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Use of panthenol: where and how to apply

Use of panthenol: where and how to apply

Panthenol in the composition of various medical and cosmetic products is widely used to care for the skin of the face and body. The use of panthenol allows the skin to return youth, elasticity, healthy look.

How does panthenol work?

panthenol use

The basis of Panthenol itself and its counterparts, sold under other trade names, is vitamin B 5, pantothenic acid, necessary for the body.

Pantothenic acid:

  • Participates in fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Necessary for the metabolism of amino acids
  • Included in the composition of unsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol, hemoglobin
  • Neutralizes free radicals, protects skin cells from aging
  • It is an activator of redox reactions of the body.
  • Stimulates the production of glucocorticoids (hormones synthesized by the adrenal glands)
  • Promotes rapid and complete absorption of the remaining vitamins.

Pantothenic acid and drugs with it are easily absorbed by skin cells, providing anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effect, accelerating regeneration, promoting healing of injuries.

What is panthenol used for?

panthenol use

Indications for use Panthenol are damaged skin:

  1. Mechanical injuries (cuts, abrasions, scratches);
  2. Trophic ulceration;
  3. Wound surfaces (but not open wounds), bedsores;
  4. Dermatitis, eczema, diaper rash (including in newborns);
  5. Irritation, cracked nipples when feeding;
  6. Tattoos;
  7. The impact of external factors (sunburn, wind, frost, salt water);
  8. Thermal damage

Panthenol Teva is used to treat wounds after surgery.

In addition to the above, Panthenol is used as a cosmetic care product for the face and body.


The main, and perhaps the only, contraindication for the use of Panthenol is individual intolerance to the components of a pharmaceutical preparation. Side effects in this case are expressed by cutaneous manifestations (urticaria, itching, rash, eczema), which disappear without additional treatment after discontinuation of the drug.

Forms of release

For the convenience of customers, manufacturers produce in the form of:

  • Ointment yellowish, with a thick and homogeneous consistency. It has a fairly dense structure;
  • White cream with a lighter structure than ointment;
  • Spray bottle

If you compare different forms with each other, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages: the ointment is thicker and greasy than the cream, but with strong dryness and peeling, it copes with the problem faster. However, it must be borne in mind that the oils that make up the ointment can clog the pores of the skin prone to fat, and aggravate the problem, provoke acne, black spots.

The cream is easily absorbed, does not leave greasy marks on clothes and shine on the skin, but many people are confused by the smell of the medicinal product inherent in it.

The spray is easy to apply, it allows you to not contact with the contents of the container, protecting the product from microbial contamination, is convenient when traveling, on vacation.

It can also be applied to damaged skin, for example, as a remedy for burns, without touching the body and without causing unnecessary pain. However, using a spray for the face, you must be careful that the tool does not fall into the eyes. In addition, the aerosol is not recommended to be used near a fire.


panthenol use

Dexpanthenol contains analogs of Panthenol:

Bepanten, a cream for children from infancy, perfectly coping with diaper rash and diaper dermatitis. It is recommended to put it after each change of a diaper;

Depantenol cream and vaginal suppositories apply tissue regeneration in gynecology, surgery, dermatology. They have low antimicrobial activity. Drugs prevent infection of wounds and accelerate healing.

D-panthenol, ointment and cream , approved for use from childhood, eliminate dry skin, are indicated for the treatment of wounds and skin lesions in surgery, gynecology

Similarly, the drugs "Pantekrem" and "Pantoderm"

Panthenol in cosmetology

panthenol use

Since dexpanthenol restores skin cells, the use of cosmetics containing this substance in cosmetology is very common. Dexpanthenol fights against:

  • Dandruff, dry scalp, hair loss and stiffness;
  • Dry skin of the face, irritation, wrinkles, acne;
  • Dry skin of the body in problem areas (elbows, knees), cellulite

