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What women need to know after 50 about their health

What women need to know after 50 about their health

Age changes people suffer in different ways. In order to avoid the health problems inherent in old age by surprise, a woman after 50 should know which aspects to pay attention to.

Heart and cardiovascular system

The health of a woman who has overstepped the 50-year mark is exposed to a serious risk associated with changes in the body. In the role of the trigger act hormonal changes that affect the work of all organs and systems.

The extinction of hormonal activity on the part of female sex hormones, menopause, occurring at this age, cause the endocrine system to include additional compensatory mechanisms.

The load falling on the heart and blood vessels, does not pass unnoticed. At this age, it is important to regularly take a biochemical blood test, indicators of which, different from the accepted norm, will be the signal for a full examination and action.

Indicators that require monitoring

woman after 50


, красный железосодержащий пигмент крови, обеспечивающий транспорт кислорода к клеткам тканей. Hemoglobin , a red iron-containing blood pigment that provides oxygen transport to the cells of tissues. It is difficult to overestimate the role of hemoglobin in the body, but with age, its level may vary in one direction or another.

Hemoglobin level in the range of 110-150 g / l in women after 50 years is considered the norm. Minor deviations of 4-5% should not cause alarm, but a noticeable decrease or increase in the indicator requires attention.

Reduced hemoglobin threatens to hypoxia cells, including brain cells. A woman feels weakness, decreased activity, fatigue, distraction, memory loss occurs. Hypoxia of the heart muscle threatens to impair the work of the heart.

The causes of iron deficiency and the development of iron deficiency anemia are:

  • unbalanced monotonous food;
  • lack of vitamin C, folic acid ;
  • blood loss due to injuries, bleeding;
  • hypodynamia;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • stress

Elevated hemoglobin levels are not uncommon after 50 years. In this case, the viscosity of the blood rises, there is a risk of blood clots, microcirculation in the blood vessels is disturbed. Vital organs suffer: brain, heart, spleen, endocrine glands, liver, kidneys.

The reasons for the increase in hemoglobin are:

  • excessive loads;
  • endocrine disorders of the thyroid gland, diabetes;
  • heart failure;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • severe dehydration;
  • heart disease


участвует в синтезе половых гормонов, задействован в работе печени, надпочечников. Cholesterol is involved in the synthesis of sex hormones, is involved in the work of the liver, adrenal glands. A lack of cholesterol causes malfunctions of the immune and other systems. However, low-density cholesterol forms dense clusters on the walls of blood vessels - plaques, narrowing the lumen of veins and arteries.

The norm in women older than 50 years is 4.2 -7.7 mmol / l. Depending on age, fluctuations are possible, but the optimal figure for total cholesterol is an indicator of up to 5.2 mmol / l.

Blood sugar

Glucose, blood sugar, is normally in the range between 3.3 and 5.5 mmol / l.

свидетельствуют: The increase in sugar is indicated by:

  1. constant thirst
  2. dry mouth
  3. tingling of the skin of the face (near the eyebrows, in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle)
  4. frequent urination for no other reason
  5. long healing wounds, abrasions
  6. skin diseases
  7. weight loss or speed dialing
  8. acetone skin odor

Steadily elevated glucose levels indicate the development of diabetes mellitus, hormonal changes in the body become an additional threatening factor.

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– пигмент, продукт распада гемоглобина, находится в крови в связанной и свободной форме. Bilirubin - a pigment, a breakdown product of hemoglobin, is found in the blood in bound and free form. The rate is 8.5 -20.5 µmol / l.

The reason for the increase in bilirubin are:

  • hemolytic anemia
  • diseases, liver dysfunction
  • vitamin B12 deficiency
  • severe intoxication

Signs of high bilirubin in the body:

  1. yellow skin tone
  2. yellow eye sclera
  3. nausea, vomiting
  4. fatigue weakness
  5. dark urine stain
  6. colorless feces

This condition is dangerous for the central nervous system, leads to inhibition of functions, threatens intoxication of organs and tissues.

There are conditions in which bilirubin is reduced:

  1. tuberculosis
  2. unbalanced diets
  3. coronary heart disease
  4. anemia
  5. malignant neoplasms in the liver

A general blood test will allow to assess the level of red blood cells, leukocytes, ESR and judge the therapist about possible pathological processes in the body.

Genitourinary Sphere

woman after 50 and sex

– фолликулы прекращают продуцироваться яичниками, сдвигается баланс женских половых гормонов. During this period, menopause begins - follicles are no longer produced by the ovaries, the balance of female sex hormones is shifted. A woman feels “hot flashes” characterized by:

  • feeling of sudden heat in the head, face
  • sweating
  • tachycardia
  • unfounded anxiety
  • sudden irregular blood pressure

In parallel, libido decreases, a woman loses interest in sex.

