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Medicinal properties of bitter wormwood: use, recipes and contraindications

Medicinal properties of bitter wormwood: use, recipes and contraindications

Each of us came across a plant like wormwood, but few people thought about its beneficial properties for the human body. After all, there is no secret that the healing properties of bitter wormwood are known to mankind since ancient times. In the article we will look at how to take tincture of wormwood, what is the use of it and what are the contraindications for reception.

Bitter wormwood - what is this plant?

Bitter wormwood or Artemisia absinthium is known among physicians and folk healers as a plant with effective healing properties.

Distinctive characteristics of this type of flower are:

  • Strong stalk of a silvery shade.
  • Silver coloring of the upper surface of the leaves.
  • Yellow-green or yellow baskets of flowers.
  • Spreading stem that can reach heights of up to 1.5 meters.
  • Bitter tart smell.
  • The taste of this plant with pronounced bitterness.

This wild plant has long been known. For the preparation of tinctures, esters, and other necessary decoctions use only ground not hardened parts of the stem, rhizomes and flowers.

Use, benefits and healing properties of bitter wormwood


Bitter wormwood is one of the most affordable, natural and effective means that can overcome many diseases, infections and improve the health of the body.

The healing properties of bitter wormwood are among the best in the fight against such serious diseases as cancer and oncology. Before the healing power of wormwood, such pests for the body as worms, viruses, various kinds of fungi will not stand.

Various microorganisms are in the body of each person, and gradually acting, they slowly but surely "kill" the body. This, in consequence, leads to various severe and chronic diseases.

The action of such parasites has a detrimental effect on the digestive system and the sexual activity of men. These parasites also have a negative effect on the body, and because of them, oncology and various types of papilloma occur.

The use of wormwood is recommended for the following diseases:

  • Disturbed metabolism.
  • In diseases associated with the liver and biliary tract.
  • Skin diseases (allergies, eczema, etc.).
  • In diseases with active secretion of mucus and pus.

It is also a preventive measure against heart attack.

Wormwood is very effective for strengthening the immune system and the body as a whole. It is recommended to take as a preventive measure.

It is important to note that all the properties of a wild plant are effective, you need to properly collect, prepare and store wormwood.

Contraindications in the use of bitter wormwood

In order not to aggravate the condition of the body, it is necessary to know the following contraindications, in which wormwood is better not to apply:

  • With hyperacid gastritis.
  • With gastric ulcer with acid hypersecretion.
  • When allergic to aster plants.
  • Wormwood can stimulate hallucinations (with prolonged use).
  • With lactation and pregnancy.
  • With individual sensitivity or allergy to the components of wormwood.

When to collect wormwood for treatment

curative properties of bitter wormwood

An important factor in the effectiveness and preservation of all the healing properties of bitter wormwood, is the correct collection, harvesting and storage of plants. In order for everything to be done qualitatively and correctly, all typical rules should be followed, namely:

  • Know exactly what you require for remedies.
  • Harvesting occurs only at certain times when there is a maximum concentration of important medicinal substances in the plant.
  • Ground parts of plants are collected exclusively in a dry form. Raw can not be completely dried, which will lead to rotting of the workpiece.
  • To collect raw materials as far as possible from society (highways, enterprises, landfills and other polluting objects).
  • When carrying out the collection to cause minimum damage to the plant.
  • After a couple of hours, the raw material should be disassembled, cleaned from debris, dirt and other unnecessary components.
  • Dry, spreading or hanging in a room where there is no direct sunlight, but there is good ventilation.

But each plant has its own requirements and details in the workpiece. Now we come to the most important thing - how and when to pick up wormwood for treatment:

  1. Flowers of wormwood should be collected during the flowering period, which falls on the month of June or July. You need to collect only the gentle tops, carefully cutting them off.
  2. If necessary, prepare the leaves, but it must be done before the grass blooms. Approximately in May-June.
  3. In order for wormwood to bring maximum benefit for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to strictly observe the terms. A later time will make the plant weak.
  4. So that the grass does not darken, it must be folded into the basket without pressure and not tamped.
  5. Dry exclusively in the shade and with a good draft. Spread the layer approximately every 5 centimeters.

