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Acupuncture treatment: benefit and harm

Acupuncture treatment: benefit and harm

Acupuncture treatment is not a new method, which has firmly gained authority and popularity, as it allows to get rid of diseases and addictions that reduce the standard of living.

What you will find in this article:

What is acupuncture?

Reflexology is a method of influencing the internal organs through a projection located on different parts of the body. Acupuncture came from China, work with acupuncture points there has been known for a very long time.

Clicking on the active points opens the energy channels, experts believe that this way it is possible to cure patients who are abandoned by traditional medicine.

From alcoholism

Acupuncture guarantees deliverance from alcoholism. With the help of effects on active points, the body increases the synthesis of endorphin - a hormone that causes a person to be in high spirits, he feels satisfied, the desire to attach to the bottle disappears.

To code a person drinking, it takes from one to five sessions.

Proper acupuncture normalizes the exchange of neurotransmitters in the brain, thereby reducing and eliminating cravings for alcohol. The mood increases, the general state of health improves, the arterial pressure is normalized, sexual function is restored.

With the help of directional effects on active points on the arms, legs, body, ears, acupuncture not only removes the need for alcohol, but also guarantees the onset of persistent remission.

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From smoking

To help the patient quit smoking, the acupuncturist acts on points located on the auricles. It is very important desire, the intention of the patient to get rid of nicotine addiction. The desire to smoke is associated with the release into the blood of certain chemicals that give pleasure.

Acupuncture contributes to the development of chemicals of a slightly different plan, they are released into the bloodstream, act on the receptors and replace "nicotine pleasure". At the same time, the smoker gets a pause to abandon the process itself - smoking.

With spinal diseases

Acupuncture helps to cope with serious pathologies that develop as a result of osteochondrosis, metabolic disorders, in the post-traumatic period. One of these disorders is spinal hernia. She points to the course of degenerative processes that destroy the intervertebral discs. The skeleton loses its main functions, the spinal nerves are impaired, muscle spasm is observed. All together it causes the patient severe pain, the cerebral blood supply is disturbed, his hands go numb, and migraines appear.

Impact on certain points allows you to send energy impulses to the right parts of the central nervous system. Metabolic processes are improved, blood circulation and trophicity of tissues stabilize, muscle spasm is removed.

Treatment of intervertebral hernia, almost always, is done by operating the patient. Alternative medicine offers a different way, which, besides eliminating the symptoms, works directly with the problem, achieving high results.

When neuritis of the facial nerve

The inflammatory process affecting the facial nerve is manifested by a violation (loss) of sensitivity in the area of ​​its innervation and a reduction in the volume of active movements.

Neuritis of the facial nerve affects the muscles on one side, with the result that the person acquires a pronounced asymmetry, loses mobility.

The cause of neuritis can be a herpes infection, otitis media, mumps, injuries, infections, tumors and neoplasms.

To relieve the disease and alleviate the condition of the patient, it is necessary to remove the puffiness exerting pressure on the nerve, restore microcirculation and cure inflammation.

Drug therapy requires an integrated approach, includes the appointment of drugs from different groups and takes about six months time.

What gives acupuncture? It has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves swelling, restores local sensitivity, has a positive effect on the immune system.

From prostatitis

A delicate male problem is fairly common. Infection, trauma, concomitant disease can cause inflammation of the prostate gland. The provoking factors are weakened immunity, hypothermia, stasis of sperm, chronic diseases of the urogenital sphere. Prostatitis threatens urination disorder and loss of erectile function, including impotence. As a result of working with acupuncture points, the blood supply to the prostate is improved, secretions flow out, sperm activity increases, swelling, pain and inflammation decrease.

From allergies

Allergy has thousands of different manifestations, it interferes with the full work and rest, makes restrictions and adjustments.

Traditional medicine offers antihistamines, which remove the symptoms of the disease, as a medicine.

Acupuncture is deep and subtle. Exposure to points restores the correct flow of internal energy, activates the human immune system and allows the body to cope with allergies.

For diseases of the joints

Eastern medicine for arthritis, arthrosis and other diseases of the joints treats complex. Therapy is not only to eliminate the symptoms, but also to influence the cause: metabolic disorders, insufficiently effective digestion, disturbances in the functioning of the internal organs, problems with blood circulation, excessive stress on the joints, overweight.

