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How to choose the most useful vitamins for women

How to choose the most useful vitamins for women

What vitamins for women is most important, I will try to open in this article. After reading this article, you can figure out which vitamins you need at this stage of life.

Top Female Vitamins

It turns out that there are major vitamins for the weaker sex, which ensure the beauty of skin, hair, nails.

Vitamin E

борется со старением, а также с появлением раковых клеток, налаживает функционирование женских половых желез, увеличивая количество эстрогенов. Vitamin E fights aging, as well as the appearance of cancer cells, improves the functioning of the female genital glands, increasing the amount of estrogen.

If the hormone is small, then the figure of the lady imperceptibly turns into a masculine.

Vitamin C

считается витамином красоты. Vitamin C is considered a beauty vitamin. This antioxidant contributes to the destruction of melanin. If there is little ascorbic acid in the body, moles, freckles, and pigmentation begin to appear on the body. It is found in all citrus, black currant.

Vitamin A

От дефицита этого элемента кожа на лице становится бледной, сухой. Vitamin A. From the deficiency of this element, the skin on the face becomes pale, dry. At the same time on the heels and palms cracks appear, in the corners of the lips - " bunches ". There is a lot of this element in carrots, pumpkin, apricots, fish, offal, eggs.

Vitamins of group

оказывают влияние на работу нервной системы. B vitamins have an impact on the functioning of the nervous system. Their lack affects the general condition of the ladies. They experience nervousness, drowsiness, fatigue, frequent depression, their eyesight deteriorates, there is a burning sensation in the eyes, and the skin of the eyelids becomes red. Element B5 is useful for hair, and B9 supports the reproductive system.

нужен для поддержания красоты кожи, здоровья слизистых оболочек. Vitamin H is needed to maintain the beauty of the skin, the health of the mucous membranes. It is available in brewer's yeast, liver, peanuts.

необходим для твердости костей, белизны и здоровья зубов. Vitamin D is essential for bone hardness, whiteness and healthy teeth. He is also responsible for the beauty of hair, nails.

Waiting for the addition of a family

. When planning pregnancy, you need to pay attention to drugs with folic acid .

This substance should be in the first place for all girls who are still planning to give birth to children, as well as all pregnant women for periods up to 12 weeks.

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We have already written about the benefits of this element for the health of the future baby. In addition to folic acid, at the planning stage of increasing the family, substances E, D, K, H, A, C are necessary.

But the most important are E, D, H, C, as well as group B. However, these elements should not be taken in full if the future mom is healthy.

At the planning stage of pregnancy, only folic acid is required.

Can vitamins help those parents who cannot conceive a child? To conceive a baby, a woman and a man can strengthen their bodies by taking multivitamins. But not only this contributes to the improvement of the body, but also the right healthy diet, the rejection of bad habits.

To increase mobility, vitality of sperm, the elements E, C are necessary. Folic acid must be taken by a couple of 0.4 mg per day. For men, a good drink "Duovit", "Spermstrong." For the beautiful half of the vitamins are written above in the text.

Kstiti, Duovit has excellent reviews. The complex supplies the body with the most essential microelements. You can give an example from personal experience.
Blisters appeared between the fingers of the young man, which would not pass, no matter what they smeared. On the advice of one doctor, he began to take this complex. A week later, his hands cleared, as if by magic.

Stay alert

Getting the benefits of food is sometimes insufficient, especially at 30, when the activity of the beautiful half is at its highest. From time to time, still need to take a multivitamin.

Of all the abundance of complexes, you must choose the best

  • Supradin contains E, C, A, B6, B12, B9, as well as coenzyme Q10. Supradin should be drunk for 1 month, not more than 2 times a year, better in spring and autumn.
  • The alphabet contains vitamins A, E, C, D, as well as coenzyme Q10. The alphabet can be drunk no more than 2 weeks, twice a year.
  • Vitrum Beauty is advised to drink about 57% of doctors. It consists of: vitamin C, A, E, D, K, H, elements of group B, as well as all the necessary trace elements. This complex is suitable only for women under 30 years old. More mature ladies can purchase Antioxidant or Beauty Elite.

Vitamin complexes for women 45+


A woman in 45 years is popularly called a “berry”, which means you need to comply with this. And good vitamins will help you. занимает лидирующие позиции у дам этого возраста. Cyclim occupies a leading position among the ladies of this age.

, содержат весь комплекс витаминов группы В. Самое главное свойство которых, обеспечивать нормальную работу надпочечников. But brewer's yeast , contain the entire complex of vitamins of group B. The most important feature of which is to ensure the normal operation of the adrenal glands. With the extinction of ovarian function, the adrenal glands are able to maintain the required level of female hormones. With no contraindications, this complex in the ranking of the best vitamins received 8 points out of 10.

, в составе которого вся группа элементов В, а также целый ряд витаминов, минералов, а также экстракт пустырника. In the period of hormonal adjustment, it is important to take Complivit for women plus , which includes the whole group of elements B, as well as a whole range of vitamins, minerals, and motherwort extract.

With age, there is a decrease in the production of sex hormones and their ratio changes, as the body signals with tides, mood swings, memory deterioration, fatigue and decreased performance.

To normalize the condition, hormones are usually prescribed, which may be contraindicated or the woman categorically refuses to take them.

