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Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: the benefits and harm

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: the benefits and harm

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics is not known for the first decade, however, only now it has attracted close attention. The complex of simple exercises is attributed to truly miraculous properties, starting with the ability to live an extra twenty to thirty years.

What gives Tibetan gymnastics?

The monks of Tibetan monasteries are famous for their health and longevity. This fact can be associated with an ascetic lifestyle, a special mountain climate, proper nutrition. But supporters of the hormonal gymnastics precisely for her assign a leading role in longevity.

Hormonal gymnastics Tibetan monks helps:

  • The proper functioning of all body systems;
  • Stabilize hormones, which is especially important for women;
  • Increase the acuity of hearing and vision;
  • Improve and rejuvenate the body;
  • Improve memory;
  • Stimulate the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Get rid of emotional tension, chronic fatigue;
  • Cure chronic diseases;
  • Increase the life span;
  • Strengthen blood vessels ;
  • To establish the outflow of lymph;
  • Strengthen muscles and joints, get rid of pain;
  • Increase skin tone, get rid of cellulite and excess weight;
  • Align the contours of the face, tighten the chin, get rid of wrinkles;
  • Recharge your energy and energy all day

Rules for performing miracle gymnastics

One of the brightest followers of Tibetan monks was Olga Orlova, a folk healer who was practicing respiratory, volitional, and hormonal methods. She strongly recommends that you follow the basic rules for the implementation of the gymnastic complex, because without them the expected effect will not be.

  1. The optimal time for performing a set of exercises is earlier morning (before six o'clock in the morning), but if it is not possible to do gymnastics in the morning, then it is better to spend it at a convenient time than to miss the day;
  2. The second rule automatically follows from the first rule - it is necessary to perform the exercises every day, without skips;
  3. Exercises are performed after waking up in bed. If the mattress is too soft, then you can move on the floor, on a gymnastic mat or blanket;
  4. At the time of recovery is recommended to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs. It is best to give up bad habits in principle;
  5. Gymnastics is suitable for people at any age, but has a number of contraindications;
  6. All exercises are performed in a clearly defined rhythm: 1 second - one movement. Virtually every exercise must be repeated 30 times in a row;
  7. At the initial stage, the exacerbation of chronic diseases is likely, Olga Orlova warns about this and indicates that this is a normal, natural reaction of the body;
  8. To activate the lymph flow and start the work of the digestive system, after the end of the gymnastics should drink a glass of warm boiled water;
  9. During exercise, women place their left hand on the top and the right hand on the bottom.

Contraindications for gymnastics

There are a number of diseases in which it is necessary to approach the implementation of Tibetan gymnastics with caution or to abandon this treatment method altogether:

  • The rehabilitation period after surgery;
  • State of hypertensive crisis;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcer;
  • Diseases of the spine , joints in the period of exacerbation

In each case, all individually, the diseases are not a direct ban, but require expert advice.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics exercises

Morning hormonal gymnastics consists of ten exercises that must be performed in a strictly defined sequence and precise rhythm. There is a gradual activation of the endocrine glands, lymph flow starts, the body enters into work after sleep.

Exercise number 1: warming the palms

First you need to warm your palms, give them energy. To this end, palms rub each other with a sufficiently large force. After doing the exercise, you should feel warm in the area of ​​the hands. Hot palms - an excellent sign indicating the vitality and powerful human aura.

The less heat, the more “breakdowns” in the energy circuit. Moisturizing the skin of the hands, lethargy indicates the presence of chronic diseases.

The gymnastic exercises of Tibetan monks are intended to get rid of them and restore the biofield.

Exercise number 2: charging for the eyes


The second exercise is called the fashionable term "palming" - measures aimed at restoring visual acuity.

Heated palms are placed on the eyes and pressed down with medium force, the frequency is one movement per second. After thirty clicks it is necessary to pause, but the hands should not be removed from the eyes for 30 seconds to two minutes.

As a result, blood circulation (nutrition) of the eyes and receptors near them is activated, vision is improved, chronic eye diseases disappear.

Exercise number 3: to hear better

Rubbing ears

The palms of the hands are placed on the auricles, the fingers are pulled back and closed with each other at the back of the head. Similar to the previous exercise, you need to press on the ears (press your palms tightly) for thirty seconds (thirty times).