From psoriasis

Chronic disease, which traditional medicine today is not taken to cure, but only helps to transfer to a state of remission, psoriasis - the scourge of our society. This immune disorder occurs in children and adults, regardless of age and gender.

With the help of acupuncture, normalization of the nervous system, improvement of the endocrine system, improving the removal of toxic substances from the body through the work with the digestive tract, liver, kidneys. At the same time, general immunity increases.

From bronchial asthma

A chronic disease that causes inflammation in the bronchi and lungs causes a narrowing of the lumen of the respiratory tract, manifests itself in periodic attacks of breathlessness and threatens the patient's life. He feels heaviness, congestion in the chest, he suffers from shortness of breath, shortness of breath and cough.

In the development of asthma, hereditary predisposition, as well as harmful working conditions, environmental factors, overweight, exposure to microorganisms, household chemicals and poor nutrition, play a significant role.

Thanks to acupuncture, blood supply is improved, muscle tone is regulated, metabolism is improved, pain and irritation are relieved.

From stroke

Stroke is a sharp, acute, spontaneously occurring cerebral circulation disorder, which often causes death of patients.

Modern medicine has at hand an arsenal of strong drugs that allow, with timely appointment, to minimize the effects of a stroke.

Alternative medicine offers acupuncture as a rehabilitation measure.

The needles installed in the active points, relieve pain, restore cerebral blood circulation, return the lost functions - motor, hearing, vision, smell.

From sinusitis

Frequent long-term inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinuses, chronic rhinitis, pathologies of the nasal septum can provoke sinusitis - inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, with suppuration, severe pain and the inability to live a full life. Treatment by standard methods takes a lot of time and does not always bring the desired result.

Energy channels are in close proximity to the nasal sinuses, the impact on them allows you to reduce inflammation, reduce the amount of mucus released, stop the disease and relieve symptoms.

From fibroids

Benign education in the pelvis, fibroids, can occur in women at any age. Doctors are sounding the alarm: the fibroids are “younger” and are becoming increasingly common even in nulliparous girls and women.

If the fibroid is small, the treatment is conservative, the doctor controls, observes the behavior of the tumor. In other cases, surgical intervention is indicated.

Gynecological diseases have long become one of the indications for conducting acupuncture sessions. Their effectiveness is clinically proven, tumor growth can be stopped, even to ensure that fibroid decreased in size. How many acupuncture sessions need to be done is decided by a specialist, guided by his experience and the patient's condition.

From stuttering

Stuttering is not a disease, but rather an unpleasant speech defect that causes severe discomfort, preventing adaptation in society.

By acting on certain points on the face, the speech center is affected, the circulation of body fluids is improved, muscle spasm and mental stress are relieved.

Acupuncture treatment


Before rushing to a reflexologist for a cure for all ailments, you should be familiar with the list of contraindications. What is dangerous with acupuncture?

  • increased body temperature;
  • reduced blood clotting, anemia;
  • renal and heart failure;
  • intestinal diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • menstruation;
  • children up to 5 years;
  • malignant neoplasms.

What does acupuncture treat?

Numerous diseases of the internal organs, skeleton, mental disorders, alcohol, nicotine addiction.

Does acupuncture help?

Reviews, both laudatory and abusive, the Internet is not enough. The main thing is to believe in reflexology as a method of treatment and to trust a specialist.

What is the meaning of acupuncture?

In action with the help of needles on active points, which are a projection of the internal organs on the surface of the body

Acupuncture treatment

Where do?

Medical centers and individual doctors - reflexologists offer their services. But before resorting to them, one should study all the ins and outs, make sure that the treatment will be carried out by a person who has the appropriate education and experience, otherwise you can cause serious harm to the body instead of the expected benefits.

How often can be treated with needles?

The frequency of procedures is determined by the doctor, it directly depends on the disease and the patient's condition. As a rule, 2-3 courses are conducted during the year, each of which consists of 3-10 sessions.

Is it possible to combine massage and acupuncture?

It is not recommended to combine acupuncture with anything, but in each particular case it is worth discussing all the issues with a specialist.

You can argue about the pros and cons of acupuncture, but the fact is undeniable: the method is the place to be, it has gained popularity and really helps people, it is only important to choose the right doctor.

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