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Medicinal properties of motherwort, folk recipes and pharmaceutical preparations

Medicinal properties of motherwort, folk recipes and pharmaceutical preparations

The healing properties of motherwort are known for a long time. Motherwort herb is used in scientific and folk medicine in the form of tinctures, tinctures and teas. Grass and leaves are used, as well as the rhizomes of this plant. Over time, new motherwort appears. Let's get to know them better.

Motherwort - heart grass

Most of us know only that the benefit of this herb is only for cores. Indeed, by its sedative properties, this plant is several times stronger than valerian, but its indications are much wider.

Medicinal properties of motherwort

Look at the photo of the plant. It grows along the roads, near fences, on waste grounds. They say that if your home has grown this green doctor, then he wants to help you get rid of cardiovascular diseases.

What kind of ailments will the green doctor help?

Indications for use:

  • heart neurosis;
  • poor sleep;
  • swelling, cold;
  • excited state;
  • early hypertension;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • basilar disease or goiter;
  • to enhance the effects of anticonvulsant medications;
  • menopause;
  • risk of miscarriage;
  • epilepsy.

Most often used tincture on alcohol. It is administered orally 3-4 times a day, 30-40 drops.

Traditional healers prepare healing broth:

  • 2 tbsp. herbs pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, hold for half an hour. Drink a third cup three times a day.

It is recommended to take motherwort extract. Reviews of patients who took the extract, indicate that they have decreased excessive arousal, normal heart rate, there was a decrease in pressure, shortness of breath disappeared. Recommended dosage: 1 tsp. 3-4 times a day.

How to drink tea with motherwort

Tea with this herb is the same infusion, only it is necessary to insist 2 times less. At 250 ml of boiling water put 2 tbsp. l dry raw, insist 10-15 min. Tea sip 3-4 times during the day. The course is 2-4 weeks.

For the greater benefit of the drink is preparing a complex collection:

  • valerian root - 5 g,
  • 1 tsp. herbs of St. John's wort, melissa leaves, hawthorn flowers.

Take 2 tsp. mixture, pour 250 ml of boiling water, let it brew for 5 minutes, drink like tea.

If you are diagnosed with vegetative-vascular dystonia, then prepare a sedative . Herbal tea contains:

  • motherwort,
  • valerian root,
  • Hypericum grass,
  • lemon balm leaves.

All this is taken in the ratio of 2: 1: 1: 1. The mixture is prepared as described above.

The effectiveness of the following recipe has earned positive feedback, especially in the treatment of the initial stage of hypertension:

  • Everything is taken in 1 tsp: motherwort, leaves of white mistletoe, hawthorn (flowers), dried eggs.

Put the mixture in a thermos, pour 1 liter of boiling water, let it brew for 2 hours. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day. Course - 1 month.

Herbal elixir with motherwort against high blood pressure

The following elixir lowers the pressure:

Take all for 1 tbsp.

  • knotweed
  • calamus root,
  • motherwort,
  • bearberry leaves, put in a thermos at night.
  • then 1 tbsp. l honey mix in 0.5 liters of vodka, mix with herbal infusion, let it brew for 9 days.

Take within 7 days in the morning and in the evening on 1 h. To a spoon. Then drink 1 tbsp until all the liquid has run out.

Sedative collection for nerve diseases

The use of medicinal herbs in tremor of the hands or the initial stage of Parkinson's disease is due to its sedative properties.

Prepare this collection:

  • 150 g hawthorn fruit,
  • 100 g of valerian root;
  • 50 g of mint leaves, motherwort herb, hop fruit, dill seeds.

Take 2 tbsp. mix, put in a thermos, pour 2 cups of boiling water, let it brew for 2 hours. Take one-third of a cup three times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month.

But even this useful herb has contraindications:

  • bradycardia
  • gastrointestinal ulcer
  • acute gastritis
  • hypotension

(Caution when driving).

The use and use of motherwort in medicine

Herbal remedy is available in powder, tablets, tincture or extract. The most popular form is pills. It is convenient to take them, and even in case of impaired liver function or alcoholism, it is better to use pills.

How to drink motherwort in pills?

For the treatment of cardiac ailments, vegetative-vascular dystonia, nervous tension, it is necessary to use 1 tablet 3-4 times a day half an hour after meals. The course is 1 month, then take a break for 14 days and repeat again.

Children can also be given the tablets in a crushed form. Up to 5 years old half a tablet three times a day after meals. And after 5 years, you can give 1 tablet.

