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How to quickly sober up - the most effective hangover pills

How to quickly sober up - the most effective hangover pills

Even harmless, at first glance, doses of alcohol can turn into a heavy hangover in the morning: headache, nausea, clouding of consciousness, an unpleasant mouth from the mouth and a desire to die immediately. The pharmacy sells a lot of money designed to alleviate the condition after a feast, but which hangover pills are the most effective?

Why hangover

The ethyl alcohol that is ingested in alcoholic beverages is processed by the liver. Acetic aldehyde becomes an intermediate product of chemical reactions, and acetic acid is the final product.
The enzymes necessary for these processes are synthesized by the liver. Why is it that in one case a person is cheerful and cheerful, even after stormy libations, and in others he is more dead than alive?

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Compound a hangover:

  • High ethanol concentration. If the same amount of alcohol to drink in an hour or a day, the body's response to it will be different. With the rapid intake of new doses, the enzymatic system of the liver does not cope with the processing and highly toxic acetaldehyde accumulates in the body.
  • To compensate for vital processes, the liver consumes glucose. Its level falls, which affects the state of the brain. Hence, fatigue, weakness, nervousness.
  • Sugar contained in alcoholic beverages - a hangover from low-alcohol cocktails can not be called weak.
  • Dark drinks (whiskey, bourbon, dark beer) due to the fusel oils they contain and additives for taste and aroma.
  • Nicotine. Drinking, a person smokes much more than the usual norm, even non-smokers are drawn for a cigarette.
  • Magnesium deficiency, it is excreted by the kidneys with urine, against this background the calcium level increases, its metabolism is disturbed and excessive cell excitation occurs (headache, nervousness, muscle weakness, chills, sweating, arrhythmia).
  • The decay products of ethanol retain water in the intercellular space, causing edema, but there is a shortage in the vessels - hence blood pressure rises, torments the dryness of mucous membranes and thirst.
  • The acidification of the internal environment is caused by a high concentration of acidic products of metabolism, the body reacts to a disturbance in the acid-base balance by nausea.

How to reduce the symptoms of a hangover

The list of hangover drugs is not small, but what drugs really help to quickly remove a hangover and what is the basis of their effect?

Most of the special anti-hop medication drugs are a combination of acetylsalicylic and succinic acid, enhanced by a shock dose of vitamin C and other components, such as caffeine.


First Aid - aspirin , effervescent or ordinary pills will be found in every first aid kit. They will help if you have a headache from a hangover, have swollen face and limbs.

Effervescent aspirin is absorbed, and therefore acts faster. It speeds up the microcirculation, dilutes the blood, helps to quickly remove the products of alcohol processing from the body.

However, during the libations it is impossible to drink aspirin (for prophylaxis), since its reception is fraught with internal bleeding, the first pill can be taken only 6-8 hours after the end of the feast.


From the head and muscle pain, you can take any anesthetic - tempalgin , baralgin , analgin .

Since succinic acid is directly involved in the reactions occurring during the processing of ethanol, the pharmacy drug with the same name will help speed up the removal of acetaldehyde. It is cheap, available and as a contraindication it has only an ulcer and gastritis, but with such a diagnosis alcohol is also banned.

Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer - aspirin in combination with citric acid and baking soda.

2 tablets dissolved in a glass of water will relieve the condition, relieve headache and feeling of nausea, clear the mind and return the good spirits quickly enough.


The drug with the "talking" name, which consists of succinic, fumaric and glutamic acids, supplemented with glucose and vitamin C.

Since these substances are involved in metabolic processes, antipochmelin must be taken directly while drinking. Thanks to the drug, the formation of acetic aldehyde from ethanol is slowed down; it does not accumulate, but is processed further in a timely manner: first into acetic acid, and then into water and carbon dioxide, which are eliminated from the body.

The hangover is prevented, but it must be borne in mind that intoxication occurs much faster even with small doses and lasts, respectively, longer. But without unpleasant consequences, and even saving on alcohol comes out.

2 tablets you need to drink an hour before the holiday, and then 1 for every 100 g of alcohol.


Similarly, to prevent a hangover, the drug works DrinkOFF . The composition of the capsules and jelly include:

  • ginger (diuretic, antiemetic, tonic, antioxidant effect),
  • licorice (detoxification effect, changing the synthesis of cortisol to adapt the body to stress),
  • Eleutherococcus (tonic, antioxidant effect),
  • guarana (improves cerebral circulation, relieves puffiness, heals headaches),
  • ginseng (relieves intoxication, increases the activity of the body, stimulates immune reactions),
  • mate extract (facilitates the load on the liver, accelerates metabolic processes, promotes digestion, tones).

The medicine in capsules contains citric and succinic acids, in jelly - vitamins of group B, citric acid, fructose.

Morning care

Morning Care is a plant-based hangover remedy available in Korea. The composition of the drink includes:

  • extract of soybeans and germinated rice grains,
  • honey,
  • lemon acid,
  • xylitol
  • guarana extracts,
  • alders,
  • white mulberry leaves,
  • stevia,
  • kelp,
  • turmeric powder and
  • Luke.

Moning Kay protects the liver and stimulates the processes occurring in it, relieves the symptoms of a hangover, accelerates the excretion of alcohol-processing products, prevents headache, fume and morning thirst.

The drink should be drunk just before the feast and after it, before going to bed, 100 ml.

hangover pills

Some drugs, positioned as a remedy for a hangover, are recommended for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms after binge to restore body functions and are prescribed by a doctor for long-term therapy. These include metadoxil, hepa-merts.

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Diuretic preparations, sorbents (if food is delayed in the stomach), glycine, pantogam, mexidol to improve blood circulation of the brain, glutarin will not be superfluous with a hangover.

But an antiemetic cerucum is contraindicated, on the contrary, it is necessary to induce vomiting artificially in order to clear the stomach and relieve the condition; paracetamol and drugs containing it are prohibited - it is not compatible with alcohol; Nurofen gives additional load on the already overloaded liver; antidepressants and tranquilizers in combination with alcohol give the most incredible side effects, up to the cessation of breathing.

Folk remedies for a hangover

Nobody has canceled homemade recipes that have been tested for centuries: bread kvass, cucumber and cabbage pickle will restore the water-salt balance, relieve nausea and heartburn, and return the appetite.

However, it is necessary to be treated with home canned food, store marinades contain a large amount of vinegar, which with a hangover in the body, and so with excess.

It is known that the best cure for a hangover is refusal to drink alcohol, but if you correctly approach the preparation and take anti-alcohol drugs the day before, then the probability of morning sickness can be reduced to zero.

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