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What diseases can be cured with a bow

What diseases can be cured with a bow

Today we are discussing the treatment of onions of various diseases, we analyze the main recipes for the use in medicine of such a useful and surprising vegetable properties. With our advice, you will help yourself and your loved ones to improve your health with the help of an absolutely natural product that is available to everyone today.

The composition, beneficial properties and use of onions in medicine

Onions are rich in volatile production, essential oils, sugars (glucose, maltose, fructose, sucrose), mineral salts (K, P, Fe, I), organic acids (citric and malic), vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, E , PP), nitrogenous substances, sulfuric substances, insulin, polysaccharides, flavonoid quercetin, glucosides, fiber and other useful substances. Apply onions and leaves of the plant.

This is a universal medicine that is used in folk and clinical (as part of various drugs and drugs) medicine for the treatment of various diseases of human organ systems:

  • – для профилактики и лечения атеросклероза, инсульта, нормализации давления; cardiovascular - for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, stroke, normalization of pressure;
  • – применяется в лечении печени и желчного пузыря, улучшает аппетит и пищеварение; digestive - used in the treatment of the liver and gallbladder, improves appetite and digestion;
  • – для скорейшего заживления ран, избавления от фурункулов, прыщей и шрамов, улучшения состояния кожи и волос; the coverslip - for the speedy healing of wounds, getting rid of boils, acne and scars, improving the condition of skin and hair;
  • – оказывает успокоительное действие; nervous - has a sedative effect;
  • – для лечения суставов, при ушибах и травмах; musculoskeletal - for the treatment of joints, bruises and injuries;
  • – защищает и укрепляет иммунитет, оказывает антимикробное и антибактериальное, противоопухолевое воздействие; immune - protects and strengthens the immune system, has antimicrobial and antibacterial, antitumor effects;
  • – отличное средство при простудных заболеваниях, отите, гайморите; respiratory - an excellent remedy for colds, otitis, sinus;
  • – для лечения заболеваний глаз, ушей; sensory - for the treatment of diseases of the eyes, ears;
  • – при воспалительных процессах и заболеваниях репродуктивных органов, как мочегонное средство. urogenital - in inflammatory processes and diseases of the reproductive organs, as a diuretic.

Let us consider in more detail how to use and the most effective folk recipes for onion drugs.


Bow treatment

Use fresh onions every day for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (colitis, constipation, colic, inflammation, worms), for the prevention of hypertension and atherosclerosis.

With diabetes, eat onions in any form - raw, baked, boiled. To strengthen the immune system, prevent the body, add onions to salads, first and second courses.

Onion juice

Onion juice is the most popular form of natural medicine used to treat the whole body:

  • – принимайте по 1 ст. angina, colds, tonsillitis - take 1 tbsp. spoon 2 times a day one hour before meals;
  • – закапывайте в нос по 1-2 капли, можно в сочетании с медом, соком алоэ, цикламена; runny nose, sinusitis - bury in the nose with 1-2 drops, you can in combination with honey, aloe juice, cyclamen;
  • – пейте луковый сок с медом, сок из запеченного лука; cough - drink onion juice with honey, baked onion juice;
  • – закапывайте в ухо по 2-4 капли теплого сока, детям можно разводить водой 1:2; otitis - put 2-4 drops of warm juice in your ear, children can be diluted with water 1: 2;
  • – смазывайте перед сном веки смесью лукового сока и меда, при бельме закапывайте каплями того же состава в пропорции 1:2; weakening of vision - lubricate your eyelids with a mixture of onion juice and honey before going to bed, during a thorn drink, drip the drops of the same composition in a ratio of 1: 2;
  • , язвы, угри, прыщи – применяйте примочки из сока; purulent diseases , ulcers, acne, acne - use lotion from the juice;
  • (атония, расстройство желудка) – пейте средство по 1 ст. gastrointestinal tract diseases (atony, indigestion) - drink the drug according to 1 tbsp. spoon before a meal;
  • , воспаления в ротовой полости – пейте и полощите рот соком лука с медом. stomatitis , inflammation in the mouth - drink and rinse your mouth with onion juice with honey.

Gruel of onions

For various inflammatory processes, use onion gruel:

  • – принимайте смесь из тертого лука с медом по 1 ст. bronchitis - take a mixture of grated onions and honey in 1 tbsp. spoon 4 times a day with meals;
  • , – 3 раза в день применяйте марлевые тампоны с тертым луком на 10-15 минут; from cold and flu , - 3 times a day, use gauze swabs with grated onions for 10-15 minutes;
  • – употребляйте кашицу из тертых лука, яблока и меда; sore throat, sore throat - eat a slurry of grated onions, apples and honey;
  • – ставьте на ночь тампоны из луковой кашицы или с измельченным чесноком; erosion, uterine fibroma - put onion swabs with chopped garlic overnight;
  • – применяйте компрессы из тертого лука; boil, boil, fungal infections - use shredded onion compresses;
  • – ешьте тертый лук с яблоками и медом. bladder problems - eat grated onions with apples and honey.

