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Use of fir oil for cold, cough, tinnitus, face and hair

Use of fir oil for cold, cough, tinnitus, face and hair

Natural fir oil has long been known for its beneficial properties. And, despite the fact that we are now curing many diseases with the help of medications, the popularity of this natural component for maintaining and restoring health does not decrease. And I must say that the use of fir oil has an excellent effect.

The origin of fir oil

Fir oil

Fir oil is obtained from pine needles or young shoots of a tree that grows in Eastern Siberia. These places are considered environmentally friendly region, and the fir is very sensitive to environmental pollution.

Therefore, this tree can grow only where there are no problems with ecology. Due to the valuable properties of fir oil, which is rich in vitamins and organic acids, it is widely used in medicine and cosmetology, as well as for healing at home.

Medicinal properties of fir oil

Fir oil is widely used, not limited only to the use for the production of aromatic or cosmetic products. It is indispensable for colds, problems with joints, as well as for the treatment of skin problems.

Traditional medicine uses little fir in the following cases.

Cold, runny nose, cough

  1. масло пихты капают в нос по 1-2 капли несколько раз в сутки. With a cold or sinus oil, fir oil is dripped into the nose 1-2 drops several times a day. At first, for 15 minutes, there may be a burning sensation, phlegm from the nose and tearing, but you should not be afraid - this is quite normal in the treatment with fir oil.
  2. или воспалительных процессах в легких. As an additional means of inhalation for bronchitis or inflammatory processes in the lungs. Oil (3-4 drops) drip into the pot with boiling water and breathe in pairs, throwing a towel over his head.
  3. масло втирают в область груди, воротниковую зону спины и стопы. For colds, oil is rubbed into the chest, neck area of ​​the back and foot.
  4. можно использовать так: добавить несколько капель в ванну и лежать в ней не более, чем 20 минут. Cough fir oil can be used as follows: add a few drops to the bath and lie in it for no more than 20 minutes. You can also do inhalation.
  5. лечат таким образом – втирают масло пихты в миндалины 3-5 раз в сутки. A sore throat is treated in this way - rubbing fir oil into the tonsils 3-5 times a day. You can also make compresses: apply fir oil on a three-layer napkin, spreading it evenly over the entire surface. Then you should pin it to the throat, leaving it for 20 minutes.

In the treatment of colds, fir oil is used in the form of therapeutic sitz baths, compresses, massage, internal use, inhalations.

For a sit-down bath , add 50 ml of oil to warm water and take a bath for ten minutes.

Foot bath: in a bowl of hot water (so that the skin is patient) to enter 20 ml of oil. Hold her legs for ten minutes.

For internal use, fir oil (6 ml) is mixed with natural fruit juice (200 ml) (except for citrus fruits), or a teaspoon of honey. Take three times daily before meals.

Wart elimination

  • In pure form, apply the oil with spot strokes directly on the wart four times a day.
  • For the same purpose, you can use a mixture of 300 g of celandine juice and 20 ml of fir oil. First, squeeze the juice, give it to thicken to a state similar to jelly, and only then add oil. Treat this composition with warts three times a day until they are completely eliminated.
  • Such a remedy is also effective: chop two medium garlic cloves with medium-sized lemon halves mixed with juice, add 10 ml of acetic acid and 30 ml of fir oil. All mix and can be used, lubricating warts daily. Before the procedure, it is advisable to steam the warts by holding them in hot water.

Lishy treatment

  • From 200 g of celandine to get the juice, let it stand until a vein-like consistency is formed, mix it with 40 ml of fir oil. Compound lubricate lichen several times a day.
  • Grind four garlic cloves, add the juice of one lemon, 10 ml of acetic acid and 20 ml of fir oil into a mush. Lubricate lichen every day two or three times.
  • Alcohol tincture of propolis and fir oil is also effective. Mix 20 ml of oil and 20 g of propolis, pour alcohol and insist for three days. Do not apply with open wounds or cuts.

Treatment of wounds, cuts, infections

Compresses with oil are effective: moisten a bandage in fir oil and apply on the affected area, fix polyethylene on top. Change dressing every twelve hours.

For large skin lesions, oil is contraindicated.

Other recipes

Curative properties

масло втирают в поврежденную область – таким образом, ускоряются процессы восстановления поврежденных тканей. For fractures, the oil is rubbed into the damaged area - thus, the processes of restoring damaged tissue are accelerated.

, то можно делать массажи области суставов с применением пихтового масла. If you have osteochondrosis , you can massage the joint area with fir oil. But do not warm up after this area of ​​massage with a heater. Also in this case, the ointment, which contains fir oil, mummy and honey, helps. It can be prepared at home by purchasing all the necessary ingredients at the pharmacy. Keep the ointment better in the refrigerator.

можно вылечить смесью мази Вишневского с пихтовым маслом – в соотношении 3 к 7. Смесь наносят на бинт и прибинтовывают к больному месту. Boils can be cured with a mixture of Vishnevsky ointment with fir oil - in a ratio of 3 to 7. The mixture is applied to a bandage and bound to a sore spot. This bandage should be updated 2-3 times a day.

, то каждое ухо нужно натереть маслом пихты – мочки, область вокруг ушной раковины. If you are worried about tinnitus , then each ear should be rubbed with fir oil - lobes, the area around the auricle.

употреблять пихтовое масло вовнутрь каждые три часа. Treatment of intestinal infections : use fir oil inward every three hours. In a glass of juice, tea, add 5 ml of oil.