Ready raw materials should be stored in ventilated dishes or bags. Storage space for raw materials should be dry and warm.

Medicinal properties of bitter wormwood: recipes for use


After the raw material has been harvested, it is also necessary to use it correctly so that all the healing properties of the bitter wormwood do their job 100%. That is why there are many recipes that are transmitted and known for many years.

Below are the most popular and fairly effective methods that will allow you to improve your health and put yourself in order, without having to buy expensive drugs.

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Effective cleansing by a wormwood at home

Regular cleansing of bitter wormwood is recommended for women for the prevention of female diseases such as fibroids or papillomas. In addition, this wild plant is very effective in cleaning the body from such various parasites, including worms .

For a complete cleaning of the body, you can use the following recipes:
1. Triple powder.
This powder cleans the body from hundreds of different worms and parasites. Thus, the properties of wormwood kill intermediate and old parasite formations, and the carnation component destroys the larvae and the laid eggs.
Cooking method:
It is necessary to grind into powder flax seeds, sage wormwood and cloves. All components mix in equal proportions of ½ tsp (2.5 grams). Then put the prepared mixture in your mouth and drink it all with natural carrot juice.

2. Tincture of wormwood and pumpkin seeds.
This type of cleansing is recommended to apply if your stomach is “occupied” with worms.
Cooking method:
It is necessary to mix in equal quantities the leaves of bitter wormwood and crushed pumpkin seeds. All this is poured with vodka with proportions of 1: 3 and insist for 7 days on the sun or a warm room.
Tincture should be taken twice a day on an empty stomach, 50 grams at a time. It is best to do this for half an hour before lunch and dinner.

We make butter from bitter wormwood

The healing properties of bitter wormwood are widely used. And it is very important to understand. After all, using this tool, you can not only heal the body from worms, but also make your body more healthy and strong. To do this, simply use the oil from bitter wormwood.

при воспалении дыхательных путей. Oil from wormwood with inflammation of the respiratory tract.
Do you often have problems with your respiratory tract, are you sick with bronchitis, and are you coughing? Then the following recipe will help you get rid of all these problems. Also, this oil is recommended by cosmetologists, if you have skin problems. Wormwood oil is also recommended for use during aromatherapy.

Preparation Method :

To prepare you need to take a jar, fresh wormwood and olive oil (you can also use flaxseed or corn oil). Fill the jar polynya, do not squeeze. Fill it all with oil. After we close tightly the lid, in order to avoid the ingress of air. We give the product to infuse for 10 days. When the oil is ready, it will get a dark green or pearl color. After that, filter and store in a cool place.

Tincture of wormwood for weight loss

tincture of wormwood

Modern people, especially girls, are very actively interested in a variety of diets that require fasting or very limited nutrition, with a minimum set of products. . Even in this case, the healing properties of bitter wormwood can help every person bring his body and shape in order . To do this, simply use the tincture made according to the following recipe.
How to prepare tinctures for weight loss :
Take 1-2 tsp. herbs wormwood, pre-chop it. Pour all 250 ml of boiled water and this solution should stand for 20 minutes. After which it is necessary to take 1 tbsp. before each meal (15 minutes before meals).

Broth from wormwood with prostatitis

достаточно неприятное заболевание, которое доставляет много дискомфорта. Prostatitis is a rather unpleasant disease that causes a lot of discomfort. Due to the fact that the healing properties of bitter wormwood can remove a large number of inflammatory processes in the body, doctors recommend using a decoction of wormwood for prostatitis. How to cook it, we will describe below.
Cooking method:
For the preparation of broth requires two tablespoons of crushed bitter wormwood. Powder must be poured with a glass of hot water, then boiled for 5 minutes, on fire. Next, you need to strain the finished broth and dilute with cold boiled water to a volume of 200 ml. Cooked decoction must be entered by douching.
Treatment takes place within 7 days. On the fourth day, the discharge of pus begins, which will improve well-being.

Wormwood is a natural antibacterial agent.

Based on the possibilities and actions, we can confidently say that the healing properties of bitter wormwood are invaluable! This is the best antiseptic, which is given to us by nature to combat various diseases, ailments and parasites.

Properly collected and prepared wormwood, can strengthen and heal your body from a variety of microorganisms that are parasitic in the human body.

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