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Chinese exercise Golden Rooster is standing on one leg

Chinese exercise Golden Rooster is standing on one leg

Fatigue, lethargy, exacerbation of chronic diseases and the first signs of depression are not a reason to run to the pharmacy for pills. To adjust the balance of internal energy, to normalize the state of the body and increase vitality will help not difficult exercise golden rooster from Eastern practices.

The advantage of Chinese gymnastics

Exercises from Chinese gymnastics for health, including the Golden Rooster, have gained popularity due to:

  • Ease of performing movements;
  • No need for special devices or training areas

Simply put, the exercise “Rooster standing on one leg” can be performed by anyone who wants to be at home, at work, at rest, if there is a desire.

There is no guarantee that the exercise will succeed at the first attempt, but with due diligence and a certain amount of training, everything will work out.

What does doing exercise exercise golden rooster?

Chinese medicine connects the work of internal organs and systems with active points located, including, on the feet.

6 active points, stimulation of which will help to lead to a balance of the function of the body systems, are located on the foot. Exacerbation of chronic diseases, nervous system disorders, lethargy, apathy, irritability, sleep disturbances, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and diseases of the musculoskeletal system will disappear forever if you take into the habit several times a day to perform the exercise “Golden Rooster on one leg”.

In the course of doing this simple, at first glance, exercise, the energy channels that are responsible for the functioning of the internal organs are activated, Yin and Yang come into harmony.

In addition to the physical, normal, mental, mental state. During the exercise, a person gets the opportunity to concentrate on his inner “I”, to get answers to his questions.

How to do the exercise?

At first glance it seems as if the exercise does not pose any difficulties, however, in the process it may turn out that everything is not so simple.

To start the exercise:

  • Legs must be set shoulder-width apart.
  • Hands free down along the torso
  • Close your eyes (this is a prerequisite! It is the only way to concentrate on the flow of internal energy and not be distracted by external stimuli)
  • Bend one leg at the knee and lift it above the floor

The main task is to keep balance. In order not to be distracted, you can turn on soft music for meditation, sing or count to yourself.

If at first it does not work out to keep balance, hands can be spread apart, imagining yourself flying or floating on the waves.

In addition, you can:

  1. Clap your hands, loudly, loudly, focusing attention on the process itself;
  2. Weave fingers together;
  3. Connect fingertips, pressing down hard on each other;
  4. Turn the brush with fingers woven out;
  5. Rub your palms together;
  6. Press with the nails at the base of the nails of the other hand

Exercise does not limit freedom, perhaps internally, the “I” suggests that the body needs it at the moment.

Nature is wise, it is not for nothing that the pose in which the exercise “Golden Rooster standing on one leg” is performed is quite often found in the animal world.

Draw conclusions

Reviews of exercise are many-sided: people with physical disabilities who have suffered serious illnesses are difficult to immediately perform on one leg, especially when their eyes are closed. But do not despair: starting with a few seconds, you need to gradually increase the execution time, having trained yourself to fall into a state of detachment from the outside world. Thus, the brain gets the opportunity to coordinate internal work.

Be sure to stand on both legs in turn, no matter which of them is leading (jogging). To get the desired effect, exercise is performed barefoot. If there is a possibility, then you can go outside, stand on the grass, on the sand, on the ground.

In some practices, this exercise is called “heron”, there is indeed a natural similarity, but the essence does not change.

It is necessary to begin to engage immediately after waking up, setting the body on a successful and fruitful day. In addition to performing gymnastics, immunity is strengthened, hands and feet cease to freeze.

When retaining the balance is not difficult, it is possible to rise to the toe several times during the exercise, increasing the load on the foot.

Having taught your body to easily return to the exercise several times during the day, you will notice significant changes in physical and mental health, feel a surge of strength and energy, increase vitality. "Golden Rooster" will be magical, as in the famous fairy tale, giving youth and health.

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