Phyto-estrogens will help to maintain normal well-being and habitual lifestyle - plant-derived substances gently normalize hormonal balance and have no side effects. Phytoestrogens during menopause eliminate the symptoms of menopause and its possible complications.

For well-being and youth preservation in the USA, the specialized biocomplex Lady's formula® Menopause ™ Strengthened Formula was created , which eliminates hot flashes, prevents weight gain, moisturizes the vaginal mucosa, normalizes urination, improves mood and improves performance.

This effect is achieved due to the action of 16 (!) Active components of the biocomplex: 7 vitamins, 4 microelements and 5 extracts of medicinal plants (3 of them are phytoestrogens). Ladys Formula Menopause ™ Enhanced Formula also relieves the symptoms that develop during surgical menopause.

Nutrients for mature women

для женщин — спасение от старения организма, особенно после 50 лет. Vitamin E for women - salvation from aging of the body, especially after 50 years. The lack of this element affects the appearance, so after 50 it is important to take AEVIT.

Vitamins A and E:

  • Activate metabolic processes in the body,
  • Contribute to the recovery of nervous system failures,
  • Improve blood circulation in small vessels
  • Increases resistance of cells to lack of oxygen,
  • Rejuvenate skin cells
  • Help to deal with problems of menopause.

After 50 years, their content in the blood decreases by 2 times. Taking Aevit, you save yourself from many problems of a difficult transition period.

For ladies after 60 years, it is useful to drink Poplite. Among the most sought-after are: Vitrum Tseturi, Vitrum Tseturi Forte, Centrum Silver, Gerimaks, Alphabet, Undevit.

Complivit D3 calcium for women 45 plus


This complex is designed in such a way that it can be included in the daily diet. Studies have shown that taking for 5-6 weeks significantly reduces the "tides", excessive night sweats, irritability.

Moreover, sleep is getting better quickly, dry eyes and headaches disappear, and it is just as important for women that they get rid of dryness of the genital organs.

And that's not all, happening:

  • Improving memory, concentration,
  • Disappears unreasonable fatigue, aching bones.
  • Increases the resistance of skin cells to aging.

We slow down the aging process


After 55 years , it is also important to stay young and healthy, and vitamins and drugs will help in this.

Vitamin D3 plays a special role. What is so useful this drug?

  1. First of all, it helps the absorption of magnesium and calcium, and therefore is useful for bones, teeth.
  2. Increases immunity .
  3. Calms the nervous system.
  4. Promotes cell renewal.
  5. Reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  6. Normalizes blood glucose levels.
  7. It supports the work of the endocrine glands.

Pharmacy offers such complexes as:

  • Cholecalciferol is a natural product.
  • Calcitriol with natural products.
  • Fish oil capsules.
  • High rankings have been achieved by Aqvadetrim, Complivit, Nikomed Forte, Centrum, Natekal D3.

Which products have D3:

  • dairy products,
  • vegetable and butter,
  • eggs, cheese,
  • fish, all seafood,
  • yeast,
  • chanterelles
  • meat.
  • oatmeal, greens.

These complexes should be taken regularly, throughout the year, after eating. Daily use will help reduce health problems.

For sports women

vitamins for women

Today, more and more young people are joining the sport. Therefore, they need to choose sports vitamins for women.

. Ratings are headed by such complexes as Animal Pak . As well as a unique drug Adam . It enhances immunity, strengthens the nervous system, eliminates fatigue, improves metabolism. Adam deserved the most enthusiastic reviews.

Closer to spring, fewer nutrients remain in vegetables and fruits. . The complex will come to the aid of Vita-min plus .

It contains 12 vitamins and 10 minerals per capsule, as well as green tea extract and lutein. Lutein is part of the retina, so it is very useful for its proper functioning.

After a week of taking this drug, drowsiness passes, the skin ceases to peel off. It is necessary to take 1 capsule after breakfast.

Vitamins of youth

пользуется большой популярностью у прекрасной половины и не только из-за приемлемой цены. Complex "Lavita" is very popular with the beautiful half and not only because of the reasonable price.

It consists of a number of the most important elements - A, B1, B2, B6, B12, B9, B7, C, E, H, magnesium, beta-carotene, zinc, selenium.

Drug advantages:

  • improves skin tone,
  • improves health
  • helps to cope with stress, nervousness, depression,
  • improves sleep
  • increases the performance of the brain,
  • boosts immunity.

"Lavita" helps to recover from a course of antibiotics, as well as hormonal medications. The complex can be taken with other medicines, which is very important. The drug has been produced since 1997 by a Russian company and has never had any complaints from customers.

It turns out that the company Oriflame except cosmetics produces good vitamins! . This is a wellness pack . Many young mothers take it after birth.

It is noted that hair loss is reduced, the skin becomes smooth, beautiful, nails are strengthened, irritability from lack of sleep and fatigue is reduced, and the most important thing is to avoid the common cold! But the effect is not immediately visible, but after two or three weeks after ingestion.

Dear women! As you can see, age can be undone! The main thing is to choose the right drugs for yourself, and from the proposed abundance of vitamins for women, it will not be difficult to choose.

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  1. Polina :

    I was prescribed a complex of vitamins by my gynecologist after surgery. I took the Merz Special Pills for a month. The condition of the hair began to improve, they became stronger and thicker.

  2. Tina :

    I drink vitamin complexes for a long time. Most like Complivit radiance. They are affordable, and they have a good effect: the hair does not fall out anymore and the nails become stronger. Just what I missed.


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