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Restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov: a set of exercises

Restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov: a set of exercises

The method of restoring vision, suggested about a century ago by the American Bates, got accustomed, found its followers, was supplemented and refined by enthusiastic specialists. Among them is the Russian scientist Vladimir Georgievich Zhdanov. Zhdanov's vision restoration is a mix of Bates exercises and the psychogenic background of Shichko's health problems.

Principles of treatment according to Zhdanov

Restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov

Zhdanov's confidence that the basis of the violation of visual perception (myopia, long-sightedness, astigmatism, strabismus) are psychic moments found in his work and well explained in the course of lectures with which he spoke repeatedly.

Mental overstrain increases the tone of the eye muscles, leading to improper accommodation of the lens. As a result, a disease develops that traditional medicine treats with the help of operations, and supports the patient by prescribing glasses and contact lenses. Having studied the method of exercises for muscle relaxation proposed by Bates and adding psychological relaxation to it, Zhdanov achieved results, and the work was done not only in regards to restoring vision, but also in combating bad habits. Zhdanov in his writings relies on the experience of Porfiry Ivanov, Paul Bregg.

Gymnastics Bates

Restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov

Palming - the basis of the technique

Bates stresses that the basis of pathological visual impairment is excessive prolonged tension of the eye muscles. Stress, mental disorders, and depression, in turn, lead to it. In order to restore vision, it is necessary, first of all, to help the muscles relax.

Palming is an exercise to relax the muscles not only of the eye, but also of the respiratory organs, the cardiovascular system, the face, the neck. In order to perform the exercise, you need to sit comfortably, rest your elbows on the surface of the table and shake your hands several times. The palms rub against each other until they become hot. The eyes are closed, the palms folded in a boat and covered with eyes, weaving fingers on the forehead.

At the initial stage on the retina residual images will appear in the form of bright spots, stains. It is necessary to achieve absolute blackness. She - evidence that the exercise is performed correctly.

Eyes, hands, face should be completely relaxed, thoughts - only pleasant. The duration of the exercise - about 5 minutes, palming is recommended to perform several times a day, in particular, feeling eye strain or blurred vision in the usual mode.

Positive memories

In conjunction with palming or as a separate exercise, it is recommended to reproduce in memory some positive bright memory - a sound, visual, pleasant aroma. In this memory you need to immerse yourself completely, restore it in your memory, feel it again.

This exercise has a positive effect on the psyche, relaxes the nervous system, and thus helps to relax the eye muscles.

Combining palming and “memory”, without removing hands from your eyes, you need to open and close your eyes several times, then, removing your hands (eyes closed), turn your head from side to side, open your eyes and blink hard several times.

"Black on black"

“Fingering” before the eyes of black objects, no matter what, will help achieve the appearance of absolute blackness. Gradually, "the colors should thicken," become even blacker.

Play center

A person with normal vision sees the central part of the object better than the peripheral: this is explained by the physiological structure of the eye. The macula, located on the posterior surface of the retina, perceives light and forms an image.

Impaired vision leads to improper fixation, and the subject seems to be evenly bad, despite trying to see everything equally well.

The fixation exercise is performed by moving from large to small elements: blinking, the street is viewed, then the tree outside the window, and a separate sheet is displayed on the tree.

It is very important to do the exercise without glasses!

From pessimum to optimum

In his theory, Bates explains that there are objects that objectively (by all people) are seen well and those that are seen badly.

In the table for checking the vision of the letters clearly visible regardless of size. Such objects are called optima, among the letters in the table are O, R, T. In contrast, the letters F, U, U, M are pessimums, they are less clearly visible, even large, and resemble each other.

Performing palming, you need to represent the letters or objects - the intelligences are rich black and as sharp as possible, to “write” them with the tip of the nose in the air.

Restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov

To the sun

Solarization is an important step in the restoration of vision, sunlight relaxes the muscles of the eyes. It can be replaced by artificial lighting, but if possible, it is better to use natural.

  • raise the face, exposing it to the sunlight, eyes closed. Turn your head from side to side, adjusting your eyes to the light. After the adaptation occurs, you can open your eyes (alternately: one, then the second), look down on the ground and turn your head, not fixing on objects;
  • in the case of artificial light, you need to sit down, putting a candle in front of you, and turn your head from side to side, without fixing your eyes on the flame.

Like other exercises for the eyes, solarization must be completed with palming.


Palming is a great way to relax the eye muscles, however, like other muscle groups, they need a metered, competent exercise that helps to restore proper performance.

  1. Twinkling eyelids, eyes do not need to squint. Blink need after each exercise.
  2. Eyes movement up and down, left and right, diagonally (upper right corner, lower left-upper upper-right lower).
  3. Drawing a square with eyes.
  4. Eyes moving in a circle: “12 o'clock” - “3 o'clock” - “6 o'clock” - “9 o'clock” and counterclockwise.
  5. Wave-like movement of the eyes.
  6. "Drawing" through the eyes of the infinity sign.
  7. Divergent circles: draw a circle of small diameter with a glance, then another, bigger, and so on.
  8. To trace with a look behind an imaginary rope, “winding” it onto an imaginary vertical pipe (5 turns), then the pipe should be placed horizontally.
  9. Unleash an imaginary globe without taking your eyes off the equator.

After each exercise, you need a good blink.

More details about the method of restoring vision can be found in Zhdanov’s lectures.


One of the ways to affect the eye muscles during astigmatism and myopia is massage.

Preparatory stage

The index, middle and ring fingers of both hands smooth out the forehead (circular movements), eyebrows (from the nose bridge to the temples), cheekbones (from the nose), temples (middle and ringless). The index fingers are the nasal sinus area, with slight pressure, the middle fingers are the bridge of nose on both sides, the ears are a dimple near the ear, the trestle, the auricle, the hollow behind the ear; neck from the back.

Main stage

  • Eyes closed. The index and middle fingers of both hands easily press on the eyeballs 3 times;
  • Use your middle fingers to press the outer corners of the eyes with the same force;
  • 3 times to press the middle fingers on the lower eyelids, then - on the inner corners of the eyes;
  • With all fingers, except for the little fingers (the thumb is located at the bottom), massage the eyeballs through the eyelids;
  • It is easy to press on the astigmatic points of each eye with the index fingers. An astigmatic point is defined as follows: looking at an object, you need to press on the eyeball through the eyelid, moving along it. The point, when pressed on which the object will acquire increased clarity, is called astigmatic.
  • Close your eyes, open up, stretch your eyelids to the sides (like a Chinese) and up and down.


Restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov

Visual restoration using the Bates method or the Zhdanov method has 2 serious contraindications: retinal detachment (threat of detachment) and the postoperative period (half a year).

Immediately perform the entire complex is not necessary, it is recommended to start with three or four exercises, gradually adding new ones. People with severe myopia should stop at these numbers.

Exercises are performed smoothly, without jerks and tension, watching the breath. 6 approaches for 5 minutes instead of one half-hour occupation will benefit your eyes.

If after class a headache, discomfort in the eyes, spots before the eyes and other negative symptoms appear, the body signals an overdose, the number of repetitions should be reduced. If after classes there is a rise, visual acuity improves, then you can add 1 repetition every day.

These exercises can be done by closing the eyeballs as in palming.

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