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Early menopause: symptoms, causes, treatment

Early menopause: symptoms, causes, treatment

Climax is such an ominous word for every woman! Why does it occur, what to do if an early menopause occurs, how to treat it, what is dangerous and what are the consequences? All this we will consider in this article.

What are the prerequisites menopause?

In order to study a problem, you need to know what it is and what it is caused by. So what is climax?

Climax is the period when women experience changes in the sex glands. These changes arise because of the age when a woman crosses a certain age line, starting from 40 years.

The occurrence of early menopause is considered dangerous, which, in most cases, indicates an imbalance of hormones, as a result of various complex diseases such as osteoporosis, ovarian dysfunction, thyroid problems and many other autoimmune problems.

This type of menopause is not something right, and if it occurs in women under 40 years old, then this is an indicator of problems with the body, there is also a congenital genetic predisposition.

First symptoms

Early menopause

So that you are always on guard, the first signs will be given below, indicating that the onset of menopause has begun:

  1. Increased fatigue and constant fatigue.
  2. Frequent urination with false desires.
  3. Discomfort in the vagina in the form of itching and burning.
  4. Frequent headaches and migraines.
  5. Sleep disturbances, irritability, anxiety, tearfulness.
  6. Heavy sweating.
  7. Hot flashes or chills, these states replace each other, and are strongly pronounced in the face and neck.
  8. The variability of menstruation.

Basically, the first symptoms of menopause begin in women aged 45 years, plus or minus 2 years. If a woman is 30-35 years old, she needs to be examined.

Causes of menopause in 30-40 years

Early menopause and, therefore, menopause, is mainly due to hormonal failure or surgery. Genetic heredity can be extremely rare.

Also, premature menopause can be caused by the following reasons:

  1. Hard diets.
  2. Stress, fatigue.
  3. Smoking, alcohol, drugs.
  4. Weak immunity.

The most common cause of premature menopause are hormones. After all, having lost one or another hormone, the sex glands begin to turn on a defensive reaction, and they stop producing the necessary amount of active biological substances, which leads to the onset of premature menopause.

The consequences of early menopause

Early menopause

Of course, in itself, the early onset of the cessation of menstruation is already a consequence of a failure in the body. After menopause due to early menopause, after 5-8 years, negative consequences can occur.

Consequences of premature cessation of menstruation:

  • Cardiovascular diseases

Due to a lack of estrogen, atherosclerosis can develop, which is a precursor of heart attack, stroke, ischemia, and many other diseases.

  • Diabetes

In menopause, there may be a failure in glucose tolerance. Because of what develops type 2 diabetes. Therefore, it is very important for every woman in the period of unstable menstruation to monitor her weight and control sugar levels.

  • Alzheimer's disease

This is a senile disease with severe dementia. And it is caused not so much by age, as by a decrease in sex hormones in the body. Therefore, in the case of early menopause, the risk of dementia in the future, in women increases dramatically.

  • Obesity

Sex hormones of women in reproductive age contribute to the effective distribution of fat. This distribution allows the woman to carry the child. In case of lack of these hormones, the fat begins to be distributed along the central type, which leads to obesity.

  • Ability to get pregnant

Since menopause and menopause itself is the end of the reproductive period of life, there is almost no chance for a woman to become pregnant by natural means. But we want to immediately note that early diagnosis, an effective course of treatment and timely access to a doctor can give you a chance to become a mother.

How to avoid the consequences

Early menopause

As already known, the climax is not a disease, but simply an adaptation of the body to new conditions. And in order to prevent serious consequences, complications and various discomfort, the experts developed the following recommendations:


  1. Proper nutrition. It is necessary to include in the diet foods with calcium, vitamins D, B6 and B12.
  2. Moderate exercise. Ideal is aerobics, yoga, swimming.
  3. Refusal of alcohol and tobacco.
  4. Continuous examination.
  5. The need for good rest and sleep.

Early menopause treatment

Early menopause

Since menopause is not a disease, the treatment is mainly aimed at smoothing the transition period. After all, menopause and disruptions in the menstruation schedule have their consequences, which we described above. Also neglect of this period can cause serious illness.

Since menopause is associated with a decrease in the functioning of the ovaries, namely a decrease in estrogen, then the drugs used for treatment are composed of this female hormone. Also in these drugs, you can definitely find progesterone, the second sex hormone in women, which is essential for the protective functions of the uterus and the regulation of estrogen.

Thanks to modern medicine, every woman can undergo hormone replacement therapy, which will help not only to remove the pain, but also to maximize the consequences of climax. To carry out such a procedure, the following drugs are often used - Femoston, Trisequens, Kliogest, Livial and many others.

Early menopause summarize

Early menopause

From this article, we learned that early menopause is a certain disruption in the functioning of the ovaries, which is not a good and common symptom from a physiological and natural point of view. Because of this reason, in the event of the occurrence of certain symptoms, it is better to immediately turn to a specialist, undergo a full examination and get qualified advice and assistance.

We remind you that the article is written solely for informational purposes, and any self-treatment is completely your choice and your decision.

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  1. Olga :

    Great article, thank you.

  2. Martha :

    It is possible to live with early menopause. Life does not end there. If you correctly approach the problem of unpleasant symptoms, then no one will know that you have menopause. Moreover, this is not a disease, but a natural state of the body. I am now taking Estrovel capsules, which, by the way, have a lot of useful things in it, precisely to alleviate the symptoms of menopausal syndrome. I was particularly pleased with phytoestrogens, which greatly reduced the frequency of tides, as well as the sacred Vitex, which reduced irritability. So I feel quite well.

  3. Sofia :

    Now all problems are solved with a trip to the doctor (21st century, after all). Only you are worried about running to the doctor, on the diagonal. I passed the tests, after which I prescribed a cycle and hormones to drink. And all the problems as there was


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