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Bates' unique vision restoration method - works at any age.

Bates' unique vision restoration method - works at any age.

Visual impairment can occur due to diseases, injuries, adverse effects of external factors: computer work, eye strain, smoke, pollution, environmental toxicity. Along with medication and operative methods, eye gymnastics are widely used - the Bates method of restoring vision.

Basics of Bates Method

Bates method of restoring vision

American ophthalmologist William Horatio Bates lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. He developed a revolutionary for his time method of restoring vision without the use of medicines. His method was not recognized by traditional medicine, but was a huge success and was described in 1920 in a book published by Bates.

The theory, which became the foundation of the method for restoring eyesight using the Bates method, is based on the doctor's belief that deterioration is associated with excessive tension of the eye muscles and impaired accommodation of the lens.

Traditional medicine does not agree with the method of Bates, because it explains the weakening of vision with organic disorders in the tissues of the eye. However, despite the official rejection, the Bates method has a large number of supporters and followers, it is simple and accessible to everyone.

Exercises for the eyes (treatment and prevention of disorders) are based on two principles:

  1. “All diseases from nerves”, excessive mental stress, stress, intense experiences lead to uncontrolled overstrain of the eye muscles, and at the same time - to myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus.
  2. You need to master the exercises that allow you to remove the spasticity of the eye muscles, and there will be a chance to restore vision without glasses, contact lenses and surgery.

Followers of the master: exercises Shichko-Bates

Focusing on the psychogenic component of treatment, a physicist who studied optics and, by conviction, popularized nontraditional methods of treatment, Vladimir Georgievich Zhdanov managed to combine the works of Bates and the psychoanalyst Gennady Shichko.

G.A. Shichko argued that each person - his own doctor and self-hypnosis plays a crucial role in the treatment.

Zhdanov combined the exercises of Bates and the installation of Shishko: in the evening, on the eve of a night's sleep, it is necessary to record phrases-keys working with the subconscious mind in a specially instituted diary. Words spoken out loud or thoughts have no such power as written. Installations should be positive, deployed and carefully verified:

  • my eyesight improves day by day through exercise;
  • I clearly see small objects near and away, etc.

After recording, it is recommended to perform palming and go to bed.

Similarly, you can deal with bad habits, overweight.

Bates method of restoring vision

Gymnastics Bates: restore vision on their own

Bates was confident that mental stress, stress, tension lead to the occurrence of abnormal muscle tension in the body. First of all, these processes affect the health of the eyes.

At rest, the eyes see both small objects located close up and removed equally well. But the constant psycho-emotional stress is bearing fruit and developing pathologies. Bates followers declare that neither computers, nor reading have nothing to do with it: it’s all a matter of muscle tightness. They need to relax and accustom to be alone: ​​the vision will be restored.

The basic course of exercise is universal and suitable for people with various disabilities. For deeper work, there are additional exercises depending on the pathology (hyperopia, myopia, strabismus, astigmatism).

All exercises are performed without glasses.


The basis of gymnastics is palming - covering the eyes with palms.

You need to sit down, rest your elbows on a hard surface (table cover), relax, shake hands several times as if shaking off water.

Before starting the exercise, it is recommended to rub your palms together for 10-15 seconds (heat should appear), then fold with a boat and cover your eyes with them. The convex part of the "boat" is located above the pupil.

Breathing should be calm, measured. After the palms close their eyes from the light, on the retina, which means before the eyes, there will appear bright spots, floating colored circles. By relaxing it is necessary to achieve the appearance of an absolutely black background, without light inclusions. If the goal is reached, then the black field will be preserved before the eyes for a while after the palms have been removed. Vision will be noticeably sharper and brighter.

Palming perfectly relieves stress from the eyes and is recommended to be performed during the day as many times as possible, but always every time you feel tension and before falling asleep.


Pleasant memories bring pleasure and relax the psyche. This phenomenon is used by Bates to relieve tension from the eyes.

At the initial stages of mastering gymnastics, Bates is recommended to do this exercise as palming - with closed eyes. Later, having mastered the technique, the eyes can not be closed.

It is necessary to reproduce some pleasant memory as clearly as possible - a sensation, it does not matter - sound, smell, color, picture. The main thing is to immerse yourself in it as fully as possible, restore it to the smallest details, relive it again. If success is achieved - before the eyes will be black.


