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Rapid treatment of herpes on the lip at home

Rapid treatment of herpes on the lip at home

Rash, sores, blisters on the skin of the lips cause physical and psychological discomfort. Treatment of herpes on the lips requires timely action. How to beat the herpes virus? Read the article to the end and find out the most working ways to get rid of this problem.

Why do rashes appear on lips?

Acute respiratory diseases are often accompanied by the appearance of bubbles with liquid contents on the lips and in the corners of the mouth. Rash sore, cause discomfort, deliver aesthetic discontent.

As maturation, bubbles burst, wounds are formed, covered with a crust. In common parlance, an illness is called a “cold on the lips” and, despite the fact that it is very common, not everyone knows what the clinical picture is caused by.

The cause of the rash is the herpes virus. In the world, about 90% of people are carriers of this virus, although not everyone is familiar with its manifestation. A person can live a life, but one can never know that the herpes virus has “slept” in his body. It is believed that the herpes virus is the body of every person who has had chickenpox .

Causes for Herpes

Treatment of herpes on the lips with medication

While the immunity is all right, the virus does not manifest itself. But it is worth overworking, overcooling, standing in a draft, poperezhivat or perevovnichat as itching, burning, and around the lips, eyes, on the face or on the body are formed ugly reddish bubbles.

In order for the virus to become active, it needs favorable conditions. Symptoms can be triggered by:

  • Hypothermia;
  • Long stay in the sun at high temperatures;
  • Reduced immunity;
  • Chronic diseases;
  • Severe SARS;
  • Microtrauma, wounds of the skin of the lips;
  • Stress, overwork, lack of sleep;
  • Depletion, severe weight loss;
  • Abuse of cigarettes, alcoholic beverages;
  • Pregnancy, lactation period

Treatment of herpes infection

Treatment of herpes

Herpes virus - an insidious infection, once in the body, remains in the cells for life. To defeat herpes means to translate it into an inactive phase, not allowing it to manifest itself in the form of rashes on the lips, skin lesions.

Herpes rash gives a lot of problems, both physiological and psychological. To alleviate the condition of the patient and prevent the emergence of new bubbles, there are special medicines, as well as methods proposed by traditional medicine.

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Drugs to combat herpes

Treatment of herpes on the lips - Herpes ointment
Treatment of herpes on the lips is a long process, it will not be possible to get rid of the bubbles on the lips in 1 day. You need to be prepared for a methodical long "war."

  1. и ее аналоги (пенцикловир, зовиракс, герпферон, докосанол) зарекомендовала себя, как препарат, подавляющий активность вируса герпеса, и снимающий клинические проявления болезни. Ointment Acyclovir and its analogues (penciclovir, zovirax, herpferon, docosanol) has established itself as a drug that suppresses the activity of the herpes virus, and relieves the clinical manifestations of the disease.
  2. оказывают противовирусное действие, однако, не снимают симптомов. Acyclovir tablets have antiviral effects, however, do not relieve symptoms. Drugs are used regularly, 4-5 times a day, lubricate the affected skin. In addition to the oppression of the herpes virus, ointments have a calming antipruritic effect, soften and heal wounds. Available in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription.
  3. . The Russian drug of widespread antiviral action, Panavir, is gaining popularity . Having a plant-based, Panavir has a minimum of contraindications and comes in the form of a gel, spray, suppositories and solution for injection. To treat herpes at home, you must consult with your doctor and choose the dosage form and dosage. Reviews of this drug indicate its high efficiency.
  4. , который скрывает ранку и, благодаря веществам, которыми пропитана его поверхность, борется с высыпаниями. A novelty on the pharmacy market is an antiherpetic adhesive that hides a wound and, thanks to the substances with which its surface is impregnated, fights rashes. The earlier treatment is started, the sooner the effect will be achieved.
  5. подсушивает мокнущую поверхность ранок, снимает воспаление, ускоряет процесс регенерации клеток. Zinc ointment dries the moist surface of wounds, relieves inflammation, accelerates the process of cell regeneration. Antiseptic properties do not allow the virus to spread. Corvalol, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine act in a similar way.

