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Why appear buns in the corners of the lips and methods of treatment at home

Why appear buns in the corners of the lips and methods of treatment at home

Cracks, small wounds in the corners of the lips appear unexpectedly, against the background of complete well-being and general health. Biting in the corners of the lips cause severe discomfort, but not everyone knows how to get rid of them.

What causes stuffs in the corners of the lips

Cracks in the corners of the mouth, bleeding and bleeding, are formed as a result of the activity of conditionally pathogenic microflora, which is activated against the background of factors favorable to it:

  • Not enough vitamin B2 in the body. Skin flakes, cracks. Additional symptoms are lethargy, apathy, decreased appetite;
  • Violation of the bite and the constant impact of saliva on the skin of the lips;
  • Diseases of the oral cavity (teeth, gums);
  • Skin irritation sour, salty, spicy foods;
  • Incorrect dental prosthesis;
  • Frequent licking of the lips;
  • Injuries to the lips;
  • Skin prone to dryness;
  • Antibiotics, hormone therapy;
  • Hypothermia of the body;
  • Endocrine disorders (diabetes);
  • Different types of anemia;
  • Liver disease;
  • HIV

These factors cause the reproduction of microflora, affecting the skin of the lips:

  1. Staphylococcus
  2. Streptococcus
  3. Fungi Candida
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How to "know" zadyy?

How to know zadyy

Bits are formed in the corners of the mouth, manifesting at first a feeling of burning, tightness of the skin, discomfort during eating or talking.

Integrity of the skin is broken, a crack in the corner of the lips is visible. Biting pains, if you open your mouth, the wound stings when ingested salty, sour, spicy foods, can bleed.

The development of buns can be triggered by:

  • Using common dishes
  • Eating unwashed vegetables, fruits
  • Squeezing pimples, removing crusts of scratches in the corners of the mouth
  • Improper oral hygiene

How to treat cracks in the corners of the lips?

extensive buns

Since the jams often become only a manifestation of violations occurring in the body, it is not enough to get rid of external manifestations, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of them.

Slight skin lesions on the corners of the lips

For small lesions and superficial skin lesions, the basis of the treatment is a local effect on the pathogen:

  1. (бриллиантовый зеленый, фукорцин, хлоргексидин); Lip skin treatment with antiseptic preparations (brilliant green, fukortsin, chlorhexidine);
  2. (синтомициновая, тетрациклиновая) для заед, вызванных стрептококками. The use of ointments with antibacterial effect (synthomycin, tetracycline) for zahedu caused by streptococci. Absolutely useless against fungal infections;
  3. (нистатин, ламикон, тербизил). For the treatment of fungal infections, antifungal agents are used (nystatin, lamikon, terbizil). They quickly heal the wound surface, eliminate tightness. Absolutely useless against a bacterial infection.
  4. , содержащие антибактериальные, антисептические и гормональные компоненты. “Heavy artillery” - combined drugs containing antibacterial, antiseptic and hormonal components. Allow to get rid of infections of unknown etiology in a short time.

Extensive foci, long nonhealing zaedy

If local therapy does not bring the desired result, the jams increase in size, bleed, cause pain and discomfort, then it is necessary to switch to stronger drugs, while conducting a full examination of the body, since nonhealing jams show disturbances in the internal organs.

How to treat extensive buns?

  • в таблетках или сиропе – аугментин, суммамед в короткие сроки справятся со стрептококками; A bacterial infection is treated with antibiotics in pills or syrup — augmentin, summed will quickly deal with streptococci;
  • – флуконазол, леворин, фуцис; Antifungal agents fight against fungal infections - fluconazole, levorin, fucis;
  • – тавегил, лоратадин, кларитин. Discomfort, inflammation, pain will help to defeat antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs - tavegil, loratadine, claritin.

Additional measures to restore lip skin health

Обогатить рацион продуктами питания, богатыми витамином В2 : 1. Enrich a diet rich in vitamin B2 :

  • The nuts
  • Cabbage
  • Salad
  • Egg yolk
  • Hen
  • Cheese
  • Legumes

Обеспечить поступление необходимое количество витамина Е : 2. Ensure the supply of the required amount of vitamin E :

  • Corn
  • Oat groats
  • Vegetable oil

Снизить количество углеводов 3. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates
По возможности отказаться от курения , алкоголя 4. If possible, stop smoking , alcohol
Увлажнять кожу губ , пользоваться гигиенической помадой 5. Moisten the skin of the lips , use hygienic lipstick.
Заживить ранки поможет пантенол 6. Panthenol will help to heal wounds.
Пропить курсом иммуномодуляторы , укреплять здоровье 7. Drink away immunomodulators , improve health.
Не переохлаждаться , не перегреваться 8. Do not overcool , do not overheat

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How to treat baby buns

Biting in the corners of the lips of a child

In most cases, childbirths occur as a result of exposure to pathogenic microflora.

