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Normal pressure and pulse depending on age

Normal pressure and pulse depending on age

Almost all people are interested in what should be normal pressure and pulse. After reading this article to the end, it will be easier for you to understand your body and, perhaps, some concerns about health will be dispelled.

And we did not know!

It turns out that there is an age-bound pressure distinction. It is considered that the normal indicator is designated by such figures - 120/80. More recently, in every hospital or hospital, all doctors used this table:

The age of 16-20 years : the upper figure - 100-120, the lower figure - 70-80.
At the age of 20-40 years : the top - 120-130, the bottom 70-80.
Age 40-60 years : the top - up to 140, the bottom - up to 90.
At the age of more than 60 years : top to 150, bottom to 90.

Today, from such a table, many doctors will have a shock! Why? Then whom will he treat, who will be given injections, pills? Then there is no one to cling to, to give the age norm for the disease.


Modern doctors have already completely confused their heads by saying that a person should have a 120/80 indicator.

If it is different, even if it is a little higher or lower, then it is necessary to prescribe pills.

And if you do not attribute drugs, then pharmacological companies will not have a profit.

Apparently the same thing happens as in America. At the end of the last century they took it and raised the bar of obesity.

And those who were fat, suddenly became quite good in weight. So, you can not go to the doctor, but immediately to McDonald’s for hamburgers. Do you understand who is ordering the song?

Let us return to the definition of “working pressure” when a person feels very good. For example, a person has his native pressure of 100/70, but he does not know anything about it, he simply lives, enjoys life. In women, this is not uncommon.

This “patient” comes to the doctor, and he immediately finds her dystonia, then hypotension, begins to prescribe her ginseng and caffeine. But in fact, there is no problem! Just a woman has such a working pressure. Therefore, do not seek to get rid of your working pressure, drink everything.

Fear of a white robe

, кто приходит к врачу в кабинет. This phenomenon is visited by many who come to the doctor in the office.
He is called “the white coat effect” when the figure is higher than the usual one by 30–40 mm. This is due to the fear that causes the hospital environment.

, то есть о плакате в коридоре больницы: «Выдача трупов с 15-00 до 18-00». If we recall Zoshchenko , that is, about the poster in the corridor of the hospital: "The extradition of corpses from 15-00 to 18-00."

So today, patients as entered the doctor's office with a shiver, so to this day it continues. This is how the human body works.

And what about our pulse

At rest, in an adult healthy person, the rate of heart beats is 72nd per minute. If the pulse is at rest above 72 beats, it means that there are problems in the body somewhere. You should definitely visit a doctor. Do not panic, measure the pulse throughout the day several times.

, то посещение врача – неминуемо. If, after each measurement, the pulse is below normal , then a visit to the doctor is inevitable. In athletes, the pulse at rest can show a value of 60, even lower. They have a strong heart, so they can pulsate less often, that is, in one contraction can pump more blood.

If you are not an athlete, and heart beats less than 72, then you need to check. But in children there can be more beats, the fetus generally has 120 beats per minute.

Do I always need to have 120/80?

normal pressure and pulse

An explanation of a doctor who is often asked questions about pressure.

It turns out that a single measurement of indicators will not tell you anything. Somewhere in the 70s, American doctors had a very interesting experience. They found female and male volunteers to constantly carry blood pressure sensors, and the information from the attached transmitters went straight to the center, where they were processed on a computer.

When the experts saw the results, everyone was horrified! It turned out that in absolutely healthy subjects, blood pressure jumped (during the day) from 200/100 to 100/60.

Began to study this phenomenon in more detail. We tried to find out what the loadings were during the day: nervous or physical? No, it was not! They lived their usual lives.

, усилили наблюдение, изменили условия. We chose another group , strengthened the observation, changed the conditions. The results remained the same. It means that it is impossible to determine the correct indicator by a single measurement.

What to do? It is believed that 120/80 is the norm for a middle-aged man. But the options can be many. Suppose a girl has a “native” figure of 90/70. And the doctor intended 120/80, that is, everything is fine with her. And now she has a real hypertensive crisis! But she came with complaints, and the doctor assured her that everything was fine. And she needs immediate help at this moment!

Or another moment. A person has a working BP of 150/90, but when he came to the doctor, the BP turned out to be 120/80, which means that he is healthy. And the patient got up, but fainted, because this rule is not his!
«А какое у вас обычное давление?» И только тогда он сравнивает, ставить допустимый диагноз. That is, it is not enough to measure blood pressure, the doctor should ask: “And what is your usual pressure?” And only then he compares, set a valid diagnosis.

What you need to know about the pulse

With a pulse harder. So doctors of Tibet can detect so many ailments through it! But in order to possess such abilities, one must be born Chinese, and learn from them as well.

What pulse can be considered normal

It is believed that the normal blood pressure is 120/80, and the pulsation is 72. But it happens like this: the pressure decreases, and the pulsation increases, pumping the same amount of blood through the vessels.

человек едва не лишается чувств. Here is an example: a person almost loses feelings. If you check his pulse, then he speeded up, and the pressure, on the contrary, decreases, it turns out a kind of replenishment. And with high blood pressure it turns out the opposite. In order to bring the same amount of blood to the heart, there is no need to work so often, so the pulsation slows down.

Pulse in hypertensive patients

АД и пульсация повышаются или понижаются в одно и то же время. In hypertensive patients, one can observe the following phenomenon: BP and pulsation increase or decrease at the same time. An increase often occurs under load, when the body uses all of the body's reserves. That is, under stress, he needs blood to flow faster than usual. Here is the result: the pulse is over 100, the blood pressure has risen to 200/100. It happens at the finish line for athletes runners.

It happens that both indicators go down. The author of the article about blood pressure in himself. For about a year, he trained his heart and blood vessels well. The result was a rest 115/70 and a ripple 62. The heart works fine, the vessels are clean, not clogged, the body is at rest, quite enough to support its work.

Conclusion: NEVER judge health by a one-time measurement of parameters. You may be mistaken! An exception can be made only for unnecessarily high or low values ​​compared with parameters 120/80 and 72. So, by a sharp drop in pressure, internal bleeding can be judged.

Atypical cases

There was a case when a young woman suddenly had the pressure dropped to a low rate of 80/40, and her pulse beat over 100. She didn’t seriously hurt anything, but she was very pale. It turned out that she was beaten by a drunken husband. When the woman was taken to the surgeon, she was diagnosed with a ruptured spleen, then she had an operation.

A sharp increase in performance is used in a lie detector when sensors are put on. If deceived, then both indicators will certainly skip.

If you want to find the right indicators, then measure blood pressure and pulse during the week, and in the morning and evening, at about 9-00 in the morning, at 21-00 in the evening. Write down all the indicators, then show the doctor, then it will be easier for him to help you.

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Finally I want to add, if you bought an automatic device for measuring indicators, then it may turn out to be faulty, give incorrect numbers. Therefore, if you have purchased a “carpal apparatus”, then keep your hand in such a way that the brush is at the heart level, as written in the instructions. If you do not like your performance, measure somewhere else, so as not to become a “victim” of this device!

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