Broth and infusion of onions


Use for the treatment of decoction and infusion of onions or onion peel:

  • – для обтираний и компрессов полстакана шелухи залейте 0,5 стакана уксуса, настаивайте 2 недели; calluses, ulcerative processes - for rubbing and compresses of half a glass of husk, pour 0.5 cups of vinegar, leave for 2 weeks;
  • – отварите 3-4 средних луковицы в 1 л воды или молока с добавлением меда, пейте небольшими порциями; catarrhal diseases, cough - boil 3-4 medium onions in 1 liter of water or milk with honey, drink in small portions;
  • женской репродуктивной системы – применяйте спринцевания теплым настоем луковой шелухи; inflammatory processes of the female reproductive system - use douches warm extract of onion peel;
  • – принимайте трижды в день до еды спиртовую настойку лука по 20-30 капель; Atherosclerosis, hypertension - take alcoholic onions of 20-30 drops three times a day before meals;
  • – полощите рот настоем лука. To strengthen the teeth - rinse your mouth with infusion of onions.

Onions after heat treatment

Baked onions do not lose their beneficial properties, use it in the following cases:

  • , гнойные повреждениях кожи – прикладывайте компресс из теплого печеного лука; boils and boils , purulent skin lesions - apply a compress of warm baked onions;
  • – промывайте пораженные места отваром печеного лука, прикладывайте теплые компрессы из лука, сваренного в уксусе. Calluses and warts - wash the affected areas with a decoction of baked onions, apply warm compresses from onions, cooked in vinegar.

How to bake onions in the oven for treatment

Oven baked onions can be used as a tasty medicine for diabetes. Rinse the onions well, cut them in half and bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 5 minutes.

Useful onion juice is obtained by baking onion in the oven with butter. Olive or flaxseed is best for this.

Cut a small hole in the onion, pour in a little oil and bake until done. After the bulb has cooled, squeeze out the resulting juice and use as directed.

If instead of butter, bake the onion with sugar, you get an excellent tool to combat cough in children.

How to use onions in cosmetics


Of course, in cosmetics can not do without onions:

  • – перед мытьем натрите кожу головы кашицей из лука, выдержите час, смойте кипяченой водой или отваром трав. to strengthen the hair - before washing, rub the scalp with a gruel of onion, soak for an hour, wash it off with boiled water or a decoction of herbs. You can add various nutritional oils to the mask;
  • – за два часа до мытья вотрите в корни волос луковый сок, укутайте голову полотенцем. for hair growth - two hours before washing, rub the onion juice into the hair roots, wrap up your head with a towel. The same recipe is suitable for the treatment of dandruff;
  • – ополаскивайте волосы отваром луковой шелухи; to improve the condition of the hair - rinse the hair with a decoction of onion peel;
  • – смешайте луковую кашицу с медом в пропорции 2:1, нанесите на лицо, затем смойте теплой водой; For skin care - mix onion gruel with honey in a 2: 1 ratio, apply on face, then rinse with warm water;
  • – протирайте лицо тампоном, смоченном в луковом соке. To get rid of freckles - wipe your face with a swab dipped in onion juice.

Treatment with different types of onions

Most of the recipes are focused on the familiar onions, but apart from it, red (also called blue, purple, Yalta), leek, Indian (Chinese) onion and other types are used.

эффективно при заболеваниях пищеварительной системы, в частности печени и желчного пузыря, поскольку он не оказывает такого раздражающего действия на слизистые оболочки, как репчатый лук, имеет более мягкий и сладкий вкус. Red onion treatment is effective for diseases of the digestive system, in particular the liver and gall bladder, since it does not exert such an irritating effect on mucous membranes as onions, has a milder and sweeter taste.

. For hepatitis, blue onion treatment can be used as an additional therapy. To cleanse the bile duct recommended tincture of red onion peels with the addition of other medicinal plants.

используют для лечения кожных заболеваний, повреждениях суставов, ушибах, при болях, отечности. Chinese onions are used to treat skin diseases, joint damage, bruises, pain, swelling. For rubbing and compresses apply gruel, tincture, lotion from the leaves of the plant.



Contraindications to the use of onions as a medicine can be individual intolerance of the product, allergic reactions, increased acidity of the stomach, acute gastrointestinal and heart diseases.

Do not use only one onion treatment for serious diseases - it should be combined with other drugs prescribed by a doctor. Despite all the positive reviews on the network about the use of onions as a medicine, be sure to consult with your doctor.

And yet - the bow is amazing. Check - and make sure for sure. In the meantime - see you soon!

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  1. Olga :

    Bake with butter? And either olive or flaxseed? Strange choice. The value of olive in its heat resistance. Nothing more valuable in it. For baking is fine. But as an alternative, flaxseed is offered to it, the value of which is in the unique ratio of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6, and, well, vitamins E, A. Flaxseed oil cannot be subjected to heat treatment, since when heated, omega -3 collapses. Yes, and it will taste bitter.


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