Impaired vision gives the brain a distorted picture of the world around it. In order to fix it, you need to mentally represent various objects, painted black without the slightest light or other inclusions. Each image must be held "before the eyes" no more than a second, replacing it with the next.

The second exercise involves working with a table to check visual acuity. Hanging it at a distance of 4-6 meters in a bright room with good lighting, you need to choose a letter (from the line located as low as possible) with your eyes, look at it for a few seconds, and then cover your eyes with your palms and present this very anthracite-black letter and large. After the eyes are open (after 3-5 seconds of relaxation), the letter in the table will be visible much clearer.

Swinging and moving

It is not recommended to hold the gaze at one point for a long time, it is necessary to move the gaze from close objects to far and back.

  • It is necessary to fix the look on the letter in the table (for 1-2 seconds), then look at another letter (the first one should remain in sight, but its clarity is lost). To be fixed on the second letter (1-2 seconds), return to the first, without losing the second. Such "swing" helps to relax the eyes.
  • Fix a glance at a large letter in one of the top lines of the table, then translate it into a smaller letter, keeping the first one in view (it is worse than the second), then return to the first. If the exercise is performed correctly, it seems as if the table is shifted up and down.
  • Work with one selected letter. Fix a glance on a large letter and move it from top to bottom, from one side to the other, so as to make the letter “swing”.

If you can, you can “rock” the letters mentally, closing your eyes and imagining the image of the letter in black.

Blink (glimpses)

  • Perform palming, then open eyes for 1 second, fix the view on any letter from the table and re-palming. Squeeze your eyes shut with your eyes closed several times and, by removing your hands from your eyes (eyes closed!), Turn your head from side to side 4-5 times, blink.
  • Starting position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart. Breathing is calm, uniform. Turn right: head, eyes, shoulders. The left heel can be slightly off the floor. Then, without stopping, repeat the turn to the left, then again - to the right. The exercise is performed without focusing on specific objects, for one approach it is recommended to perform up to 100 turns. Exercise can be done several times a day.
  • To lean an index finger against a nose and to turn a head so that it seemed as if a finger, and not eyes move. It is possible to strengthen the feeling if you close your eyes and touch your finger with the tip of your nose.


Sunlight is good for the eyes. In order to perform solarization exercises, you need:

  1. Close your eyes, expose the face to the sun's rays. After the eyes become accustomed and the sunlight will not irritate them, you can raise one eyelid, looking down, after a few seconds do the exercise with the second eye.
  2. Choose a site where there is a clear boundary between light and shade, to become so that one half of the body is in the sun, and the second is in the shade. Close your eyes, turn your head, so that "before the eyes" light and shadow smoothly change. Exercise to perform until the difference ceases to be a replacement.
  3. Close one eye with the palm of the hand, leave the second open, but look down. Turn your head from side to side (you can often blink). Continue to take turns, raising your eyes open to the sun and blinking continuously. Then perform a similar exercise with the second eye. Sunlight can be replaced by artificial, but this replacement is not as effective for the eyes.

After the solarization complex has been completed, palming should be repeated, in time it should be twice as long as solarization.
Bates method of restoring vision

Which side to look

Advantages of the Bates technique:

  • the effectiveness of restoring vision without costs and the overall availability of gymnastics;
  • prevention of visual impairment, the ability to master the practice to relax not only the muscles of the eye, but the whole body.


Gymnastics has its own contraindications:

  • threat / retinal detachment;
  • 6 months after eye surgery

Feedback on Bates Method

Like any area of ​​alternative medicine, the Bates vision restoration method has its followers and opponents. The negative is the absence of a noticeable result, but the harm does not bring exercise. The main thing is to do the exercises constantly, several times a day, consolidating the achieved result or striving for it. Performing gymnastics from time to time will not give the desired effect.

Expert opinion

Modern medicine does not accept until the end of the Bates method, however, the negative in his attitude has decreased significantly. Eye muscles, like any other muscles, can be trained to achieve the set result. This is not about a miracle, but about a properly selected complex, an alternation of peace and movement.

The possibilities of the method are not limitless, but it is quite realistic to correct vision by 2-3 diopters with regular exercises. In addition, the method is shown as prevention of visual impairment for people who are forced to keep their eyes in a static position for a long time.

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