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Folk treatment of celandine at home

Folk treatment of celandine at home

Today, our interest is directed to the treatment of celandine. What diseases this perennial of the poppy family treats, how to make tincture at home, recipes for decoction of celandine, reviews on the benefits of celandine - you will find answers and solutions in this article.

What is celandine

In ancient times, surrounded by Aristotle already knew a hundred medicinal recipes using celandine. And the number of diseases in the cure of which the pure-fleet participates (another name of the plant) is so great, the scope of application is so extensive that the attention to it is understandable and not surprising.

There are at least six more names in celandine: dog soap, chistuha, warthog, yellow milk keeper, gladiator, and swallow grass. Already from the names the essence of the plant's action is visible - purification.

Celandine - a poisonous plant, unpretentious, ubiquitous. Leaves, flowers and roots have healing properties. It has a detrimental effect on microbes, pathogens and bacteria, because it contains up to 20 toxic substances.

Useful properties and application of celandine

celandine juice treatment

What is the use of celandine and how to take it? The mineral composition of celandine allows you to use it as:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • bactericidal;
  • antitumor;
  • pain medication;
  • anticonvulsant drug.

For indoor and outdoor use. Eye contact is dangerous!

настойки и отвары ласточкиной травы принимают при лечении заболеваний желудочно-кишечного тракта (ЖКТ), бронхов и легких, ротовой полости, поражений костей скелета, кисты и других. Inside the infusions and decoctions of swallow grass are taken in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), bronchus and lungs, oral cavity, skeletal bone lesions, cysts and others.

применение в виде компрессов, примочек, ванн – для лечения половых органов, аллергий, полиартритов и так далее. External use in the form of compresses, lotions, baths - for the treatment of genitals, allergies, polyarthritis, and so on.

At the same time, it is necessary to be aware that the treatment with celandine is part of a set of measures to fight for recovery.

лечение лекарственными средствами нового поколения преследует те же цели. Drug treatment with new generation drugs pursues the same goals. And listen to the recommendations of the attending physician.

We treat skin diseases of celandine

Traditional medicine has succeeded in the treatment of psoriasis, acne, herpes . He knows how to get rid of nail fungus, dandruff, dermatitis by natural means. Successfully copes with the treatment of warts , seborrhea, eczema.

Recipes for Psoriasis

  1. два раза в день. At the initial stage of the disease, the affected areas are lubricated with celandine juice twice a day. Course: two weeks.
  2. : пять столовых ложек закипятить в трех литрах холодной воды. With a large skin lesion, we take a bath with celandine decoction : boil five tablespoons in three liters of cold water. Reduce heat and hold for 20 minutes. After two hours, strain. Course: daily 20-minute baths for two weeks.
  3. 2 часа настаивать в 12 литрах воды 100 грамм свежеизмельченных корней чистотела. Tincture baths: 2 hours to insist in 12 liters of water 100 grams of freshly chopped roots of celandine. Boil for 30 minutes. Strain and pour into the bath. Course: two weeks.
  4. два раза в день за 30 минут перед едой. Drink infusion twice a day for 30 minutes before meals. Course: two weeks.

Nail and skin fungus

  1. We process the defeat of celandine juice. Three to four times with an interval of 5 minutes to soak the juice. The same with the ointment, which is applied to the borders of the fungus at night. Course: daily 5-10 days.
  2. Effective remedy from celandine juice (5 drops), calendula tincture (2 drops), oregano juice (2 drops), boiled water (3-4 tablespoons). Course: lubricate two to three times a day for ten days.
  3. Foot baths. 100 grams of grass brew four cups of boiling water for 20 minutes. Strain out. We lower legs for 25 minutes in a mixture diluted with warm water.

Other skin conditions

Celandine clean skin

. 1. Warts . Practice demonstrates effective treatment with celandine juice with cauterization. In this case, the dried up upper layer is removed and cauterized again. And so while the wart , papilloma , warts will not disappear.
. 2. Dermatitis . Burst bleeding blisters lubricate broth celandine to relieve itching. Swab the broth for 10 minutes. In the broth, you can add 100 grams of honey to three tablespoons of broth.
. 3. Seborrhea . With it will help cope tincture of celandine. A glass of boiling water, pour two teaspoons of herbs for two or three hours. Strain and rub into scalp. Put on a scarf made of cotton, wrap on top of polyethylene. Hold for 20 minutes. Wash off with shampoo. Do the procedure once a week. But oily seborrhea requires an increase in the number of procedures to five to seven a week.
. 4. Eczema . We recommend persistent treatment according to a carefully thought-out scheme. Baths cooled to body temperature daily for 15 minutes from a herb infusion with a viscous consistency - 10 grams of celandine per 100 ml of water. Plus lubricate juice and drink infusion: a tablespoon in a glass of boiling water two or three times a day. This recipe is suitable for the treatment of burns, lichen.
. 5. Abscesses, boils . During the flowering of the celandine (May-June), collect the leaves of the plant, rinse thoroughly, immerse in boiling water for half a minute. Cool and apply in a red frock to a reddening or boil . At other times of the year, prepare the gruel from dry raw materials.

