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Nebulizer for home inhalation - how to choose and how to apply

Nebulizer for home inhalation - how to choose and how to apply

Currently, it is possible to carry out high-quality respiratory treatment with the help of modern technologies that are more effective than the traditional inhalation of steam of potatoes. For inhalation, it is enough to have at your disposal a home nebulizer.

What is a nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a device that can turn any medicine into steam or cloud for medical procedures, namely inhalation .

Conducting therapy with a nebulizer is available to everyone: from newborn children to the elderly. It can also be used during pregnancy.

A good nebulizer can only be of the following brands:

  • Well
  • Little doctor
  • Omron ne

Also, to obtain a positive effect and the desired result, you need to perform all the actions described by the instructions for the device.

Types of nebulizers

Inhalation devices are divided into three types, namely:


Available and most popular type of device. Thanks to its system, this inhaler is able to create an aerosol using oxygen or air.


The aerosol in this type of device is formed by the vibration actions of the piezoelectric plate.

Electronic mesh

The most progressive type of inhaler. In its technology incorporated the creation of an aerosol using a vibration plate, which passes the drug through a sieve. These devices have several modes of spraying.

This feature gives them an advantage, because the smaller the vapor particles, the deeper they are able to penetrate. At the same time, to create steam in these devices, you can use almost any kind of medical preparations. The negative side of this product is its price, it is several times higher than that of other types of nebulizers.

What kind of nebulizer to choose


Undoubtedly, if you ask the question, what is the best nebulizer to choose, then the ideal option would be an electron-mesh inhaler. After all, such an inhaler has all the necessary functions and abilities, and its use is also permissible in any position of the device, unlike ultrasonic and compressor devices, which are used exclusively in an upright position.

But with all your desire, we recommend you consult with a specialist and doctor who can advise you the best option for your needs before purchasing.

Nebulizer for the treatment of various diseases


After we figured out what nebulizers are, we can study under what diseases the use of this device will be effective.

Cold inhalation

The use of the device in the common cold is permissible at any stage of the disease. This treatment method is very effective. After all, inhalation promotes rapid recovery, and there is no need to use potent drugs for the nose.

The aerosol is able to penetrate all areas of the mucous membrane, while its distribution occurs evenly, which allows covering the entire affected area. An important factor is that the sprayed substance will settle exclusively on the application areas and will not penetrate into other parts of the body, thus, the preparation will not be adversely affected.

Recommended drugs - Dekasan, Lasolvan and Ambrobene for kids.

Nebulizer when coughing

When coughing, each person seeks to cure him as quickly as possible, and only a nebulizer will cope with this task as quickly and efficiently as possible. After all, when spraying solutions, the smallest particles are able to penetrate deep into the lungs, completing their tasks with maximum effect.

In case of bronchitis, the use of an inhaler helps to increase the output of sputum, suppress coughing attacks, and reduce the viscosity of sputum.
For this type of inhalation, it is permissible to use drugs such as berodual .


Inhalation for sore throat

Sore throat is one of the most common diseases in humans. Consequently, most people want, as quickly as possible, to get rid of many infectious diseases.

The nebulizer is able to effectively fight infections with sore throat, laryngitis, diphtheria, SARS, measles and many other ailments of the throat cavity.

Using the inhaler at a temperature

Is it possible to use a nebulizer at a temperature? The answer to this question will be the following: the use of any thermal procedures at elevated body temperature, more than 37 degrees, is extremely undesirable.

Indeed, after the session there is an increase in temperature. On the general condition, of course, it does not really play a role, but it carries an additional load on the body.

That is why, for an adult, the use of an inhaler at a temperature is extremely undesirable, but the use of a nebulizer for children and the elderly is completely prohibited.

The use of a nebulizer during pregnancy


Every woman knows that pregnancy is an important stage in life, which is accompanied by a weakening of the immune system and few people are able to protect themselves from a cold or infection. And cough with a runny nose often delivers a large amount of discomfort. And the use of almost all drugs and drugs is prohibited.

In this case, it is best to use the proven and most safe method - inhalation. But before treatment, be sure to consult your doctor. After all, any intervention in the body during pregnancy can only aggravate the situation. And we, in turn, note that inhalation treatment will be effective only at the initial stage of the disease.

Komarovsky about inhalation for children


In order to understand how to properly conduct inhalation for children, we bring you a literally qualified consultation from the leading pediatrician, Dr. Komarovsky. On this occasion, Komarovsky said the following:

At home, as a rule, two main types of inhalations are used. Steam inhalations (they breathe steam “over the pot” or use a special steam inhaler) and inhalations with the help of special devices that create aerosols without steam, but with small particles — such inhalers are called nebulizers.

Nebulizers are used when coughing due to lesions of the lower respiratory tract, but these are usually quite serious diseases, and very difficult medicines are used for inhalation, which are certainly not intended for parental self-treatment.
In case of acute respiratory disease with lesions of the upper respiratory tract, steam inhalations are used. The use of steam inhalation is that sputum in contact with warm and humid air is actively moistened, its rheological properties are improved, and this creates the conditions for efficient coughing.

In this video, Dr. Komarovsky gives recommendations on how to choose the right nebulizer.

But parents should remember that the process of moistening dried mucus is accompanied by an increase in its volume, so steam inhalations in children can provoke obstruction of the respiratory tract, and the risk is higher than a child younger.

The main thing parents should know is: if there is no dried mucus in the airways, there is no need for steam inhalations.

Therefore, the main task of those who are treating a child is to do everything so that dry mucus does not accumulate and that inhalations are not needed: keep the room in a mode of cool, moist air and actively water the child.
In any case, remember: children under the age of steam inhalation contraindicated, and preschool children can do them only after the child looks at the doctor, and this doctor will not mind.
Modern medicine cannot prove that steam inhalation is beneficial. Steam inhalation affects only the upper respiratory tract.

Thus, in principle, they can only help with light and short-term ARI (rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis). It is not surprising that with a disease that lasts 3-5 days without treatment, it is almost impossible to prove the effectiveness of any treatment method. ”

How to make inhalation with a nebulizer


Immediately warn, the result will be noticeable only after several procedures. At the same time, it is important to know that there are certain rules that must be followed in order for inhalation by a nebulizer to give a positive result.

How to do inhalation with a nebulizer:

  • It is recommended to start inhalation 1.5 hours after meals or intense exertion.
  • It is strictly forbidden to be distracted.
  • For diseases of the nasopharynx, it is necessary to carry out a nasal procedure.
  • It is forbidden to take drugs that remove mucus.
  • Drink and eat should be 20 minutes after the session.
  • After the procedure, be sure to cool the mouth to room temperature, using warm water.

The use of a nebulizer includes the use of various drugs, solutions, saline and other drugs. An important point in the use of any substance is the correct dosage. Please note that you should not abuse drugs and solutions.

Nebulizer Reviews


To understand how effective and necessary inhalers at home, you can find a lot of reviews on the Internet. We also decided to place a few pieces so that you are fully familiar with the device and its effectiveness.

Masha writes:

“We have Omron CompAir NE-C28-E. If you start inhalation at the first symptoms. then the cough goes for 2 - 3 inhalations even just with saline solution, without lasolvan. There is also a special nozzle for throat and nose. Moisturize the nose is very convenient. Now he is my first assistant. ”

Katerina left the following review:

“We have been treating them for 2 days with the whole family. Today, sonny, and I, too, slept the first night without a cough, only in the morning they coughed. Apparently this miracle nebulizer helped. ”

On this basis, it is imperative to have an inhaler available in order to carry out rapid prevention and treatment of various respiratory diseases.

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