наибольший эффект в данном случае дают ингаляции с этим чудодейственным продуктом природы. Immunity strengthening: inhalations with this miraculous product of nature give the greatest effect in this case.

дважды втирать масло в зону ушиба, утром и вечером, причем в последнем случае на ночь эффективнее ставить компресс. Treatment of bruises : twice rub oil in the bruise zone, in the morning and in the evening, and in the latter case it is more efficient to put a compress at night.

чтобы унять зубную боль или снять воспаление с десен необходимо прикладывать тампон, смоченный в масле пихты, на двадцать минут. Treatment of toothache : to relieve toothache or relieve inflammation of the gums, you need to put a tampon dipped in fir oil for twenty minutes. The procedure can be repeated every two hours for toothache.

проводят 15-20 аппликаций с пихтовым маслом, повторить лечение возможно через три месяца. When periodontal disease spend 15-20 applications with fir oil, repeat treatment is possible after three months. To prevent mucosal burns, pre-dissolve the oil (5 ml) in a glass of warm water.

при ячменях , холязиуме или блефарите втирать в плотно сжатые веки масло пихты, не допуская его проникновения в глаза. Treatment of eye diseases : in case of barley , cholezium or blepharitis, rub fir oil into tightly closed eyelids, preventing its penetration into the eyes.

При грибковых поражениях ног хорошо помогают примочки с пихтовым маслом. Treatment of fungal diseases : When fungal lesions of the legs well help lotion with fir oil. The procedure is carried out for twenty minutes. Treatment is carried out daily until complete cure of the fungus. It usually takes from seven to ten days.

маслом смазывают пораженные участки три раза в день, либо накладывают аппликацию на десять минут. For the treatment of diaper rash, lubricate the affected areas three times a day or impose an application for ten minutes.

Смазывать чистым маслом места укусов, при отеке масло пихты сочетать с миндальным, абрикосовым маслом, оливковым. For insect bites : Lubricate with clean oil bite spots, when edema is, combine fir oil with almond, apricot oil and olive oil. This method is effective for blisters and blisters.

, пихтовое масло наносить втирающими движениями в область больных суставов, которую заранее протереть спиртом. In case of arthritis, myositis, radiculitis , apply fir oil with rubbing movements to the area of ​​diseased joints, which must be rubbed with alcohol beforehand.

5 мл масла растирать легкими движениями в области груди слева. For angina, rub 5 ml of oil with light movements in the chest area on the left. In severe cases, the procedure is carried out three to four times a day.

Of course, all such manipulations should be discussed with your doctor so as not to harm the body. It is also worth using caution oil of fir in the event that you have previously (for example, in childhood) have already experienced allergic reactions to various plant components.

The use of fir oil in cosmetology

In cosmetology

Fir oil has long been used to improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Due to its composition, this oil is almost universal, because it equally effectively helps to maintain youthful skin, beauty of hair and nails.

What exactly is useful fir oil for the condition of hair and skin? - First of all, the oil has a positive effect on the water-lipid balance of the skin epithelium, and this, in turn, has the best effect on the condition of the hair and nails.

Fir oil for face

  1. – масло обладает легкими отбеливающими свойствами. To prevent age-related skin pigmentation - the oil has light whitening properties.
  2. , нормализует секрецию пор, обладает бактерицидным эффектом. To normalize the condition of oily and combination face skin - it fights against the appearance of various rashes , normalizes pore secretion, and has a bactericidal effect.
  3. , а также от морщин – масло отлично питает кожу, обладает витаминами группы Е и С, антиоксидантами, которые замедляют процессы старения. To prevent the appearance of signs of aging of the skin , as well as against wrinkles, the oil perfectly nourishes the skin, has vitamins of groups E and C, antioxidants that slow down the aging process.
  4. на лице – пихта отлично укрепляет подкожные капилляры. For the prevention of the appearance of so-called "spider veins" on the face - fir perfectly strengthens the subcutaneous capillaries.

Fir oil for hair and body

  1. , склонных к выпадению и ломкости. Camphor, which is a part of fir oil, is necessary for hair prone to loss and breakage. Camphor well strengthens the hair follicles, thus suspending the loss. Also a little positive effect on oily hair - dries them, creating an acidic environment that kills harmful microorganisms.
  2. с добавление пихтового масла не только смягчит кожу, но и расслабит уставшие за день мышцы, подготовит организм ко сну. A bath with the addition of fir oil will not only soften the skin, but also relax the muscles tired of the day, prepare the body for sleep.
  3. из пихтового масла хорошо справляется с кожным герпесом – достаточно периодически прикладывать ватный диск, смоченный в растворе, к пораженным участкам. Compress of fir oil copes well with skin herpes - it is enough to periodically apply a cotton pad moistened in a solution to the affected areas.

Contraindications to the use of fir oil


As with any drug, fir oil can also be harmful if you do not take into account the peculiarities of its use in some cases. What can harm this natural component?

Like many plant ingredients, fir oil can be an allergen. And especially cautiously, you should use fir oil for children whose body is not yet strong.

In addition, there is little harm in the following cases:

  • in case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as kidney anxiety;
  • for external use, it is not suitable in the case of various skin lesions, including if the cause was an allergy;
  • with epilepsy;
  • during pregnancy.

The list of contraindications is small, but this does not mean that these recommendations should be ignored. If you are undergoing treatment, you should consult with your doctor before using fir oil to heal the body.

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