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Facial mesotherapy: the main advantage of the procedure

Facial mesotherapy: the main advantage of the procedure

Facial mesotherapy is a popular method of dealing with age-related changes and cosmetic facial defects. The advantage of this procedure is that you can overcome the signs of aging without resorting to surgical interventions.

What is facial mesotherapy

Facial mesotherapy is a cosmetic salon procedure in which a special cocktail medicinal composition rich in vitamins and nutrients is injected under the skin. Unlike outdoor cosmetics, special cocktails penetrate deeply under the skin, quickly and effectively affecting problem areas.

With the proper conduct of the procedure and the use of high-quality drugs, after mesotherapy only small bruises and edemas, which quickly pass, can remain.

Effect of the procedure:

  • The “extra chin” phenomenon disappears
  • Removed greasy shine
  • The silhouette of the face becomes the clearest
  • Wrinkles are leveled
  • Pigment spots disappear
  • Acne, acne is greatly reduced, traces of post-acne are eliminated
  • Tapering pores
  • Scars are resolved
  • Vascular stars after treatment are hardly noticeable.
  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Refreshing complexion
  • Skin is smoother, firmer, more resilient.

Despite the relatively high cost of this technology of facial rejuvenation, mesotherapy is in demand due to its effectiveness and visible results. Has positive feedback from clients.

It is recommended to undergo a full course of 5-7 procedures. Not more than twice a year. On average, the procedure lasts 20-30 minutes. It is recommended to perform with a break of 10 days. The time and number of procedures may vary, depending on the specific case.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

Under the influence of many factors (poor nutrition, low-quality cosmetics, unhealthy ecology), the skin constantly deteriorates and the strongest “blow” falls on the delicate skin around the eyes. Stop the process of fading of the skin caused by a lack of hyaluronic acid, it is possible due to facial mesotherapy.

Benefits of facial mesotherapy:

  1. The result is stored for a long time.
  2. Suitable for women of all ages after 18 years. Especially effective against wrinkles.
  3. It has a few contraindications. At first, it is recommended to make a test injection as a test for allergic reactions.
  4. The method of rejuvenation is performed on an outpatient basis.
  5. Basically, all mezokokteyl preparations are well perceived by skin cells.

Types of facial mesotherapy. Injections

Modern cosmetology provides women with a wide range of facial rejuvenation procedures. Before visiting the salon, you should familiarize yourself with the possible ways of conducting mesotherapy.

The classic option is face injection mesotherapy. The nutrient composition is injected under the skin using a normal thin needle. It can be single, step-by-step punctures in the marked zones. Or synchronous, point effects on the entire problem area of ​​the skin - fractional mesotherapy. Such a procedure is considered the most effective.

Many women are afraid of needles, so lately a non-injection technique has been performed more and more often by cosmetologists. The medicinal composition penetrates the skin with the help of external irritants (chemical and physical):

  • Aquaphoresis - effect with laser, electric current and lymphatic drainage
  • Iontophoresis - using the discharge current
  • Oxygen mesotherapy - with pure oxygen
  • Cryomesotherapy - cold and electric current
  • Laser Mesotherapy - With Laser
  • Magnetophoresis - magnetic waves are applied
  • Ultrasound Mesotherapy - Ultrasound Used

Needle-free mesotherapy will be slightly less effective than injectable, because useful elements of the cocktail will not penetrate so deep under the skin.

Types of facial mesotherapy. Devices

Mesotherapy can be manual and hardware.

In the manual (manual) method, the cosmetologist injects the useful serum under the skin with an ordinary syringe with a thin needle. This makes it possible to work with the most delicate areas of the face - eyelids, nose wings. But the slightest careless movement of a cosmetologist can lead to serious consequences.

Hardware technique for the price higher. The settings of the special apparatus for mesotherapy make it possible to adjust the desired dosage of the agent and provide clear punctures. But the hardware technique does not allow to work with sensitive areas of the face.

The results of mesotherapy apparatus are more dependent on the characteristics of the apparatus itself.

