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Why does a child's ear ache, what to do and how to treat

Why does a child's ear ache, what to do and how to treat

Today we will talk about the pain in the ear of a child. Let us tell why a child’s ear aches, what to do in this case, how to treat the ear and the pain in it.

Ear Disease Symptoms


There are situations where your baby just starts to hurt, scream, sleep badly, even the most fun can not stop the cry and cry of a child. This behavior can only indicate one thing: the child is very worried about something.

One of the primary reasons may be that the child has an ear pain. Undoubtedly, it is easier to determine the cause of a child over 3 years old, because he can show or tell you what bothers him. What should parents, whose child is still quite small, and unable to correctly indicate the source of the pain, should do so? Below we consider the most common reasons why the ear hurts.

The main reasons why a child's ear aches

Why does ear ache

The likelihood that pain in the ear of a child can occur at any time is high. And parents, first of all, need to establish whether the problem is exactly in the ear. To do this, it is enough to carry out the following manipulations:

  • Ask the child about the reason for his crying. It is suitable for children from 3 years.
  • Inspect the auricle for the presence of foreign objects.
  • Push lightly on the ledge in front of the entrance to the ear. If the baby has begun to cry, the problem is in the ear, if nothing has responded, the cause of his behavior is different.

How to quickly establish the cause of crying, we learned. Now let's look at the reasons that indicate that the child has an ear pain.

  1. Water has fallen into the ear. The main symptom is that in the ear shoots.
  2. The presence of a foreign body in the ear.
  3. Injury of the ear and its area.
  4. Sulfuric plug formation.
  5. Walk in the wind without a cap.
  6. Otitis.
  7. The developing fungus.
  8. Viral infection.
  9. Other diseases: sore throat, toothaches, mumps and others.
  10. Malfunctions of the central nervous system: ICP, poor blood circulation in the brain.
  11. Pathology in the structure of the brain, eyes, nasopharynx.

IMPORTANT! Your task in detecting a foreign object - just remove it. At the same time, the use of sticks or tweezers is unacceptable. Just tilt the baby down with a sore ear, and the foreign object should fall out.

If the child has a fever, it is recommended to give him antipyretic medicine, which not only reduces the temperature, but also minimizes pain.

If the pain in the ear passes without fever, then the pain in the ears can be the result of diseases such as increased pressure, trauma or another external factor. Also, pain may be accompanied by viral infections and fungal bacteria.

IMPORTANT! Any self-treatment of the ear is dangerous with complications, including hearing loss. After you have given the child first aid, brought down the temperature and reduced pain, immediately call an ambulance or visit a doctor.

After all, the faster the diagnosis is established, the more effective the treatment will be. In this case, you can not lose a minute.

First aid when a child’s ear aches

ear compress

Every parent should know this instruction to automatism. After all, suppress the feeling of panic in oneself, and relieve the pain of the child - this is the first rule that must be fulfilled as soon as possible.

. To reduce the pain before you arrive or visit the doctor, you must take pain medicine . The amount of the drug must be given on the basis of age and weight. This is especially important if the child woke up at night.

. Also, in order to numb the ear, the child can apply a warming compress . To do this, take gauze in several layers, make an incision for the ear, apply medicine over the entire area. After that, it is necessary to impose a permanent paper around the ear, put a gauze and fix it all with a handkerchief.

. If the temperature rises during ear pain, antipyretic agents can be given. This method is used as a last resort, if other methods are not suitable. There is another good method to numb the ear, and this is a wetted cotton swab in warm boric acid and embedded in the auricle. It is also important to give plenty of water.

Often there are cases when from time to time the ear hurts the child. And the majority asks a question how to remove a pain, than to treat? In this case, you need to gain a lot of patience, do not panic and do not scream at the child, and immediately use anti-inflammatory drops.

So, what to drip with pain? For the treatment of suitable such drops as, Otinum, Otipaks, Otofa.

Ear pain in a child with a cold

the child's ear aches

When your child starts to have a cold ear, an important factor is the correct course of treatment. Indeed, in this case, the pain is caused by inflammation inside the ear.

Such inflammation is dangerous, and only a specialist can determine the exact diagnosis, as well as prescribe treatment. In this connection, you immediately need to see a doctor and get qualified help.

If you are unable to quickly find a doctor, then you can reduce pain by using herbal medicines.

A child has ear, throat and snot flow

There are cases when the child's pain in the ear is still accompanied by a runny nose and sore throat. Such symptoms are signs of progressive sore throat. Such a tandem is real due to the direct connection between the ENT organs using the trigeminal nerve. This contributes to the movement of pain in other areas. The pain can be both weak and acute.

And under certain conditions, this pain can cause such a secondary disease as otitis. Also, sore throat and snot ear pain may indicate diseases such as diphtheria, chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc.

If cough has also been added to pain in the ears, throat, and runny nose, this indicates otitis. In this case, an urgent need to consult a doctor!

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Dr. Komarovsky about what to do when a child has an ear ache?

Dr. Komarovsky also gives useful recommendations on the following topic: “Your child's ear aches, what to do?”:

“The best remedy for otitis media is special vasoconstrictor drops for children, which quickly reduce swelling. They need to drip into the nose. If the child has a damaged eardrum, then drops in the ears can only harm.
Therefore, it is generally accepted throughout the world not to use drops in the ear until the doctor examines the child and confirms that the eardrum is intact.
If the child has a fever, you need to give him antipyretics. But Dr. Komarovsky categorically does not recommend warming the ears. If pus has accumulated in the ear and it gets warm, it will only get worse.
If liquid flows out of a child's ear, it means that the eardrum is perforated (damaged). In this case, an urgent need to consult a doctor. "

We also want to note that in the treatment of pain in the ears, an antibiotic is used as a last resort. And, then under the strict control of doctors, after a detailed examination and testing.

Folk remedies for pain in the ears


Also, in addition to medicines, folk remedies help to relieve ear pain: chamomile or lemon balm extracts.

In this case, it is necessary to pour boiling water over the grass, let it infuse even after the infusion has cooled, strain it and gently wash the ear twice a day.

Summing up

If the child has an ear pain, then you should immediately contact the specialists to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Therefore, to avoid such problems as pain in the ears of a child, you need to take care of him in an appropriate way: put a hat on, monitor his health and mood, prevent water and foreign objects from entering the care, and constantly strengthen the immune system.

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