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. 6. Herpes . The rash on the lips precedes hardening, tingling. At this time, the disease is easier to stop. Smear celandine juice, alcohol tincture, ointment several times. If it does not help immediately, apply a mixture of a teaspoon of celandine, two teaspoons of calendula oil, two drops of eucalyptus oil on a sore spot three times a day.

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Celandine treat oncology

Celandine treatment - tincture

Water and alcohol tinctures, as well as in combination with other herbs, brought celandine fame as killer cancer cells, which can stop the growth of metastases.

How to prepare a water tincture?

Fill a third of a three-liter jar with fresh grass and fill with boiling water.

After a few hours, take the cooled liquid three times a day, first little by little, bring it to 100 ml at a time. Greater effect is achieved if you dilute the tincture with milk.

Course: two weeks, then repeat with a break of ten days.



  1. Skin cancer. We treat with ointment from one part of the juice of celandine and one part of lamb or pork fat. Course: month.
  2. Uterine cancer. Cooking alcohol infusion celandine. Accept inside for 15-20 minutes before meals three to four times a day for half a teaspoon. Course: three weeks. Break ten days. The second stage: 20-30 minutes before meals three times a day in a tablespoon. Course: ten days.
  3. Bowel Cancer Finely chop the grass torn during flowering. Fill with 60% alcohol one-to-one, insist for three weeks in the cool, dark. Drain the liquid and crush the grass. Accept before eating 20 drops in 50 ml of water. Every day we add 1 drop of tincture, reaching 50. Course: to recovery.
  4. Benign tumors. Neoplasms such as fibroids, fibroids, polyps can be treated with juice and tincture of celandine. Pour a quarter cup of water and add juice, from one drop, to 25 days. Then every day diminishing one drop.
    Tincture made from dried herbs: a tablespoon of herbs and pour half cups of boiling water. How to drink celandine? Drink three times a day three times a day.
  5. Ovarian cyst. It is treated with tincture and douching. Freshly chopped celandine (except for the root). In half a liter of boiled water, lower a glass of herb and boil for two minutes. Insist 30 minutes. Drink twice in the morning and in the evening on 50 ml. Course: 2-3 weeks.

If you have problems with the kidneys, go on douching. We do this only after consulting a doctor , because celandine is a potent poisonous plant.

  1. 6. Metastases. Mix equal parts of celandine, nettle, calendula. Insist in a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of the collection. Drink before meals two or three times a day. Course: 14 days, break also 14 days.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

If you find tumors in the digestive tract - polyps of the liver and gallbladder, it is recommended to drink alcohol tincture, juice, water extract of celandine. Spend a month and repeat the course after a month's break. After six months, undergo two-stage treatment again.

How to brew and drink celandine?

  1. Insist 2 hours in a thermos one tablespoon of dried celandine in a glass of boiling water. Strain. Take a tablespoon three times a day 20 minutes before meals. Course: month. Ten days later.
  2. One tablespoon of the collection of chamomile flowers and herbs celandine insist in 200 ml of boiling water for 7 hours. Strain through a sieve and drink a tablespoon 30 minutes before eating. Course: month, repeat after ten days.

Treatment of Celandine Hemorrhoids

Infusion of celandine

Celandine as an anesthetic, sedative is actively used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The plant burns the diseased tissue, resulting in reduced burning and itching. Heals cracks, as the celandine disinfects the affected areas.

Compresses, rubbing, lotions, enemas, candles, along with decoctions and tinctures - a powerful unit, aimed at healing.


  1. Lotions of broth and juice. Prepare a mixture of 500 ml of a two-week infusion of tea fungus and a tablespoon of celandine to insist for three days in a dark and cool place. Strain and apply in the area of ​​the anus at night.
  2. , богатого каротином. Dampen a tampon with a juice of celandine rich in carotene. Enter in the anus on the first day for 30 minutes, on the second - for 45, in the next days a two-week course and leave the tampon for an hour. Then lotion with sea buckthorn oil and rosehip oil fix effect.
  3. : залейте кипятком в литровой банке, на четверть заполненной травой. Prepare a decoction : pour boiling water in a liter jar, a quarter filled with grass. Drink once a day, hot 300 ml for half an hour before meals.

Today we have learned a lot about celandine: useful properties and contraindications, recipes for making tinctures, decoctions, baths from a natural source - celandine, which facilitates the manifestation of various diseases, has a calming effect on the nervous system, reduces pressure, stops seizures. Heals in many cases.
I hope this useful information in educational and practical terms will help you in solving your problems. See you!

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