Frequent urge to urinate, including urinary incontinence, is also explained by hormonal changes.

Hormone replacement therapy, recommendations related to nutrition and lifestyle, are prescribed by a gynecologist.

When disorders in the kidneys in the body increases the level of uric acid. Hyperuricemia is a sign of the development of gout, and may also indicate other diseases:

  • blood cancer
  • iron deficiency anemia
  • diseases of the liver, gallbladder
  • acute infectious diseases
  • chronic eczema, skin diseases
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease
  • acidosis

An important point concerning women's health is an examination of the mammary glands, since the risk of developing breast cancer increases with age.



By half a century the thyroid gland wears out, a woman can observe signs of dysfunction in herself:

  1. sharp set and weight loss without changing nutrition;
  2. unmotivated mood swings;
  3. muscle weakness;
  4. chills;
  5. headaches;
  6. change in taste priorities;
  7. swelling of the face;
  8. hearing loss;
  9. hoarseness;
  10. hypertension;
  11. weakness, drowsiness, distraction, forgetfulness;
  12. dry skin

The endocrinologist will be able to assess the state of the thyroid gland by prescribing tests for thyroid hormones and TSH, the hormone coordinating its work.

Iodine deficiency from childhood can cause serious problems in old age.

Musculoskeletal system

Osteoporosis is a serious problem of our time, by the age of 50 every second woman in the world suffers from this disease.
It is characterized by a decrease in bone mass. Bones acquire excessive fragility, and the risk of fractures and injuries increases.

Additional risk factors are:

  • menopause
  • chronic endocrine diseases
  • diseases of the digestive, urogenital, circulatory systems
  • smoking
  • hypodynamia
  • calcium deficiency
  • alcohol abuse
  • dystrophy

In addition, osteochondrosis of different parts of the spine, sciatica, neuritis becomes more acute.

health and beauty

beauty and health after 50

In order for the body to stay in shape, it is important not to accept age-related changes, as inevitability, but to force yourself to maintain beauty and health.

Exercise for a woman after 50

Within reasonable limits, physical exercise for women after fifty years is not only not contraindicated, but, on the contrary, recommended.

  • gymnastics in the morning will help the body to wake up, join in the daily rhythm, disperse the blood to the muscles and tissues;
  • comprehensive exercises aimed at increasing muscle mass (in the gym or at home) will help protect the bones and ligaments. They include squats, pullups, pushups;
  • walks in the fresh air, walking, Nordic walking with ski packs is useful not only for muscles, but also for the cardiovascular system and skin. Walks must last at least 40 minutes, cardiovaguing involves movement with maximum speed.

Proper nutrition

proper nutrition

The slowdown of metabolic processes inevitably entails a set of extra pounds.

Weight loss is based on two basic points:

  • power adjustment
  • physical activity

Diet means reducing calorie foods:

  • preference for foods rich in fiber, stimulating the activity of the stomach and intestines;
  • the use of vegetables and fruits will provide the necessary supply of vitamins;
  • sweet, floury, fatty not only increases the weight, but also significantly increases the risk of vascular atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, strokes and heart attacks;
  • recommended fish, seafood, red meat is better to refuse

Fat people create an additional burden on the heart, suffer from shortness of breath, tachycardia, hypertension.


Full sleep should last at least eight hours, welcome early hang up, up to 22 hours. It is during this period at rest that the woman's body produces the youth hormone - melatonin.

Psychological health

Everything will be fine

Stress and psychological overload is contraindicated at any age, but after 50 it is very important to remain calm, cheerfulness optimism, despite the hormonal "storms". Help walking, swimming, positive emotions.

If a woman does not receive the necessary amount of vitamins and microelements with food, then it is necessary to take vitamin complexes , for example, Alphabet.

Life after fifty not only does not end, but, on the contrary, for many women is only beginning. You can give advice on how to eat, move, live, but every woman after 50 with the onset of menopause should not cease to feel attractive, confident, beautiful.

Control of nutrition, weight and health indicators will replace treatment, allow you to stay at the usual level.

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    All women of our kind have a climacter at 50 years old, at first I was worried, because my time would come sooner or later, and depending on how my mother endured the symptoms, I felt uneasy ... But still, my mother’s doctor could calm me, prescribed mom lignarius bad and with him the symptoms were not so severe.


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