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Spiral gymnastics treats chronic diseases, fixes energy and weight.

Spiral gymnastics treats chronic diseases, fixes energy and weight.

Spiral gymnastics is an original simple set of exercises based on the laws of the human body. It can cure chronic diseases, normalize the functions of internal organs, put internal energy in order and bring harmony back to life.

Pak Jae Woo and his twist gymnastics. What is special?

"Twist" - twisting, the second name of the Chinese spiral gymnastics, each movement - torsion in one form or another.

The founder of the complex, Pak Jae Wu, calls for balancing the 4 energies of a person. In this state, the body can withstand all sorts of diseases, defeat the existing ones and prevent the development of new ones.

  • The Yin and Yang energies, which are in balance, protect the human body from mechanical, microbial, parasitic, and viral influences. These forces are otherwise called Hetero and Homo.
  • Neutro - the original harmony, aimed at self-improvement, the achievement of balance, development, increase efficiency. Binds and unites opposing Homo and Hetero, holds, directs.
  • The source of all processes, actions is Neuto, the initial particle. Combines the three elements mentioned above.

Gymnastics complex includes 64 exercises: 16 for each energy.

Do not be afraid of such a large amount of work, the exercises logically flow into each other, are performed in one breath.

Positive moments of gymnastics

Advantages of Chinese spiral gymnastics:

  1. Accessibility of the complex: no need for special simulators, accessories, sports equipment;
  2. Lack of contraindications: adults and children, old people, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases can perform the exercises;
  3. A wide range of effects: it is impossible to list all the diseases for which Chinese gymnastics is shown, for good reason it is called “a medicine for 100 diseases”;
  4. To perform gymnastics, no special physical training is needed, any person will easily do the exercises;
  5. Spiral gymnastics does not cause fatigue, on the contrary, it gives strength and energizes for the whole day.

With minimal exertion, the therapeutic effect will be noticeable after a short period of time. In this case, as a result of the restoration of energy, you begin to lose weight without additional effort.

Indications for performing spiral gymnastics

Spiral gymnastics

  • Diseases of the liver and gallbladder, bile stasis;
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Spine pain, poor posture;
  • Arterial hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • Headaches, migraines;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Emotional stress, panic attacks, stress, fatigue, depression, irritability;
  • Sleep disorder;
  • Overweight;
  • Endocrine disorders (diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction).

Exercises are not recommended to perform on a full stomach, after a meal should take at least two hours. It is desirable that the next approach to the kitchen table should be made no earlier than a couple of hours after the end of classes.

If you do exercises in the morning, the body needs to be given the opportunity to wake up, to join the new day.

In the mornings and in the first half of the day, the exercises should be done in a moderate rhythm, in the evening - slow down the pace, allow the body to relax, tune in to rest.

Twist - gymnastics will help relieve the stress of the working day, get rid of fatigue, pacify headache, joint pain.

Neuto energy

The first part of the complex is diagonal twists. The body makes turns (twisting) to the left and right, hands twist in the same direction. All movements of spiral gymnastics begin with a left twist.

The first part, 16 exercises, include twists of the body and arms, as shown in the figure and video.

Energy Hetero

The second part consists of another 16 exercises, rotational movements are added to the diagonal twists. Hands and body "twist" synchronously, in one direction.

The amplitude of movements increases markedly, but if it is difficult to do this, it is necessary to choose one’s own amplitude, movements should be enjoyable, not discomfort.

Homo energy

In contrast to the two previous stages, in the third part, the execution of diagonal twists is performed as follows: the body is twisted in one direction, and the arms in the opposite direction.

To perform the third part of the gymnastics, it is necessary to imagine that the space around is a cube cavity, each of the faces of which is in a meter in front, behind, on the sides, below and above. Twists are directed to the corners of this cube.

Neutro energy

The final stage consists of spiral and circular movements. Hands in the process constantly change the direction of the twist.

Exercises are simple, they can be performed by a child, an elderly person, and a pregnant woman.

Spiral gymnastics - video

This video will show you more clearly how to do spiral exercises correctly.

The main condition is smoothness, softness of movements, complete absence of tension, physical effort, discomfort. Spiral gymnastics is designed to bring joy, pleasure, bring a smile. Only in this case it will help to achieve the desired results.

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