Exercise contributes to the restoration of hearing and the elimination of chronic diseases of the ears. The main rule: gymnastics should not cause pain. If they appear, it is necessary to reduce the force of pressure.

Exercise number 4: return the oval face

Face oval

In order to return the tone to the cells of the face, tighten the oval, get rid of wrinkles, it is necessary to do an exercise to lift the face.

To do this, hands are placed on the face, thumbs are taken away by the ears. Brushes clench into fists and intensively massage the skin from the bottom up, from the chin to the ears. Half a minute is given for execution.

After graduation, blood rushes to the face, it turns pink, becomes ruddy. Lymph flow contributes to the disappearance of flabbiness, edema.

Exercise number 5: do not frown forehead

Tibetan Hormone Gymnastics

To smooth the skin of the forehead, you must put your hands on top of one another and massage the forehead from one temple to another.

Performing this exercise stimulates the pituitary gland, smoothes wrinkles, and has a beneficial effect on the health of the sinuses.

Exercise number 6: on temechku

In order to restore the biofield, is the sixth exercise of the complex.

Important: the movements are done without touching the scalp, about three centimeters above it.

  • The first part: put a roller under the neck. Fingers to interlock in the lock and carry out "strokes" above the head from the forehead to the back of the head and back. The rhythm is the same;
  • Second part: similar “strokes” across the head, from the left ear to the right.

This exercise allows you to return to normal blood pressure, improve the mobility of joints, muscles, relieve pain.

Exercise number 7: "turn on" the thyroid gland

In this exercise, the right hand lies on the throat in the area of ​​the thyroid gland.

For women:

  • The left one moves over the body, a few centimeters from the skin, down to the umbilical fossa (thirty times). After the end, both hands remain on the throat for half a minute.

For men:

  • Similarly, but the left hand remains stationary, and the right hand moves.

Exercise number 8: turn on the sun inside

Belly massage

Exercise includes abdominal massage and effects on the solar plexus.

For massage, hands are placed one on the other (women - left from above, men - right) and make circular movements on the stomach in a clockwise direction. This improves intestinal motility, problems with digestion, constipation, flatulence, excessive gas formation disappear.

The end of the palm massage field remains in the solar plexus area for another thirty seconds.

Exercise # 9: Shaking Feet and Hands


Lying on your back, raise your arms and legs. Keep them as straight as possible with your feet and hands parallel to the bed.

  • Rotate hands and ankles clockwise - 30 times;
  • Counterclockwise - 30 times;
  • Tilt the hands and ankles back and forth 30 times;
  • Shake limbs - 30 times.

The surface must be hard enough to keep the back straight, the spine tight.

Exercise number 10: rub the heels


To perform the tenth, final exercise of the hormonal complex of Tibetan gymnastics, you must take a sitting position.

If the skin of the feet is dry, it should be moistened with vegetable oil or cream.

  • In a circular motion, alternately rub the foot, pressing on the active points in the center;
  • Grind and stretch the phalangeal joints;
  • Continue to massage the legs, rising to the knees. Pay special attention to the ankles, popliteal and inguinal lymph nodes.

You can complete the cycle with circular movements of the neck, ten times in each direction.

Proper nutrition will improve the condition

To supplement the effect of hormonal gymnastics, breathing exercises, a glass of warm water on an empty stomach and a change in the concept of nutrition will help:

  1. Products should undergo minimal heat treatment;
  2. Food should be fresh, not warmed, you should not cook for future use;
  3. Useful boiled and baked food;
  4. Fry should be in melted butter, abandoning the vegetable;
  5. Foods rich in starch should not be processed at high temperatures;
  6. Milk is useful for children and does not need adults;
  7. Separate food allows you to keep the intestines in order - the combination of incompatible products causes rotting, fermentation, intestinal disorders.

Just a few minutes a day will allow you to adjust the body to work properly, start its protective functions, recharge your batteries.

Simple in its essence hormonal gymnastics of Tibetan monks will be beneficial if you believe in it and tune in to success, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of Olga Orlova’s fans and her methods.

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