Types of facial mesotherapy. Preparations

Beauty shots consist of a whole range of nutrients that are beneficial to the cells. Allopathic drugs. Consist of the following elements:

  • Minerals
  • Organic acids
  • Vitamins
  • Extracts of plant and animal origin
  • Medicines
  • Fat-cleaving agents
  • Biotechnology products (placenta, DNA)
  • Hyaluronic acid

Beauticians can also offer homeopathic medicines. Cocktail from vegetable ingredients is selected individually. A plus of the homeopathic technique is the naturalness of the cocktail and an individual approach. The downside can be personal intolerance to substances and allergies.

Correctly choose the method of mesotherapy will help cosmetologist. It depends on several factors: the condition of the skin, the age of the client, the state of health, the type of cosmetic defects.

Indications and contraindications

The main indicators for facial mesotherapy:

  • Aging and Fading Skin
  • Couperose
  • The presence of hypertrophic and atrophic scars
  • High skin greasiness
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne
  • Preparatory and restorative periods after surgery, peeling, laser polishing

Like any cosmetic procedure, facial mesotherapy has some contraindications:

  • Allergies and individual intolerance to substances
  • Diabetes
  • "Skin" diseases
  • Oncology
  • "Heart" ailments
  • Third semester of pregnancy, breastfeeding period
  • Renal failure
  • Cholelithiasis
  • Hemophilia
  • Acute fever
  • Age up to 18 years
  • Blood diseases

Mesotherapy for face at home

Home Mesotherapy is simple and affordable. Home procedure is much cheaper than the salon, while quite effective. You can do it once a month.

To perform face mesotherapy, you will need:

  • Mesoscooter - roller on the handle and thin needles (can be purchased in stores or pharmacies)
  • Mesotherapy cocktails with vitamin and nutrients


  1. To clean the skin from cosmetics and creams, wipe with ice cream
  2. Wet the mezoroller in alcohol solution
  3. Apply mezokokteyl on face
  4. Proceed to massage: roll from the center of the forehead to the temporal lobes, from the eyebrows to the hairline, from the nose to the ears, from the chin to the earlobe
  5. All movements are repeated ten times.
  6. At the end of the procedure, the mezoroller should be treated with alcohol.
  7. Put a nourishing cream on your face, you can make a mask with a soothing effect.

Mesotherapy or biorevitalization

After 40 years, when the skin begins to fade, women who watch themselves often cannot decide which procedure they need - mesotherapy or biorevitalization.

The main difference between these two modern procedures in injectable preparations. When biorevitalization under the skin is injected hyaluronic acid in its pure form. In mesotherapy, other nutrients and vitamins are added to the acid.

For deep and complex wrinkles, biorevitalization is recommended. The effectiveness of the procedure lies in the rapid solubility of the acid in the skin cells. Under the action of acid, the skin itself begins to produce elastin and collagen, necessary for female beauty. The effect lasts up to 10 months.

What procedure of rejuvenation to choose, the woman decides. Experienced cosmetologists are good assistants in this matter. It is important to choose a good beauty salon and a competent certified cosmetologist.

The rehabilitation period after the procedure

Even thin needles hurt the skin and after the beauty salon she needs competent care.

The recovery period on average lasts 3-4 days, but follow the recommendations for skin care is better throughout the week.

Having done mesotherapy is prohibited:

  1. Go to the baths, saunas, sunbathe
  2. To swim
  3. Exercise hard, exercise
  4. Smoking and drinking alcohol
  5. Apply cosmetics in places where cocktail was injected

Failure to comply with the rules for the restoration of facial mesotherapy can lead to serious consequences and complications.

Possible complications after facial mesotherapy

Facial mesotherapy

Usually, after mesotherapy, faces other than light edema and bruises that quickly pass, there are no complications. But with the wrong lifestyle after the procedure or because of its poor quality, there may be the following complications and consequences:

  • Hyperemia
  • Allergy
  • Infection
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Dense formations under the skin
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Scarring
  • Atrophy of the facial muscles
  • Lupus erythematosus, psoriasis

Facial rejuvenation by mesotherapy is a demanded method that has many advantages and is a salvation for many. With the quality of the procedure and compliance with all the requirements of a doctor, you can avoid any complications.

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