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Why lips crack: causes and treatment

Why lips crack: causes and treatment

The cracks and “zadi” on the lips cause physical and psychological discomfort. Why are lips cracked and how to preserve their health and beauty?

Why are cracks in the lips

Why lips cracked:

Appeal consists of trifles. Gentle, smooth, pink skin of lips involuntarily draws attention to itself and causes sexual desire in the opposite sex. Dry, rough lips with cracks and crusted crusts on the contrary look repulsive. Why does the skin of the lips crack?

  • Vitamin deficiency, deficiency of mineral substances, amino acids;
  • Weakened immunity;
  • The impact of adverse factors - low and high temperatures, sunlight, salt water;
  • The habit is often aggravated by licking lips, especially in the wind and in the cold;
  • Wrong selection of cosmetics, allergic to decorative cosmetics;
  • Smoking and alcohol

The lower lip suffers more. Cracks in the corners of the lips can indicate a lack of B vitamins and a bacterial or fungal infection. In addition, endocrine diseases, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, and liver disease are similarly manifested.

How to make lips smooth and healthy?

Why lips cracked:

To eliminate an unpleasant symptom that appears with enviable regularity, you need to change your habits:

  1. Drink a sufficient amount of clean water (tea, coffee, juice - does not count). The daily rate is 1.5-2 liters;
  2. Moisturize the skin of the lips with the help of cosmetic and therapeutic agents. The most simple and affordable tool - hygienic lipstick. In addition to it - balms, creams, waxes, oils;
  3. Heals cracks and softens the skin, helping to fight local infection, a local antibiotic - syntomycin emulsion;
  4. Add to the diet foods high in vitamins A, E, B-bran, vegetable oil, offal, egg yolks;
  5. In the daily menu should be greens, berries, supplying the body with fiber and vitamin C;
  6. Carry out periodic cleansing of the body, visit a bath and sauna if possible, arrange fasting days;
  7. Balanced physical activity is useful - jogging, walking, swimming, active games. Classes strengthen the immune system, increase gas exchange and metabolism;

Preventive measures

Why lips cracked:

To prevent cracking of the skin of the lips is recommended:

  • Strengthen immunity - exercise, proper nutrition, bath, sauna;
  • To care for the skin of the lips, to protect it with the help of special agents from the cold and sun rays;
  • Remove the dead upper layer of the epidermis of the lips using an old toothbrush and peeling;
  • Massage your lips with oils or fat cream;
  • Apply before going to bed moisturizers on the lips, as which you can use warm vegetable oil;
  • To nourish the skin of the lips with the help of masks (for example, cottage cheese, cream, honey - 1 tsp each, mix with egg yolk);
  • Vitamins A and E are useful for the lips, which can be added directly to the care products;
  • Honey is effective as a care and emollient if it is not allergic to it;
  • Supplement the body from the inside will help receiving fish oil.

Lip mask recipe: chop and soften rose petals, add ghee and 2 drops of rose oil. Apply to the skin of the lips with a thick layer (for 10 minutes), wash off, lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream.

If the cracks on the lips do not pass, you should visit a dermatologist and hand over scrapings for a fungal infection.

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