Panthenol for hair

  1. Thick, colorless transparent shampoo is used to eliminate problems of the scalp. It heals skin damage, fights hair loss, activates their growth. During the first 6 weeks you need to wash your head 2 times a week, then - as needed. Insufficient amount of clinical data does not allow us to definitely recommend shampoo during pregnancy and childhood.
  2. Spray is applied to wet strands, without affecting the scalp and hair roots. Rinse off with hair is optional.
  3. The gel is designed to heal the scalp and root zone of the hair. His rubbed lightly after washing hair. Effectively combining shampoo and gel with panthenol.
  4. Hair foam has a protective function, it is applied to reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet sun and before hot styling a hair dryer.
  5. Masks at home will help restore the shine and silky hair. To this end, use pure panthenol or add honey, egg yolk, vodka, red pepper, castor or olive oil to it. The finished balsam mask with Panthenol Librederm has a gel consistency, is easy to apply and does not make the hair heavier, heals the scalp without causing oily shine of the roots and hair.
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Panthenol internal force

For healthy skin, mucous membranes of the mouth, reduce fatigue and increase vitality of the body, doctors recommend taking Panthenol inside:

  • Capsules take a course lasting 2-3 months;
  • Dietary supplement in the form of tablets dissolve in the oral cavity

Liquid panthenol is quickly absorbed by the body, bringing a noticeable effect after a short period of time.

Body care

panthenol use

  1. Moisturizing milk for face and body not only restores the water balance of the skin, eliminates dryness, irritation, heals cracks, wounds, abrasions, but also heals sunburn, fixes tan, makes it even.
  2. Panthenol oil has a pronounced moisturizing effect. It is applied to clean skin after a shower to soften and eliminate dryness, tightness, peeling. It is not recommended to use oil from acne, as the dense heavy consistency can aggravate the situation.
  3. Means with panthenol qualitatively moisturize the skin of the hands in contact with water, household chemicals. They become a panacea for healing the tattoo , relieving itching and softening the crust on the wound surface, so that the tattoo heals quickly and without discomfort.
  4. A weathered flaky lips will save lipstick with panthenol Avanta. Combining high quality and affordable price, a hygienic lip care will heal cracks, soften inflamed dry skin.

Know the limits

The promised effect on preservation (return) of youth, the disappearance of wrinkles, smoothing the skin can provoke a desire to use a complex of drugs with panthenol at the same time.

However, it is important to understand that an excess of vitamin B 5 threatens hypervitaminosis.

The amount of pantothenic acid supplied with food should also be taken into account:

  • Green vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Cereal porridge
  • Brewer's yeast
  • Beef, Chicken Meat
  • Offal
  • Milk products
  • A fish
  • Chicken eggs

Vitamin excreted by the kidneys in the urine.

Apply means for the care and treatment should be as instructed.


A large number of positive eulogies about Panthenol and its analogues are posted on the Internet.

When purchasing a product in a pharmacy or store, make sure it is authentic: a smiling face is painted on the original packaging with a smiley face indicating the high quality of the product. To guarantee the quality of a fake, no one is taken.

Oksana Samokhvalova, Kazan

“I got Bepanten cream with panthenol before going to the maternity hospital, I read a lot of positive reviews about it. And never regretted it! Universal remedy: and anoint the daughter from diaper rash (maternity water leaves much to be desired, as much disinfecting additives are in it!), And the breast after feeding. Nipples from constant washing too cracked. At home I keep Bepanten at hand, a great cream, I recommend from the heart. He is worth his money. ”

Igor Chekalin, Saratov

“The master advised me immediately in the tattoo parlor to lubricate the skin, where the tattoo is Panthenol. I chose a spray: apply from a distance, even touch the hand is not necessary. It is quickly absorbed, cools, most importantly, it does not itch. My itch just drives me crazy. I plan to beat the next tatoo on my back, there is no way to reach out there, just splashing from a can. I will not experiment, I will immediately take Panthenol. ”

Margarita Demidova, Chisinau

“Panthenol cream has long and firmly taken the place of day cream. It moisturizes very well, the structure is light, therefore it penetrates deep into the skin, is easily and quickly absorbed, and leaves no residue or shine. Girlfriends do not believe that such a relatively cheap way you can achieve a stunning effect. And you don’t need to throw away money on expensive creams from popular brands. ”

Preparations with dexpanthenol are effective and suitable for both adults and children. Panthenol in the first-aid kit will save you from many skin problems, burns, diaper rash, abrasions, relieve pain, itching, inflammation.

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