarovsky for parents:

  1. It is necessary to moisten the room in which there is a child with a cold.
  2. Every 2-3 hours you need to irrigate the nasal mucosa with a special saline or a solution of sea salt.
  3. It is necessary to use drugs with anti-inflammatory and softening effect.
  4. Children up to three years need every 2-3 hours to lubricate the nasal passages with oil, with vitamins A and E.
  5. Instill vasoconstrictor nasal drops only if allergic rhinitis is involved.

Domestic nose drops

A mild runny nose, without complications, can be cured on its own using homemade drops.

  1. Drops of onions . The main components of the drops are onions and honey. You need two spoons of onion gruel pour за cup of boiled water. Leave for half an hour, then strain and add to the mixture half a teaspoon of honey. All mix and drip into the nose.
  2. And doctors, and traditional medicine recommends beet juice to combat the common cold. Beets need to grate on the smallest grater and squeeze the juice. Leave the juice for a few hours at room temperature, then dilute with boiled water in an equal ratio. “Beet” drops can cause burning.
  3. To get the mucus out of the nose faster, it is useful to drop the following homemade drops: half a liter of boiled water should be diluted with one teaspoon of sea food salt. To drip in a nose several times a day on a half-pipette. After the procedure, the nasal mucosa is recommended to lubricate the oil solution.

Nose drops from a cold should be selected based on the complexity of the disease and the desired effect. It is important to identify the cause of the common cold and find the right treatment.

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