If the nerves are loose

Return a restful sleep, to overcome the nervous strain caused by prolonged stress, a mixture of tinctures will help to remove the feeling of tiredness, irritation: peony, motherwort, hawthorn, valerian. Drain in one bottle all 4 types of tincture.
The advantage of the elixir "in one bottle"
The advantage is that the action of these components complement each other, affecting all the "weak areas" in the human body, which appeared because of shattered nerves.
What helps every plant?

Hawthorn strengthens the heart muscle, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, as well as the risk of developing heart attack and other heart ailments. In addition, it enhances immunity, tones, soothes.

Valerian has an excellent soothing effect, slows heartbeats, improves its ability to pump blood. After 1-2 weeks of taking the remedy, the person calms down, begins to sleep well.

Motherwort is the main “sedative” component of this balm. It effectively relieves vasospasm, irritability, improves blood circulation, sleep, and general well-being.

Peony quickly returns strength and excellent mood, reduces emotional excitability, increases the production of "hormones of joy", strengthens overall health.

It is recommended to use four drugs at once, since they act better than each separately.

How much to drink this balm? It is recommended to take 10-15 drops, dissolving them in 1/4 tbsp. water, 1 time in the evening, 2-3 hours before bedtime. Gradually increase the dose to 1 hl per 1 \ 4 tbsp. water. The course of treatment is 2-4 weeks.

How to prepare the drug? Buy alcohol tinctures in a pharmacy, pour into a dark flask, add 15 ml of Corvalol, mix, let stand for 1 day.

Recipe from traditional healers for headache, tinnitus

Mix in a bottle of dark color pharmaceutical tinctures:

  • 100 ml of motherwort, valerian, hawthorn, peony;
  • add 50 ml of eucalyptus leaf and 25 ml of peppermint;
  • put 10 buds of cloves (you can not add cloves), let them stand for 10 days with cloves.

Take three times a day for 1 tsp., Dissolve in 1/3 cup of water.

What is the use of this truly miraculous drug? It will save you from headaches, tinnitus, heart problems, prevent the formation of blood clots, help in violation of cerebral circulation, help preserve the excellent memory that is lost due to the narrowing of cerebral vessels.

Constriction of the brain vessels can begin not only in adulthood, so it is necessary for everyone who has such symptoms to stop their attention on the above-mentioned cocktail.

If you have frequent headaches that occur with seizures, memory loss, dizziness, lack of coordination, shuffling gait, and increased fatigue, then the above mentioned cocktail will help you get rid of these symptoms. In addition, it reduces intracranial pressure, perfectly strengthens the nervous system.

To help nursing and pregnant women

Women often ask: is it possible to drink motherwort during lactation? After the birth of the baby, so many worries fall on the woman that she becomes nervous, irritable.

Doctors do not mind taking the drug when breastfeeding in pill form: 1 tablet 2 times a day. This drug does not have to be taken every day, preferably in the nervous state.

In pregnancy, at any time it is also better to take pills of this heart doctor than valerian preparations. The plant normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, contributes to a better secretion of bile, has a slight diuretic effect.

The drug is prescribed according to indications:

  • with tachycardia,
  • with a slight increase in pressure
  • for insomnia,
  • how to prevent toxicosis,
  • with increasing uterine tone.

Despite the safety of this drug, taking it yourself is not recommended. The doctor must see the condition of the woman.

Motherwort Forte with magnesium and vitamin B6 is considered the best remedy for pregnant women, which have a positive effect on the emotional state of the expectant mother. It is better to drink this drug than tablets with different additives that can harm the unborn baby.

It is allowed to use dried herb tea. How to brew? Take 1 tbsp. raw materials, pour 1 cup boiling water, hold in a thermos for 2 hours.

How to take: one third of a cup three times a day, one hour before meals or 2 hours after. This infusion helps:

  • improve blood circulation
  • relieve nausea
  • eliminate accumulation of gases.

You can drink the plant tincture of 30-40 drops. But you can not use more than this. Overdose is dangerous because side effects can occur:

  • strong thirst, vomiting,
  • loose stools with blood,
  • body aches.

If the above reactions occur, immediately discontinue or reduce the dose.

Complex to strengthen the nervous system

Antistress, the so-called this complex It includes valerian, motherwort and glycine. It does not help immediately, you need to drink a week, then you will feel a stunning effect. The course is 1 month, then 10 days break and the course can be repeated. The only negative - with caution when driving.

Finally, I want to recommend drugs with this magical plant in order to get rid of many diseases.

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