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The main causes of vertigo in adults and children

The main causes of vertigo in adults and children

Causes of dizziness may be different, regardless of age and gender. And often this symptom is the first bell when you should pay attention to your health.

In today's article, you will learn when it is worth sounding anxiety while dizziness. Let's talk about what symptoms are dangerous to health, why children, pregnant women and the elderly often have these unpleasant symptoms.

Vertigo in the adult half of the population

Adult vertigo

True vertigo in men and women, usually, if they appear, then after 40 years. Many blame broken pressure, and indeed there may be a reason for it.

But, if such phenomena become more frequent, and even under normal pressure, you should definitely consult a doctor, as the body signals disturbances in the nervous or vestibular systems, and, possibly, the appearance of insidious diseases.

The main reasons that contribute to the development of vertigo:

  • migraine headache;
  • otitis when hearing is reduced;
  • food poisoning;
  • cervical osteochondrosis ;
  • head injuries;
  • drug side effects;
  • excessive drinking;
  • glioblastoma;
  • stress and depression can trigger headaches and nausea;
  • when a person is afraid of open space, in other words it is called agoraphobia;
  • stroke or pre-stroke state.

The above pathologies are not the whole list of reasons for why the head can spin. And not in all these cases we are talking about true dizziness, when the normal flow of signals from the visual, vestibular or proprioceptive (sensation of muscles in space and relative to each other) systems is disturbed.

A more accurate diagnosis will help set your doctor.

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What symptoms are accompanied by dizziness

With the defeat of the vestibular apparatus, in addition to nausea, the following symptoms appear:

  • loss of coordination;
  • darkening of the eyes;
  • noise in ears;
  • bouts of weakness.

Vertigo and cervical osteochondrosis

Through the cervical region are vessels that carry blood to all organs of the head (organs of sight and hearing). And in the organs of hearing is a device that is responsible for balance and orientation in space. However, as the cerebellum.

And therefore, if their blood supply is disturbed, then various symptoms begin to appear, including dizziness.

At the same time it is difficult to navigate in space, and it begins to seem that the picture is a little “going”, because of this, such an unusual symptom is formed.

Options for the causes of dizziness:

  • pinching nerves in the cervical spine;
  • spasm of the vertebral artery, it just passes in the neck;
  • subluxations of the vertebrae; spasm and strain of the neck muscles.

These reasons lead to:

  • insufficient blood supply to the head;
  • increase intracranial pressure.

Which leads to dizziness. That is why this symptom is associated with the neck.

To get rid of dizziness, I recommend doing a special therapeutic exercises . Complexes of such exercises can be found in the video course "Secrets of a healthy neck . "

Is dizziness dangerous in children?

Causes of dizziness in children

More than 60% of cases of dizziness in a child are associated with problems in the inner ear. This important organ helps maintain balance when standing upright. Therefore, as soon as the child complains of attacks of pain in the ear , be sure to pay attention to it. After all, it can be associated with a serious illness.

When it is necessary to show the child to the doctor - without any doubt in such cases:

  • when dizziness appeared after falling;
  • if your child loses consciousness;
  • with frequent headache complaints;
  • if dizziness lasts more than 30 minutes;
  • with a sudden deterioration of vision;
  • when a child receives complaints about ringing in the ears, and it is worth urgently to consult a doctor, since this may be due to a bacterial ear infection, due to which you may lose hearing.

With frequent complaints of dizziness, it is necessary to show the child to Laura, a neurologist, where you will be prescribed to undergo a series of specific examinations, prescribe vitamins and means to expand the blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the brain.

First aid for child dizziness:

  • you need to remove bright lighting in the room;
  • turn off the music and exclude other annoying sounds;
  • put a heating pad at your feet;
  • put a yellow card in the neck and shoulders area.

Why do future moms have dizziness

dizziness in pregnant women

Women in the position often dizziness. In some, it is weak, in others it is severe, and sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Why it happens? - Doctors argue that this is the norm for toxicosis, and do not sound the alarm. Indeed, during this period in the female body there are big changes, including the blood supply.

Another thing, when the symptoms are accompanied by drowsiness, fainting, weakness, and pain in the back of the head. Then you should definitely make an appointment with a specialist.

The main reasons that cause dizziness during pregnancy:

  • when the expectant mother is in a stuffy room;
  • at overheating;
  • when turning to the side;
  • disturbed blood circulation of the brain;
  • anemia;
  • heart diseases;
  • when you lie down and abruptly get out of bed;
  • a sharp drop in blood sugar levels;
  • with increasing progesterone.

How to avoid dizziness in a pregnant woman

First of all, doctors do not recommend future moms make sharp movements. Avoid stuffy rooms. Also, do not forget about the diet, eat on time, drink according to medical recommendations, air the rooms, walk more often in the fresh air, do light gymnastics, which is also useful for the cardiovascular system. Such exercises will provide you with normal blood flow in all situations.

If the cause is anemia, then the supervising doctor will write out a treatment for the future mom.

Why is dizzy in older people


Most often in older people, these symptoms appear due to vestibular disorders. At this age, the state of the body is rarely perfect, many diseases go "sideways": ischemia, diabetes, atherosclerosis, pressure problems, frequent leaps, diseases of the spine, Parkinson's disease and others are observed.

When it is urgent to consult a doctor:

  • numbness of the limbs;
  • vomiting;
  • when speech is disturbed;
  • with a split in the eyes.

To cope with dizziness at this age is more difficult, but possible. Most often, doctors prescribe a combination treatment and a set of specific exercises.

Folk recipes for the treatment of dizziness

Folk recipes

Well helps folk medicine from sensations of vertigo. use recipes of folk remedies is possible only on the recommendation of a doctor.

But there is a universal advice: for starters, you should remove ordinary store tea from your diet - replace it with tinctures made from herbs, flowers, berries, roots and fruits.

The easiest, but effective recipe of folk remedies is a: hawthorn, cinnamon , linden honey and cognac. All ingredients are mixed in dishes, tightly closed and infused for 10 days in an alcohol-containing liquid.

This kind of tincture is usually taken in small doses, with a break of 1 month. Again, if there are no contraindications to any component and the doctor has allowed.

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