Homemade Treatments for Cold Lips

  1. . In order to dry the rash, relieve itching, apply toothpaste with menthol . Substances that are part of the toothpaste, destroy the structure of the virus, dry rashes, have an anti-inflammatory effect. To use toothpaste is recommended at the stage of itching, thus preventing the appearance of bubbles.
  2. . Disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect have table salt and baking soda . Wipes moistened in a solution containing salt and soda, soothe itching, reduce the rash. This method can be applied with the appearance of herpes on the lips of a child.
  3. In some cases, an ordinary antiperspirant deodorant helps, it will probably be found in every home. Its action is similar to the action of toothpaste. It is necessary to spray the affected area several times a day, avoiding contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
  4. Treatment of the external manifestations of herpes can be performed with ointment from yogurt and coffee . In a half cup of yogurt, stir 1 tsp. instant coffee, add a couple cloves of chopped garlic, 1st lb. flour and as much honey. Mix thoroughly. Regularly lubricate when the ointment dries and falls off, it is applied again.
  5. Strange as it may sound, but at the first manifestations of infection, the most ordinary ice will help you. Without losing time, attach a piece of ice that will quickly relieve the edema, as well as prevent the disease, help the body to repel the virus.
  6. Take cotton wool, a disk, a bandage and moisten it in milk with 1.5% fat, apply it on the place affected by herpes (you can replace it with milk of any fat content). Wait until it dries, and after that you can wash and eat. Repeat again after 2–3 hours.

Folk remedies against herpes

Aloe from herpes

Alternative medicine offers its own ways of dealing with herpes:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide - if you burn the bubbles in not less than 2-3 hours, then in the evening your face will become clean - this is effective and a little painful.
  2. If an itch occurs, it can be cauterized with medical alcohol . Once the itch has been felt, repeat the procedure. In 3-4 days you will forget about the infection, while ointment treatment takes at least 7-10 days.
  3. . A pronounced antiviral effect is characterized by fir oil . Before the bubbles appear, the compacted areas should be carefully lubricated with a thin layer or cotton balls soaked in oil should be applied for 10-15 minutes. Applying fir oil, you should make sure that it is not allergic.
  4. – лекарство, созданное природой, имеет выраженный противовирусный эффект, однако, как все продукты пчеловодства, может спровоцировать сильную аллергию. Propolis - a medicine created by nature, has a pronounced antiviral effect, however, like all beekeeping products, it can provoke a strong allergy. After the procedure is done, be sure to lubricate the treatment with a nourishing cream to prevent skin irritation. Properties of propolis will contribute to the healing of herpes.
  5. , делают его отличным средством в борьбе с герпесом. Phytoncides contained in garlic , make it an excellent tool in the fight against herpes. Since garlic has a strong unpleasant odor, smear bubbles with gruel before bedtime. Garlic causes burns on burst vesicles and open wounds.
  6. активно эксплуатируются в народной медицине, в том числе, для лечения вирусных высыпаний на губах. The bactericidal properties of aloe are actively used in traditional medicine, including for the treatment of viral rash on the lips. Aloe juice on a gauze napkin or plant pulp is applied to the wound and secured with a plaster.
  7. Disappears from the face for a day with the help of Corvalol heart drops , Valocordin . Grease the infected place every 2-3 hours with any preparation.
  8. Licorice root, popularly called licorice root - will help very well. Make a mushy mass, pre-erase into powder, add boiled water, mix well and apply directly on the rash. This procedure is done before bedtime, and wash off the rest with warm water.
  9. Well heal rash with essential oil of mint. Apply oil to the inflamed area at least three times a day, no matter where you are, it smells excellent and does not attract unnecessary attention to you.

In parallel, immunomodulating therapy is carried out with the help of drugs, drug fees, vitamins .

At the time of treatment, the patient must carefully observe personal hygiene, use individual dishes, towels, cosmetics. Rash can not be touched without the need, tear off dried crusts, so as not to provoke additional infection.

Knowing how the herpes virus is transmitted and manifests itself, you can protect yourself from infection. How to treat the disease - drugs or traditional medicine - you decide.

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