Fungi, bacteria that normally live on the surface of the skin, can become aggressive and cause skin irritation, cracks, sores, wounds. This is due to a decrease in the protective reactions of the body, in the same way allergic to food, body care products, and drugs.

Unlike an adult, a child cannot ensure compliance with all hygiene requirements, so parents should take care to keep the damaged part of the lips clean. It is necessary to gently rinse the buns several times a day with warm boiled water, then, after drying with a napkin, apply the drugs.

  • Antiseptic preparations will dry the moist surface of the skin, create a barrier that prevents the reproduction of pathogenic flora;
  • Tetracycline and synthomycin ointments - local antibiotics;
  • Clotrimazole, lamicil for fungal skin lesions;
  • Anti-inflammatory and healing agents - Methyluracil, Trimistin

Ointments containing hormonal components should be used for children's treatment with great care, only after a doctor's prescription.

Zayedy pregnant

During pregnancy, the woman’s body is under enormous pressure from external and internal factors. Reorganized organs and systems, working for two, hormonal revolution occurs, immunity decreases. All the "work" is aimed at safe childbearing.

Decreased immune functions, coupled with a lack of vitamins, leads to the formation of a jam.

The reasons

Vitamin b2

Factors provoking cracks in the corners of the lips:

  • Lack of vitamin B2, C, E;
  • Excess Vitamins;
  • Herpes infection;
  • Caries, oral diseases;
  • Allergy;
  • Endocrine diseases (diabetes);
  • Dysbacteriosis;
  • Frequent skin contact with saliva


In order to protect yourself from unpleasant cracks in the corners of the lips during pregnancy, you should:

  • Eat well by enriching the diet with whole grain bread, cereal cereals, and muesli are beneficial. Muffin and pastries –reduce to a minimum. It is harmful not only to the skin, but also to the figure as a whole;
  • Control hemoglobin level, take iron supplements (if necessary), vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • Eat fish, meat, legumes, nuts
  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene - do not eat from someone else's dishes, do not use someone else's cosmetics, wash hands, vegetables, fruits.

Citrus fruits, tomatoes (and juices from them), spicy, salty, sour food will aggravate the jam and prevent their healing.


In the annotations to many drugs "pregnancy" is listed in the "contraindications". Treatment should be approached responsibly, it is best to consult a general practitioner or a dermatologist.

  • Boric alcohol (3%) will dry wet areas, disinfect them;
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic effect has tea tree oil ;
  • Tincture of calendula (1 tablespoon per 0.2 l of water) for rinsing will relieve inflammation;
  • To soften cracked skin, lubricates grease with creamy or olive oil, vitamin A or E

How to deal with jammed folk remedies

How to deal with zaedami

Alternative medicine offers alternative methods of combating jade:

  1. Lubricate cracked skin with honey;
  2. Compresses with the decoction of the train, chamomile. The broth is prepared in a water bath, pouring 1 tbsp. l herbs 0.2 liters of water; cooking time - 15 minutes, after which the broth is cooled and filtered;
  3. Lotions with aloe pulp. Aloe leaf washed, dried with a napkin and cut spines. The cut along the leaf is applied to the wounds;
  4. Helps with fish oil , rich in vitamins A and E. They are lubricated with jambs;
  5. Garlic has an antiseptic effect: gruel or finely chopped slices are applied to cracks. It is recommended to carry out the procedure at bedtime so as not to interfere with the surrounding smell;
  6. Traditional medicine considers earwax as a means of first aid, which is always at hand. The ointment of zayedov, which includes earwax and vitamin A, is very effective.

User Reviews

Baby buns

Maria, 26 years old
My daughter, 3 years old child, had cracks in the corners of her mouth. By the time coincided with the start of a visit to kindergarten. I sinned on insanitary conditions in the group, went, made sure that the dishes were clean and the children did not use common cups or spoons.
The cracks did not heal, ached, my daughter did not sleep, she ate badly. We went to a dermatologist. The first recommendation is tetracycline ointment. In the annotation contraindication - children's age. I bought the ointment, but I went for advice to a paid cosmetology clinic. The doctor carefully examined, took scraping. According to his results, she said to lubricate the chlorides with chlorophyllipt solution. Everything healed very quickly.
Anna, 20 years old
During pregnancy, I suffered greatly from the skin, itching, flaking and cracking. I was not so much worried about my appearance, but I was worried that everything was fine with my child. I am wary of drugs, so when the bristles appeared, I smeared them with solcoseryl. Heals well and does not nip, unlike other drugs.

Biting at the corners of the lips gives a lot of anxiety, but knowing why they arise and how to cope with them, you can quickly get rid of the problem.

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