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Indications for use of validol: angina, neurosis, cough, runny nose

Indications for use of validol: angina, neurosis, cough, runny nose

From "heart" ailments, "nerves" and poor health for many years in the home medicine cabinet stored white pills with a sharp menthol taste - validol. Indications for use of this medication include both pain in the heart, and stress, hysteria. When it is worth resorting to such an ambulance?

What helps validol

1. Validol is used in complex therapy as an antiangiological agent.

We are talking about relieving an angina attack. Angina pectoris is a condition in which pain occurs in the back and in the region of the heart, extending into the back under the scapula. The person feels short of breath, tightness in the chest and uncontrollable anxiety associated with this.

The cause of angina is insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart muscle. Since the attacks are fraught with the development of myocardial infarction, they must be stopped at an early stage. For these purposes, applies, including validol.

Unlike nitroglycerin, which increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the heart and simultaneously reduces the need for it, validol is referred to as coronary dilatation drugs. It is suitable for preventing mild seizures in the initial stages.

2. Validol slightly lowers blood pressure during stress, nervous tension

It is impossible to cure arterial hypertension with the help of tablets or capsules, it will be possible to stabilize the pulse and calm down by expanding the lumen of the blood vessels and stimulating the receptors responsible for the production of endorphin.

Tablets have a slight analgesic effect. Acceptance of validol should be combined with the elimination of factors that increase the pressure: mental and physical surges, negative emotions, sleep disorders.

3. Treatment of neurosis

This form of mental overstrain is not considered a pathology, but, nevertheless, prevents a person from leading a full life. In addition to the manifestations of the nervous system, somatic makes itself felt:

  1. Heart palpitations
  2. Sweating increases
  3. Disturbed appetite (loss or immoderate absorption of food)
  4. Sleep insomnia or drowsiness at any time of day.
  5. There is irritability, tearfulness
  6. There are headaches, migraines
  7. Distributed attention, there are inadequate reactions to what is happening.

Hysteria is complemented by movement disorders, loss of vision, hearing, voice, inadequate behavior, loss of orientation in space and time.

Validol expands the lumen of blood vessels, has a sedative effect and is used as part of complex therapy.

4. Validol during pregnancy

Validol is prescribed during pregnancy for:

  • Cupping of strokes
  • Soothing headaches, migraines
  • As a remedy for toxemia (this property can be used to combat motion sickness and seasickness)
  • To lower blood pressure

It is necessary to remember about the possible side effects and contraindications, self-treatment can be dangerous, so before taking validol during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor.

5. Inhalation with validol for dry cough

Helps to alleviate the condition of the patient. Menthol helps eliminate mucosal edema, improves microcirculation and facilitates sputum discharge, soothes the throat.

To prepare a solution of 0.5 l of water is brought to a boil, 5-7 drops of iodine are added, 1 tsp. baking soda and a ground tablet of validol. Breathe over the pan or through the spout of the teapot for 10 minutes.

Children do not add soda and iodine to the cough solution in water; only validol is used, 1 tablet per 1 l of water.

6. Add validol to drops with a cold.

The tablet is dissolved in water and mixed with drops or nasal spray based on seawater. Menthol helps to ease breathing and relieves nasal congestion.

Before being treated in this way, you should ensure that you are not allergic to the components of the drug. As a drug, you can use validol or Corvalol.

Does a validol with a hangover?

Compatibility of validol and alcoholic beverages is a big question. After alcohol, it is better not to use validol as a medicine to help get rid of morning nausea, headache, confusion and general malaise. Pharmacology offers a number of drugs with anti-shame effect, validol is not in this list.

How to take validol tablets

The instruction gives clear instructions on this matter: both “from the heart” and “from the nerves”, validol is taken sublingually - under the tongue until completely dissolved.

Similarly, take glycine and other drugs that irritate the oral mucosa and are absorbed into the blood. It is for this reason that validol begins to act quickly enough - within a few minutes after taking it, relief comes.

How many pills can you take per day?

Simultaneous reception involves the resorption of one or two tablets, however, in order not to cause harm to the body, the daily dose should not exceed 4 tablets.

If an attack cannot be removed with the help of the indicated dose, the state of health worsens, the pain behind the sternum increases and there is not enough air, you need to immediately seek medical help, a preinfarction condition may develop.

There is another form of release of validol - in drops. A single dosage is 5-6 drops, the medicine is dripped onto a cube of refined sugar and placed under the tongue.

Overdose threatens intoxication of the body and is expressed in:

  • Inhibition of central nervous system functions - lethargy, apathy, weakness, lethargy, drowsiness;
  • Tearing, because menthol provokes irritation of the tear glands;
  • Nausea or vomiting (thus the body seeks to get rid of excess of harmful substances)

Similarly manifest side effects. In addition, hypotension may develop, allergic to the components of the drug. That is why the list of contraindications - low blood pressure and individual intolerance to the drug.

Analogs of the drug

  1. The use of validol is enhanced by additional substances added to the drug. Validol with glucose, among other things, enhances the metabolism, stimulates redox processes in the body. This drug should be taken with particular caution to people suffering from diabetes.
  2. As part of complex therapy, they also use drugs:
  • A-Dyston
  • Advocate
  • Validazol
  • Distonin
  • Drops Zelenina
  • Cardioarginine
  • Cardiolin
  • Corargin
  • Corvalentment
  • Kratal
  • Lily of the valley valerian drops
  • Tonginal
  • Thiodarone
  • Esculus compositum

Can I take validol with other medicines?

Validol indications for use

Validol and its analogues enhance the effect of sedatives, antihypertensive and neurotropic drugs, but before combining them, you should consult with your doctor.

During treatment with validol, absent-mindedness, inattention, drowsiness can be observed, so you should not get behind the wheel or take on those responsible, requiring complete concentration, work.

Numerous reviews indicate the reliability of this affordable product, proven over the years. People who have heart problems, autonomic dysfunction and mental disorders should have validol in their possession as a first aid.

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